Sister Gifts: 30 Best Ideas for Creative Presents (2018)

sister gifts

Even if you don’t always see eye to eye with your sister, you still want to get her a great gift for her birthday. But if you and your sibling have very different interests, it can be hard to think of creative “sister gifts” that will be just right for her.

We’ve put together a list of awesome gift ideas for sisters of all ages, and we’ll be adding more gift ideas to our list every month until the year ends. Whether you’re shopping for a big sister, little sister, or sister in law, we’ve rounded up some creative gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. Our gift selections are perfect for a birthday, major holiday, or major life event like graduation or getting a new job. And if your sister just had a baby, we’ve got some ideas for that situation, too. Read on to see our recommendations for great gifts for your sister, and make sure to check back regularly. We’ll be adding fresh gift ideas to this post every month.

1. Secret Message Ball Locket

ball locket

(Dearest Mine)

If your sister is also your best friend, this cool necklace lets you pass secret messages to her. She can also wear the locket to keep small notes close to her heart, or just generally feel like a super-cool super spy.

The hollow ball has a secure clasp, and can fit short messages with ease. You can give the locket to her empty, or include a handwritten note. The locket is also about the right size to store a fortune cookie slip, or other very small keepsake like a pressed flower.

Price: $20 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Secret Message Ball Locket here.

2. Kate Spade Taden Blake Avenue Diaper Bag

Kate Spade Diaper Bag

(Kate Spade)

Is your sister expecting an addition to her family? A new diaper bag can help her look fashionable while tending to the needs of a new baby. This cute bag from Kate Spade has classic Kate Spade handbag styling, but with ample storage for diapers, bottles, fresh clothes, and anything else she needs for a day out with her new baby.

If this diaper bag isn’t to her taste, you can get more recommendations from our guide to the best designer diaper bags.

Need more gift ideas in this vein? Our guides to the best baby shower gifts and the best gifts for pregnant women are packed with cool “sister gifts” for any new mom.

Price: $159-$185, depending on color/pattern selected

Buy the Kate Spade Taden Blake Avenue Diaper Bag here.

3. Birthday Cake Candle With a Surprise Ring Inside

Birthday Cake Candle

(Jackpot Candles)

Looking for a birthday gift for her? This candle smells like birthday cake, and is perfect for her birthday this year. Within the wax of the candle, there is surprise ring, so this is like two gifts in one. The exact ring you’ll find included in each candle is a surprise. All you can know for certain is that the ring will be valued between $15 and $5,000. If you get really lucky, the ring hidden inside the candle you get for your sister could be really extravagant. No matter what is hidden in the candle wax, these candles will burn for at least 80 hours.

Want to see more options? Browse more Jackpot Candles here, and see more candles that come with surprise jewelry hidden inside.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Birthday Cake Candle With a Surprise Ring Inside here.

4. Queen Rose U-Shaped Full Body Support Pillow

body pillow

(Queen Rose)

Does your sister have a hard time falling asleep? This pillow provides the full body support she needs, especially if she’s a side sleeper. It is also recommended for women who suffer from fibromyalgia, sciatica, acid reflux, nasal congestion, or even carpal tunnel. This is also a great pillow for women who are pregnant or nursing. If your sister is always complaining about being tired, this pillow may help her get more restful sleep each night.

Have a sister suffering from menopause? A cooling pillow may help her stay comfortable at night, and may be a better choice for her unique sleep needs.

Price: $55.99 (58 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Queen Rose U-Shaped Full Body Support Pillow here.

5. Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

Thermal Spring Water Spray

(Eau Thermale Avène)

Does your sister have problem skin? This lightweight spray is perfect for soothing dry, red, or irritated skin. The special thermal spring water used in this product has been clinically proven by over 300 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. She can use it after swimming, hitting the gym, or even after having surgical procedures to help restore skin’s natural moisture balance. A similar product we like that is available in more travel-friendly sizes is Evian’s Brumisateur facial spray, a must-have for keeping skin hydrated during air travel.

Want more high-end skin care gift ideas? Your sister might appreciate some luxury eye cream for wrinkles, or maybe some organic lipstick.

Price: $18.50

Buy the Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray here.

6. Juliette Has a Gun ‘Lady Vengeance’ Eau de Parfum Spray

Lady Vengeance perfume

(Juliette Has A Gun Parfums)

Looking for a gift for your cool, edgy sister? This cool perfume is great for the woman who plays by her own rules. This darkly romantic scent features notes of Bulgarian rose, vanilla and patchouli. Add in a luxurious, old-school perfume atomizer, and you have a gift that’s perfect for a sister who loves perfume.

Not sure if this scent matches her personality? Browse more options in our rankings of the best perfumes for women.

Price: $135 for 3.3 fluid ounces

Buy Lady Vengeance here.

7. LED Word Clock

LED Word Clock

(Tech Tools)

This cool clock is a great addition to your sister’s office, bedroom, or living room. Rather than having a numeric dial, this special clock lights up a series of words to express the time. It measures eight inches square, and can be wall mounted or displayed with the included stand.

Not sure this clock is a match with her decorating style? This sewing machine clock is another cute option to consider.

Price: $79.95

Buy the LED Word Clock here.

8. Ringly Rainbow Moonstone Smart Ring

ringly ring


Need a gift for a woman who is hard to shop for? Smart jewelry is a great gift for the sister who loves fashion and technology in equal measure. Ringly is a smart ring that connects with her smartphone to keep her connected to the digital world, without forcing her to keep her nose buried in a screen. The ring is made from high-quality gold and moonstone, and can be customized with her choice of four vibration patterns and five different light colors. Ringly rings can send notifications for texts and calls, as well as push notifications from apps like Uber, Slack, WhatsApp, eBay, and Snapchat. And one thing that’s really cool is she can filter her notifications so that only certain people’s messages come through. So if she’s trying to unwind with a dinner after work, only the babysitter’s call would come through, for example.

Want to see other colors and styles? Browse more Ringly rings here. You might also want to browse our guide to the best gifts for women who have everything to find more creative gift ideas.

Price: $195

Buy the Ringly Rainbow Moonstone Smart Ring here.

9. KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

heated mixing bowl


If your sister loves to cook, this cool attachment is a great addition to her stable of KitchenAid stand mixer accessories. This heated mixing bowl is perfect for tempering chocolate, proofing dough, or even serving fondue. She can also use it to prep soup or yogurt. If your sister doesn’t eat carbs or sugar, another option to consider would be a KitchenAid spiralizer attachment for making veggie “pasta” and ribbons.

Price: $199.99

Buy the KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl here.

10. Yee Haw Hello Wedding Cake Service Set

Wedding Cake Service Set

(Yee Haw Hello)

Need a gift for a bridal shower or engagement party? This customized cake serving set is something your sister and her partner can use on their wedding day, or for entertaining after they are married. The offbeat use of both lace and burlap is perfect for brides who love the rustic or shabby chic look. This set in handmade in North Carolina, making this a nice choice for women with family ties to the Carolinas. You can browse more cool wedding gift ideas from Yee Haw Hello here.

Price: $32

Buy the Yee Haw Hello Wedding Cake Service Set here.

11. MakersKit Mini Hanging Air Plant Kit

Air Plant Kit


Air plants are a great way to bring a little cheer to a sterile office, or brighten up a new home. This cute kit comes with materials for making two hanging air plants. If she prefers her plants to her more functional than decorative, another cool gift idea to consider is MakerKit’s mason jar herb garden kit. It comes with everything she needs to start growing herbs indoors or outdoors. Basil, parsley, cilantro, and mint seeds are included in the kit.

Price: $28 (includes materials for two hanging plant balls)

Buy the MakersKit Mini Hanging Air Plant Kit here.

12. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot

(Instant Pot)

Sometimes shopping for sister gifts is all about finding comfort…and what’s more comforting than comfort food? A slow cooker, rice cooker, or multi-cooker is a great gift for a sister who loves comfort food.

This multi-cooker is one of the most frequently gifted kitchen items on Amazon, and it’s not hard to see why. This multitasking kitchen appliance does pretty much anything you need it to, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, sautéing, and steaming. She can even use it to culture her own yogurt, or just keep food warm before a dinner party. This is a great gift for a sister who is going off to college, or a sister who just moved into a new home. It’s also a great gift for new moms who need a way to prepare meals without having to stand over a hot stove.

Want to get her an Instant Pot that’s even more impressive? This Bluetooth-enabled model is great for busy gals who need to control cooking remotely from their smartphone.

Price: $119.95 for the six quart model (Other sizes available)

Buy the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker here.

13. Brother XL2600I 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Brother XL2600I


If your sister’s sewing machine just broke, a new machine can help her get back on track with all her clothing and crafting projects. This affordable machine is user-friendly, and comes with lots of accessories, including five different presser feet. She’ll also get a needle set, twin needle, screwdriver, extra spool pin, three bobbins, and a darning plate. The machine has an easy-to-operate stitch selector, with 25 different stitches to choose from.

Want to see more options? Browse more sewing machines from Brother here. You can also check out our guide to the best kids sewing machines, which includes models appropriate for novice sewers of any age.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Brother XL2600I 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine here.

14. Arrows Weekender Bag by White Elm

Arrows Weekender Bag

(White Elm)

This cute weekender bag from White Elm is a great accessory for every day, or for packing a carry-on. There are six pockets in total. Four pockets on the interior make it easy to stay organized, while two exterior pockets provide ample storage for a wallet, passport, snacks, smartphone, or sunglasses. The bag measures 21″x14″x6″ which is a decent size for overnight trips or hitting the gym.

Want another recommendation? We also like the Sheila oversized cross body bag from Hobo.

Price: $45.75

Buy the Arrows Weekender Bag by White Elm here.

15. WowWee CHiP Canine Home Intelligent Pet

robot dog toy


Do you have a kid sister under the age of 12? This cutting edge robot toy is a great gift for any little girl who loves technology, puppies, or smart gadgets. CHiP is a robot dog that works with a companion SmartBand, which allows CHiP to recognize and follow your sister around the house. The dog can play fetch, or even play “soccer” with your sister. And like a Roomba, this robot automatically returns to its charging station when battery levels are low. CHiP’s adaptive personality means that he will deepen his bond with his owner over time.

Need more gift ideas for the girls in your life? Check out our mega list of cool gifts for girls or our guide to the best DIY robot kits to get more gift ideas for little sisters.

Price: $199

Buy the WowWee CHiP Canine Home Intelligent Pet here.

16. Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording on Vinyl

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording


If your sister just can’t get enough of this Broadway hit, this four LP set is a great gift idea. Even if she already owns the soundtrack on digital or CD, there’s something nice about hearing showtunes on vinyl. This vinyl set also includes a digital download code as well, so she doesn’t have to limit her repeat listenings of “The Schuyler Sisters” to times when she’s at home by the turntable. The companion book Hamilton: The Revolution is also a nice gift idea for the Broadway fan in your family.

Price: $67.66

Buy the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording here.

17. Hush Smart Earplugs

Smart Earplugs


Is your sister in college? If she needs to get a good night of sleep, these smart earplugs can help her tune out noise from her roommates, or noises outside her building. The earplugs run for up to eight hours on a single charge, and offer soothing ambient noise like white noise, raindrops, or forest sounds. Hush’s foam passively reduces outside noise by up to 30dB, helping to quiet stress from the outside world. A cool feature of these earplugs is the notification filter, which lets select types of notifications come through from your smartphone and wake you up. The alarm sounds only in her ears, so her alarm sound won’t wake up her roommate or partner. These smart earplugs are also a nice option for travelers, especially if you pair them with a comfortable eye mask. Looking for more gift ideas for the intrepid traveler in your life? Browse more gift ideas in our guide to the best travel gifts.

Price: $149.99

Buy Hush Smart Earplugs here.

18. Dansko Women’s Hanna Fashion Sneaker

dansko sneakers


Dansko shoes are super comfy, but not every woman is a fan of chunky clogs. These cute sneakers offer the support and comfort Dansko is known for, but in a sportier, more casual package. These are great shoes for walking in urban or rural environments. The footbed features memory foam and arch support, as well as an antimicrobial treatment to minimize foot odor.

Think she’d like something a little more fun and flirty? We also love these Dansko sandals.

Price: $104.90 – $110, depending on size and color selected

Buy the Dansko Women’s Hanna Fashion Sneaker here.

19. Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock

retro kitchen clock

(Lily’s Home)

This cute, retro-inspired clock is perfect for the woman who loves vintage stuff. The timer runs for up to an hour. The clock is available in red or turquoise. A similar style of retro clock is also available, which adds a dial for temperature as well.

Price: $12.95-$14.95, depending on color selected

Buy the Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock here.

20. Buffalo Leather Goods Brown Leather Handbag

leather bag

(Buffalo Leather Goods)

This handmade handbag is a great gift for the sister who just can’t have enough purses. Completely hand-cut and hand-assembled, this purse is ideal for professional or personal use. It measures 5 1/2″ H x 11 1/2″ W x 4 1/2″ D. Don’t have the budget to spring for a handmade bag? How about this cute, handmade, metallic coin purse instead?

Price: $150

Buy the Buffalo Leather Goods Brown Leather Handbag here.

21. Lionel Richie Cheese Plate

Lionel Richie Cheese Plate


If your sister loves wordplay, 80s music, and French cheese, this is the perfect gift for her. This cheese plate is handmade, and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. It measures 13.5 inches long by 9.25 inches wide. Think this cheese plate is funny? You may also be interested in the matching Lionel Richie tea pot we featured in our guide to best friend gifts.

Price: $32

Buy the Lionel Richie Parody Cheese Plate here.

22. ‘You and the Law’ Handbag

book bag


Need a gift for a lawyer or law student? This cool handbag is made from the spine and covers of a hardbound book called You and the Law. This understated bag is perfect for a bookworm who is passionate about the law. If this book doesn’t speak to her interests, she might also be interested in a Harry Potter book purse or a Nancy Drew book purse.

Price: $55

Buy a You and the Law Handbag here.

23. Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

(Treasured Wares)

This home accessory is made from an old wine barrel, making it the perfect home decor item for serious wine lovers. Your sister can place this spinning tray in the center of a table, and guests can easily turn the lazy Susan to access the drinks or snacks they’re craving. It’s a nice addition to a table for family dinners, or for dinner parties. If your sister loves vacationing in Napa, she’ll appreciate the origins of this unique lazy Susan.

Need more gift ideas for the wine aficionado in your life? You can get more gift ideas for your sister in our guide to the best gifts for wine lovers, or our guide to the best wine openers.

Price: $129

Buy this gift here.

24. Milan Baby Wrap by Hope Carried

baby wrap

(Hope Carried)

If your sister is pregnant or recently had a child, this handmade baby wrap is a great way to keep her baby close to her heart. Designed for newborns through toddlers, this breathable wrap helps to increase the bond between mother and child. Mom’s hands are free to do household tasks, run errands, or prepare a bottle for feeding. Want to see more options? Browse our guide to the best baby wraps. You can also browse more handmade baby wraps and baby carriers from Hope Carried here.

Price: $52

Buy the Milan Baby Wrap by Hope Carried here.

25. PHYTO Paris SUBTIL ELIXIR Intense Nutrition Shine Oil

hair oil

(PHYTO Paris)

If your sister is already a fan of PHYTO’s special vitamin supplements for encouraging hair and nail growth, then she’ll love adding this haircare product to her morning beauty routine. This nourishing pre-shampoo oil treatment is especially great for women with dry or damaged hair. And since it’s a pre-shampoo treatment, hair is left shiny without being greasy. Whether your sister is vain about her hair, or just in need of a little pampering, this gift will help her feel sexy and confident. This is a great gift for women with long hair, or women with shorter ‘dos who are trying to grow their style out.

Want to get her something even more decadent? Oribe’s luxurious Cote d’Azur oil is great for both hair and body. It also smells great, thanks to a blend of jasmine, edelweiss flower, lychee, sandalwood, cassis, bergamot, and argan extracts.

Price: $40

Buy PHYTO Paris SUBTIL ELIXIR Intense Nutrition Shine Oil here.

26. ALEX AND ANI Spoon Lotus Peace Petals Ring

spoon ring


Does your sister love ALEX AND ANI bangles? Complement her collection of bracelets with a ring from the same beloved jewelry company. These “spoon rings” are made from sterling silver, and designed to look like they were made from bent spoons. This style features a lotus blossom, which has long been a symbol of purity. This would be a great gift for your enlightened sister, particularly if she’s a Buddhist or a yoga practitioner. This ring has adjustable sizing.

Not sure this design is for her? You can also browse more spoon ring designs here.

Price: $28

Buy the ALEX AND ANI Spoon Lotus Peace Petals Ring here.

27. PattyBoutik Women’s Cowl Neck A-Line Tunic Sweater

Tunic Sweater


With cold weather coming in just a few months, this sweater would be a welcome addition to your sister’s wardrobe. The silhouette is really figure-flattering. The flared bottom of the tunic, combined with the heavy cowl neck that drapes over the bust, provide a slimming effect that creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. If burgundy isn’t really her color, don’t despair. With five other color options to choose from, you should be able to find a shade that will look great with her coloring. This tunic sweater is available in small, medium, large, and XL sizes. You can browse more looks from this designer here.

Price: $36.99

Buy the PattyBoutik Women’s Cowl Neck A-Line Tunic Sweater here.

28. Juicy Couture Women’s Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch

Juicy Couture Women's Analog watch

(Juicy Couture)

This luxurious watch is perfect for the woman who wants to make a statement, but still keep it classy. The dial features crystals and pearls. Despite the upscale look, this watch is fairly rugged, since it is water-resistant to nearly 100 feet. This is a watch that’s perfect for the woman who wants all of her accessories to feel like jewelry. Not sure this style is to her taste? Browse more Juicy Couture watch designs here.

Price: $250 (49 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Juicy Couture Women’s 1901348 Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch here.

29. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

(Bowers & Wilkins)

If your sister is passionate about music, a high-end speaker can really help her enjoy her favorite artists even more. This zeppelin-shaped speaker from Bowers & Wilkins is definitely a high-end option, but one that’s more affordable if you arrange to split the cost of the gift with other members of your family. This is a one-piece audio system, so it’s easy to set up. It boasts two double dome tweeters, two midrange drivers with FST technology, and a 6.5 inch subwoofer for deep bass. This speaker can be used with wireless technologies like AirPlay or Bluetooth. It also plays nice with aptX and Spotify Connect. A companion smartphone app makes it easy to control the speaker from anywhere in the home.

Not sure which audio solution is best for your sister? Get more information and recommendations from our guides to the best Bluetooth speakers, the best AirPlay speakers, and the best wireless sound bars.

Price: $699.98

Buy the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin here.

30. Thync Calm and Energy Wearable (Limited Edition)

thync wearable


Stress is bad for your health, particularly if you have a family history of health problems that are worsened by high stress levels. Thync is a new wearable device that helps users to manage their stress and stay calm under pressure, but also feel vital and energized at the same time. Using this wearable three or five times a week has been clinically proven to improve sleep, balance stress, and manage energy levels. This wearable is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Developed in concert with neuroscientists and engineers, this smart wearable is a great gift for the sister who is anxious, depressed, or chronically stressed out.

Not a fan of this gift idea? We’ve got plenty more gift ideas to help inspire your next shopping trip. Check out our guide to the best gifts for women to find more things your sister will like.

Price: $299

Buy the Thync Calm and Energy Wearable (Limited Edition) here.

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