Top 30 Best Creative Birthday Gifts 2018

best creative gift, unique gift, christmas, artistic gift

Gift giving is a wonderful opportunity to unleash your creativity and show the person you are giving to how much you appreciate their unique passions and talents. Shopping for gifts for friends and family can get tedious, but by adding a unique touch you can make it a fun experience for everyone. Whether you are shopping for a birthday or any other occasion, or for a kid or an adult, creative gifts are some of the most satisfying to give and to receive. They allow your gift recipient to enjoy the gift after their special day is over and you get to you watch them create something awesome with their gift, whether it is an art project, craft kit, cooking appliance or accessory, or anything that allows them to express their creativity. In this list you will find gifts for boys and girls, adults and kids, or any of the special people in your life.

1. Melissa & Doug Clay Play Activity Set

Melissa & Doug Clay Play Activity Set, best creative christmas gift

This sculpting clay activity set from Melissa & Doug has everything your kids will need to learn to sculpt everything from simple shapes to complex creations. It includes instructions for 10 projects and all the materials needed to complete them. a bundle f two craft kids with wooden tools, play clay and a variety of shaping, cutting and rolling tools. THese include five wooden stamps, three rolling pins, four tubs of different color dough, two pattern wheels, two scissors, two dough cutters, and more. This set is recommended for kids ages three and up. Click here to see more sculpting toy sets.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Melissa & Doug Clay Play Activity Set here.

2. Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Set

 Real Cooking Supreme Baking Set - 70 Pc. Kit Includes Mixes, Candy, Chocolate & Frosting , best creative gift

The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Set by Skyrocket Toys has everything that aspiring young bakers need to get started making cookies, cupcakes, donuts and more in the kitchen. This 37 piece kit includes all of the tools, mixes and even the decorations like icing and sprinkles. All you need to add are eggs, oil, water and bake the creations in a real oven. The Supreme Baking Set is a combination of multiple Real Cooking kits – Sprinkled Mini Donuts Baking Set, Ultimate Baking Starter Set, and Deluxe Baking Set. Materials include silicone baking molds, whisk, measuring cups, egg separator, cookie cutter, cupcake liners, bowls and rolling pin. The silicone trays cool fast and clean up much easier and faster than metal baking tins. For more Real Cooking sets, click here to browse.

Price: $29.99

Buy The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Set here.

3. Decorative DIY Pillow Cover

Decorative DIY Pillow Cover, best creative gift, artistic gift

Haute Art Designs’ pillow cover kit is a nice creative gift for adults. If you are shopping for your wife, friend or teenager, a more challenging DIY project is in order. Decorative pillows add a personal touch to home furnishings, and home made pillows do this even more so. This DIY painted pillow cover is perfect for artists or anyone who loves adult coloring books. It comes in ten designs, including flowers (pictured), skull and roses, horses, romantic couple doodles, and more. Each pillow comes with a “Made With Love For You” tag sewn in and has all of the paints and brushes included as well. For more DIY pillow gifts, click here.

Price: $65.40

Buy the Decorative DIY Pillow Cover here.

4. DIY Lip Balm Kit

 DIY Lip Balm Kit - Everything You Need To Make 24 All Natural Lush Lip Balms For Healthy Smooth Lips - Our 2015 Best Seller by Burning Wick Candles, best creative gift, diy gift

Burning Wick Candles may be known for their candles, but they also sell a great DIY lip balm kit that would make an awesome gift. This lip balm kit includes everything needed to make 24 tubes of all natural lip balms, with none of the chemical ingredients that are in some of the top brands you find in the drug store. The ingredients include shea butter, beeswax, almond oil and fun fragrances like strawberry kiwi, peppermint and tropical punch. For more options in DIY lip balm kits, click here to browse.

Price: $49.95

Buy The DIY Lip Balm Kit here.

5. Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit

 Bath Bomb Making Kit with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, (Makes 12 DIY Lush Cupcake Mold Bath Bombs), Gift Box Included. , best diy gift, creative gift, bath bomb gift

If lip balm is not quite exciting enough, this bath bomb kit by Bath Bomb Kit Co. will definitely do the trick. Bath bombs are balls of bath product that fizz and bubble when dropped into the water. They are all natural and the fizz comes from the reaction between citric acid and bakng soda. By adding oils and scents, they create a luxurious bath experience. This bath bomb kit includes everything needed to make 12 bath bombs, including pre-measured dry ingredients, a circular mold and eight 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. There are no vegetable oils or artificial fillers in this kit. To see more bath bomb kits with different scents and colors, click here.

Price: $49.95

Buy the Bath Bomb Cupcake Kit here.

6. Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch

 Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Mega Gift Pack - the Premium Pick Maker - Leather Key Chain Pick Holder, 15 Pick Strips and a Guitar File - Blue , creative, ciy, gift, music

Guitar players can be very particular about their picks. The color, style and thickness are all a mtter of personal preference and style to each musician. This awesome pick punch from Pick-A-Palooza allows musicians to create their own picks, either out of the included plastic sheets or out of anything else they want including old credit cards or any other kind of plastic sheeting. Any musician in your life will love this gift! It comes with a pick punch (available in four colors), 15 starter strips to make 100 picks total, a pick holder key chain (holds up to 10) and an emery board to file down the edges of their new picks. If you want to see more DIY guitar gifts, click here to browse.
Price: $25.95

Buy the Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch here.

7. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

3Doodler Create 3D Pen, creative gift, diy gift, tech gift

3Doodler is the first and considered to still be the best 3D printing pen on the market. The Create Pen is the newest model, and is the slimmest, lightest and strongest one yet. The design makes it easy to hold while doodling, and is perfect for both young and adult hands. This pen operates quietly and smoothly to allow your creative juices to flow without interruption. The controls on this pen are very simple and intuitive. You can either draw in 3D or freehand on paper for a 2D drawing. Changing colors is quick and easy, and this pen comes with 50 free color strands to get you started. To see more 3D printing pens, click here to browse more brands.

Price: $82.97

Buy The 3Doodler Create 3D Pen here.

8. Music Box Wooden Gramophone: Make Your Own Song

Music Box Wooden Gramophone Make Your Own Song , best creative gift, musical gift, diy

This DIY music box from Wingostore combines the best of new technology and old technology for a fun gift that kids and adults will both love. The gramophone shaped music box hearkens back to the old days, and is in fact a working music box that operates on the same basic technology that you would find in an antique player piano. The music box operates on 15 notes from C1 to C3, and is activated by the slip of paper that you run through it. What makes this unique is that you can write your own tunes, punch the holes of the notes in the paper, and play them back on the music box. This kit comes with 10 pieces of blank refill paper, two pieces of pre-stamped paper with well known tunes to practice on, and of course the music box itself. To see more DIY music box toys, click here.

Price: $31.88

Buy the Music Box Wooden Gramophone here.

9. Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Sow & Grow Kit

Natures's Blossom Bonsai Sow & Grow Kit, creative gift, gardening, bonsai

Gardening is one of the most creative pursuits to take up, and this Nature’s Blossom bonsai kit is a nice way to start. Bonsai trees are known to be relaxing and meditative to take care of, while teaching important lessons like patience and balance. This kit makes a great gift for both kids and adults as an introduction into bonsai and indoor gardening. The kit comes with four organic seed packets for acaranda Mimosifolia; Pinus Aristata; Delonix Regia & Picea Mariana. You also receive 4 peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers and an instruction manual. For more bonsai gifts, click here and browse more options.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Sow & Grow Kit here.

10. The Makgeolli Korean Traditional Natural Organic Rice Wine Home Brewing DIY Kit Gift Set

 The Makgeolli Korean Traditional Natural Organic Rice Wine Home Brewing DIY Kit Gift Set , best creative gift, alcoholic gift

If you are in the market for a more adult creative gift, look no further than this organic rice wine brewing kit from Sangsangchon. Makgeolli, or traditional Korean rice wine, is a delicious and clean wine that is naturally fermented and includes healthy lactobacillus bacterie. This kit includes 100% organic Korean rice, and can be tweaked with your own ingredients such as fruit juice, ginseng, plum extract, and more. You can even adjust the alcohol percentage and sweetness level to your preference. If rice wine is not your favorite, click here to browse more brew kits for wine, beer and more.

Price: $55.99

Buy the The Makgeolli Korean Traditional Natural Organic Rice Wine Home Brewing DIY Kit Gift Set here.

11. Ultimate Essential Oil Variety Set Kit

 Ultimate Essential Oil Variety Set Kit - 32 Pack 5 ml. - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Set , essential oils gift, creative gift, aromatherapy gift

Aromatherapy is a great outlet for creativity. Essential oils like this kit from Plant Guru consist of the volatile oils that create the delicious and alluring smells in plants such as geranium, citrus, peppermint, cinnamon and more. This kit containing 32 individual bottles of essential oils includes all of the scents needed to make blends, home cleaning products, beauty products, and aromatherapy blends to put inside of a diffuser. Anyone who appreciates the therapeutic and relaxation effects of aromatherapy will love to receive this as a gift. To browse essential oil accessories like diffusers to give with this gift, click here.

Price: $74.99

Buy the Ultimate Essential Oil Variety Set Kit here.

12. DIY Beard Oil Set

 DIY Beard Oil, 12-Piece Crisp Citrus Set - Make your own beard oil, includes Fabulous Frannie oils, bottles, recipes, +more. Save money & great gift. , creative gift

If you are shopping for a creative man, this 12 piece beard oil kit from AromaCycle is a perfect choice. The kit comes with everything he needs to create two 2oz bottles of beard oil to condition and soften his beard. The kit includes jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, all of the tools necessary, and two essential oils. There are two options for your scents, either the Woodlands blend including cedarwood and tea tree, or Crisp Citrus including lemon eucalyptus and tea tree. This beard oil will help make his beard more manageable and tangle free, assist in hair growth, and provide antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits as well. If you want to see more beard related gifts for him, click here to browse.

Price: $39.99

Buy The DIY Beard Oil Set here.

13. Starry Night 1000 Piece Puzzle

best creative gift,  Buffalo Games Photomosaic, The Starry Night - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are another gift that can help unlock your creative potential. They are meditative to complete, giving you quiet time with your family where you can reflect, have fun together, talk about new ideas, and formulate new creative visions. This 1000 piece puzzle from Buffalo Games is a really challenging one. It is a picture of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, consisting of thousands of tiny thumbnail images. If you want to see more gorgeous puzzles from Buffalo Games, click here to browse all of their selections.

Price: $12.31

Buy the Starry Night 1000 Piece Puzzle here.

14. DIY Shiitake Mushroom Log

Mushroom Log DIY Shiitake Mushrooms Ready to Grow Your Own, creative gift

This mushroom kit from 2funguys does not look like other mushroom growing kits. In fact, it looks like a plain old log. But inside of this log are plugs of mycelium that will cause shiitake mushrooms to grow out of it just like in the picture above. This creative gift will provide multiple harvests over many years, unlike typical mushroom kits. It can be stood upright or laid horizontally, so it will fit in any home. Anyone who loves to cooking, gardening, or foraging will love this gift on Christmas morning! To see more mushroom kits and different species, click here and browse the 2funguys store.

Price: $26.50

Buy The DIY Shiitake Mushroom Log here.

15. Yogi Fun Kids Yoga Cards Kit with Illustrations, Poetic Instructions and 2 DIY Dice

Yogi Fun Kids Yoga Cards Kit with Illustrations, Poetic Instructions and 2 DIY Dice, best creative gift, unique gift

Yogi Fun yoga cards encourage kids to get creative with their fitness as they explore yoga as a form of exercise, stretching or meditation. This kit from Yogi Fun is full of gorgeous and colorful illustrations, 20 in total, along with 20 poems and two Yogi dice. Practicing yoga with this unique gift will help kids develop physically, mentally and emotionally as they learn balance, breathign techniques, stamina and endurance. It can also be used as a fun activity for the whole family or at a kids’ birthday party. To see more fun gifts for young yogis, click here.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Yogi Fun Kids Yoga Cards Kit with Illustrations, Poetic Instructions and 2 DIY Dice here.

16. Artisan Hot Sauce Making Kit

 Artisan Hot Sauce Making Kit - Includes everything needed to make 3 sauces , best unique gift, creative gift, cooking gift

Cooking is one of the most creative hobbies, and making your own condiments and sauces is so satisfying. They often end up tasting way better than store bought versions of the same condiments as well! This artisan hot sauce making kit from Grow and Make has everything included to make your own bottles of hot sauce in three flavors – sweet, chipotle and hot or mild. Included are a Spice pack with Cayenne, Ancho, Curry, and Chili New Mexico powders, Brown sugar, Guajillo, Chipotle, and Arbol peppers, Apple cider and white vinegar, 3 bottles with lids and dashers, 3 customizable labels, Funnel, Gloves, Cleanser, and Instructions. Click here if you want to see more kits from Grow and Make, including kombucha, BBQ sauce, chai tea and more.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Artisan Hot Sauce Making Kit here.

17. Chipotle Shrimp Tacos by Chef’d

Here is another fun gift idea for creative foodies. Chef’d creates delicious meal kits that you can prepare at home, with no advanced chef skills required but a lot of creativity encouraged. This kit includes all of the fresh and pre-portioned ingredients needed to create a yummy shrimp taco meal for four.

Price: $50

Buy the Chipotle Shrimp Tacos by Chef’d here.

18. DIY Ukelele Kit

 Zimo DIY Ukulele Make Your Own Ukulele Hawaii Ukulele Kit , best creative gift

This DIY Ukelele Kit from Zimo doubles the creative potential of most DIY kits because it involves both painting and music. Ukeleles are a great first instrument for kids, because they are easy to learn and just the right size for little hands. This kit includes everything needed to make a high quality ukelele that is great for kids to learn on. The ukelele body is completely unfinished as well, so it is a blank canvas for staining, painting, drawing or any other kind of personalization. Click here to see some painting kits that can be used to decorate your finished ukelele.
Price: $35.99

Buy the DIY Ukelele Kit here.

19. ‘Knitting Without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting’ by Anne Weil

Knitting Without Needles, creative gift, unique gift

I remember learning arm and finger knitting in elementary school and how fun it was to be able to create something with just my own hands and some yarn. Knitting is a tough skill to learn, and takes a lot of practice to get to the point where you can make large projects. Arm and finger knitting is much more simple and can be learned in a shorter period of time, so you can start getting creative sooner. This book has all the instructions needed to make cowls, totes, rugs, poufs, scarves, and more. It makes a great gift for any creative person who is interested in fiber arts or working with their hands. Most of these projects take less than an hour to complete, as well. Click here to purchase some yarn to complete this creative gift.

Price: $16.18

Buy ‘Knitting Without Needles’ here.

20. Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Fairy Garden Starter Kit, creative gift, best unique christmas gift

Creative kids and adults who have active imaginations will love this fairy garden starter kit from Pretmanns. This kit includes everything needed to make your own magical space, whether it is in a forest, a garden, or your own front yard. The set comes with over ten individual pieces, including a fairy playing a flute, a tea set on a leaf, a table, two benches, four lady bugs a bunny and a squirrel. Each piece is hand painted, so no two are ever alike. To see more imaginative fairy toys, click here.

Price: $19.90

Buy the Fairy Garden Starter Kit here.

21. Real Cooking Chocolate Pen

Real Cooking Chocolate Pen, best creative gift, cooking, baking

We have already included a baking kit and a 3D pen on this list, but this combination of the two is just too cool to pass up! Any creative chef on your Christmas list is going to love this chocolate pen from Skyrocket Toys. It allows you to express your creativity in a fun and edible way by writing, drawing or 3D doodling with real, delicious chocolate. This kit comes with an easy to use, ergonomically designed chocolate pen as well as four chocolate refills and over 20 molds. Clean up is super easy because the chocolate does not touch the pen itself, it is contained within the refill tubes. To see more Skyrocket Toys, click here.

Price: $20.42

Buy the Real Cooking Chocolate Pen here.

22. Extpro 14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Kit

 Extpro 14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Kit, best creative gift, stem gift, solar robot

If you are looking for a gift that is creative as well as educational, the Extpro Solar Powered Robot Kit is just the thing you need. This kit goes way beyond simple building blocks and toys and allows your kid to build a real, working robot. The robot has 14 different modes and the parts snap together easily to quickly switch between different modes. This kit also teaches about environmental sustainability because it is solar powered. This is a great gift for any boy or girl with an active imagination who loves to learn. Click here if you would like to see more fun toys from Extpro.

Price: $11.50

Buy The Extpro 14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Kit here.

23. ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

 ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry , best creative gift, unique gift, girls

ALEX Toys is well known for their creative and fun gift sets. Here is one that will provide endless fun for kids and their friends as they make and exchange friendship bracelets. The friendship bracelets I used to make as a kid are nothing compared to what you can make using the weaving tools in this kit! The gift pack includes everything needed to make 22 friendship bracelets, with four color coded looms, 22 colors of embroidery floss, beads, a beading needle, an instruction book and a carrying case for everything. This is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Click here to browse more fun, creative toy sets from ALEX Toys.

Price: $16.74

Buy the ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry here.

24. Soldering Iron Kit

soldering iron, unique gift, creative gift

Here is a creative gift that takes it to a whole new level. Soldering is a skill that can be used in so many ways, from building electronics to designing jewelry or making tiny sculptures. This kit includes everything needed to get started soldering in all kinds of different situations. It has of course a soldering iron as well as solder wire and five different interchangeable tips. The iron itself has a soft grip handle for the best control while you are working, and the kit also comes with a soldering stand to reduce the risk of fire or any burns. To browse more soldering kits, click here.

Price: $13.99

Buy The Soldering Iron Kit here.

25. DROP Bottle

 DROP Bottle , oprah favorite things, best creative gift, best unique gift

Give the gift of hydration this Christmas with the innovative DROP water bottle. This bottle invites you to unleash your creativity by creating different kinds of infused water with fruits and herbs. It is made of a Borosilicate glass and BPA free plastic lid, with a 500 ml capacity. The bottle has a drop-in filter on top that keeps the contents of the bottle inside so you do not have to worry about getting mint leaves in your mouth every time you take a sip. This bottle would be a great gift for anyone who loves cooking and new flavors, or for athletes who always need to have water on hand. Best of all, it is on Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year, so you know it is a great product! Click here to see more Favorite Things.
Price: $39

Buy the DROP Bottle here.

26. 3D Laser Cut Metal Puzzle

Metal Works 3D Laser Cut Firmament Knight Models Buliding Kits Metal Puzzle, best creative gift, unique gift

This 3D laser cut model from D-Marck is a puzzle like you have never seen before. It consists of laser cut metal pieces that are pieced together to create a DIY model that can be proudly displayed in your home or office. The pieces come in a flat sheet, so they must be removed from the sheet and assembled with the included connecting tabs. No glue or tools are required. This super creative puzzle comes in many different configurations including a knight (pictured), rhinoceros, dragon, airplanes, architecture and more. Click here to see more unique 3D puzzles.
Price: $19.99

Buy the 3D Laser Cut Metal Puzzle here.

27. Crosstour 4K Sports Action Wide Angle Underwater Camera


Camcorders have sure come a long way from the days when they weight 20 lbs and you had to switch out the tapes every few hours! Here is a sports and action ready camera with a waterproof case that can go anywhere with you. This unique gift is a great way to help that special someone on your list unleash their creativity. The HD camera features 1080P resolution, wifi, 170 degree wide angle lens and a waterproof case. It can be taken on daily adventures or sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, biking and more. It even comes with all of the accessories you need, such as case clips, multi function clips, bicycle mount, helmet mount, belts, wipers, stickers, bandages and a 12 month warranty on top of it all. For more sports action cameras, click here.

Price: $63.77

Buy The Crosstour 4K Sports Action Wide Angle Underwater Camera here.

28. The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit

 The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit - Cilantro , best creative gift, unique gift

The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit is a self contained kit including everything you need to start growing your own herbs and vegetables right in your windowsill. This kit is on Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2016 and is the #1 best seller in herb seeds on Amazon. The container that the kit comes in is the same one you use to grow your plants, and it is made of 100% recycled tea bags. The kits each include organic seeds, organic soil and one container. All you need to do is empty the bags into the container and add water and sunlight! You can choose from five different kits – Cilantro, Tomatoes, Mint, Cucumber, Lettuce or Rosemary. Click here to see more herb kits.

Price: $24.95

Buy The Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit here.

29. Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker, best unique gift, creative gift

Desserts are a weak point for a lot of people, but having a sweet treat does not have to be a guilty pleasure! With frozen fruits such as mango, banana, and strawberries, you can use the Yonanas Dessert Maker to create soft-serve sorbet right in your own kitchen. This appliance is a perfect gift for any creative person with a sweet tooth who loves to experiment with new desserts, or for any health nut who likes to get creative in the kitchen. You can choose from three different colors to match the decor in your kitchen – black, red or brown. Click here to browse more fun and creative kitchen appliances.

Price: $104.65

Buy the Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker here.

30. Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72 Color Set

Copic Premium Artist Markers - 72 color Set, best creative gift, artistic gift, unique

Copic markers are known as being the best of the best in the art world. No other marker brand comes close in terms of reliability, color and precision. Best of all, they are refillable so they produce much less waste as well. This 72 color set is a perfect beginner or intermediate set for any artist in your life, whether they like to design, illustrate or color in coloring books! The set is packaged in a clear plastic case, making each color easy to access and to put away. The ink is alcohol based, permanent and non toxic and best of all it dries acid-free so it will not ruin photos or paper. To see more high quality marker sets from Copic, click here.

Price: $199 with free shipping

Buy the Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72 Color Set here.

Want to see more gift ideas? Check out our gift guides to see more of our favorite gifts for 2016. We also have specially curated Toys pages for gift ideas for your kids. Or, take a look at Amazon’s Gift Guides to see some of their favorite items for the holidays.

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