Millionaire’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Amazing Gift Ideas

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts

What would you give to everyone on your Christmas list if money were no object? We’ve all seen the luxury car commercials that come out this time of year. A brand new Lexus is parked in the snow-covered driveway, bright red velvet bow on the hood. While for most of us this is just a fantasy to dream about while we’re trying to figure out exactly what we can afford and for whom, there are plenty of folks out there who can afford to splurge during the holidays. For them, it’s not just window shopping.

They make those commercials for a certain audience. Are you among those lucky and/or industrious few? Do the people in your life need to know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you love them? That for them, no expense need be spared? If you are in that elite group, we’ve compiled this list just for you. Only one item on this list is priced below four digits, and a couple of them tip into six. If you’re having an extremely good year and want to share the joy with everyone you know, consider this list a starting point for your shopping this year.

On the other hand, if you aren’t among the fortunate folks for whom these items were created, don’t worry. If you can’t afford these lavishly priced items, we’ve picked down-to-Earth alternatives for people looking to buy great Christmas gifts that at least hint at luxury. The existence of the absolute cream of the crop doesn’t mean that things priced within the reach of mere financial mortals aren’t worth considering. That might mean giving up hand-polished hardwoods, a few carats, or a few gigs of RAM, but that doesn’t change the fact that they still make excellent gifts.

For the rich or the rich at heart, here’s our millionaire’s gift guide of amazing gift ideas.

1. ELAC FS509VX-JET Floor Standing Home Speaker

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


While it’s true that folks are gravitating toward smaller all-in-one Bluetooth speakers for most of their audio needs these days, nothing is likely to supplant a finely-appointed component system as the ultimate audio experience.

Assuming you already have a receiver and turntable that meet your standards, your speakers better live up to the challenge. ELAC designs only audiophile-level equipment, and these are the top of the range. The Heil Air Motion Transducer tweeters are made of aluminum composite pressed into the so-called “Crystal Membrane” that gives them their look and otherwordly performance. These are extremely clear and dry, designed to perfectly recreate the sound of a recording without a hint of added atmosphere. With lesser speakers, you actually hear some semblance of natural acoustic reverb, which colors the trails of the recorded material. These are meant to be experienced with a tube-driven amplifier and produce such clean detail that it’s easy to play these too loud without noticing.

The real key is the dial that allows for minute adjustments of the signal, making it possible to overcome reflection problems even in small rooms. With the help of a friend, you will be able to tune these precisely to hear compositions as you’ve never heard them before. Between the exceptional bass response and the exactness you can achieve with some tuning, all forms of music will shine, not just classical pieces. These are absolutely meant to be the last speakers you ever buy and will leave nothing behind.

For a little over half the price of this single speaker, you can get this Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless 5.1 Floorstanding System, which includes four speakers, a center channel, and a subwoofer. That’s still an awful lot of money, though, so if you’re just looking for a pair of solid, respectable speakers, consider the Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers, which are under $100 a pair.

Need more options? Browse more ELAC products here.

Price: $9,999

Buy the ELAC FS509VX-JET Floor Standing Home Speaker here.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens Kit

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


In my humble opinion, Canon makes the best cameras going. It’s true that most people just shoot with their phone now, but a large number of folks have also moved into the prosumer range of DSLRs. Many of them are very good, indeed. If you want to give someone the best, though, you’ll be looking at the 5D Mark IV.

This camera is, first of all, 30.4 megapixel full frame. This means that the sensor shoots full 35mm, which is lacking on virtually every other camera below this level. Full frame is a boon to wide-angle photography, and contributes less image noise at higher ISOs. This camera is also capable of shooting 4K video, including in-camera stills of 8.8 megapixels. The fold-out LCD monitor is a touchscreen for added ease. This kit includes a 24-105mm f/4 lens, but you can get just the body or a smaller kit lens for considerably less. There is no photography job that cannot be done with this camera. If nothing short of the best will do, consider this, possibly with the inclusion of another lens.

For approximately one-tenth the price of his one, you can get the Canon EOS Rebel T6 in an accessory kit that includes absolutely everything you will ever need. No, the cameras (and certainly the included lenses) aren’t in the same ballpark at all, but if the person you’re shopping for won’t notice, this will still be better than an iPhone.

Need more options? Browse more Canon products here.

Price: $4,599

Buy the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens Kit here.

3. Alienware Area-51 Gaming Machine

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


By all rights, if you intend to own a computer meant for gaming, you would traditionally hand-pick the components and build it yourself. This can be a tricky proposition at Christmas time, since you are unlikely to know exactly what the person on your list will want. If money’s no object, you can always try this option.

This computer is about as maxed out as a thing can get, all jammed into a small and futuristic-looking package. The specs are as follows:

  • Overclocked 3.8GHz Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E Processor
  • 850 Watt Multi-GPU Power Supply
  • 32GB Dual Channel DDR4 (2133MHz)
  • 6TB 7200RPM Serial ATA
  • Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Graphics Cards (12 GB each)

Of course, it comes with Bluetooth and wifi, and a keyboard and mouse that your gamer will likely ignore for greener pastures. As an object, it just looks cool. It’s probably 20 times the computer most of us will ever need.

To be absolutely fair, though, this CybertronPC Titanium GTX-1080H Gaming PC is less than one-quarter the price, has similar specs, and is liquid cooled. Sure, the case isn’t a piece of art in itself, but that will hardly matter once it’s set up.

Need more options? Browse more desktop computers here.

Price: $8,639

Buy the Alienware Area-51 Gaming Machine here.

4. Diamond Wish 4 Carat GIA Certified 14k White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Wish

If you are having a very good year, indeed, diamonds remain a timeless gift. Diamond jewelry of sufficient caliber become heirlooms and a point of pride for generations. If you need your gift to make a statement, you could consider these round cut studs.

With a total weight of four carats, these earrings feature GIA certified diamonds rated I-J, or nearly colorless, with VVS2-VS1 clarity, meaning that any inclusions are difficult to detect even under 10x magnification. To top it off, these earrings are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to be conflict-free and natural. Included with your purchase is a certificate of authenticity to verify your new jewels.

If you don’t quite need a pair of earrings equivalent to the price of a condo in Florida (for some reason), the Amazon Collection has a very nice set of 14k White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings in a total weight of 0.33 carats and certainly somewhat lesser grades of color and clarity, though perhaps not to a degree that most folks are likely to notice. Still very lovely.

Need more options? Browse more diamond earrings here.

Price: $59,999 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Diamond Wish 4 Carat GIA Certified 14k White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings here.

5. HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


If you’re looking to make the most of the outrageous gaming PC you purchased above, you’ll want to consider going the distance and picking up a virtual reality headset to go along with it. These headsets immerse the gamer in the world of the game, fully ensconcing them in the experience. While they do require relatively powerful computers, the rigs we discussed previously should be more than enough to run any of the big name headsets.

In the wake of the Oculus Rift, several others piled into the market with their own take. Among these is the HTC VIVE, which takes the concept just a touch further. The field of view is 110 degrees, which is optimized via the adjustable strap and eye relief adjustments. The unit allows for both standing and seated use and room-scale VR, the latter of which is achieved with two included tracking cameras. Games are pulled from the Steam VR online library, which is quickly expanding.

Included in the box is the headset, two controllers, two base stations, earbuds, link box with power adapter, box mounting pad, two micro USB chargers, sync cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, cleaning cloth, and another face cushion. If you’re interested, you can compare all VR headsets here before you buy.

Cheaper VR headsets are few and far between just yet, but for those with Samsung devices, you could consider the Samsung Gear VR, which is less than $60. It won’t work with your high-powered computer, though.

Need more options? Browse more VR headsets here.

Price: $599.99

Buy the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System here.

6. Aston Martin Rapide Voyager Leather Luggage Set by Corsa Miglia

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts

(Corsa Miglia)

If you happen to drive a high-end British sports car (more on that in a bit), specifically an Aston Martin Rapide, you’ve probably tried to fit your luggage in the trunk at least once for a weekend tour to wine country — France or Napa Valley. Fortunately, someone has taken it upon themselves to design a luggage set meant to fit perfectly in the trunk of just such a vehicle.

This six-piece matching set is made entirely of full grain leather, conditioned perfectly to be as durable as possible without sacrificing any of the natural feel. Of course, anything of this caliber is guaranteed to fit in the indicated application, so it will easily fit in your Cadillac or Mercedes, as well. Included in this golf-focused set is a Fiorano deluxe shoe bag, large executive golf cart bag, small executive golf cart bag, all-in-one golf pouch, Milan Traveler’s trifold garment bag, and Fioran top frame traveling bag.

If you don’t need something quite so specific, either to golf or to Aston Martins, you might consider this AmeriLeather Leather Three Piece Set for far, far less.

Need more options? Browse more luggage sets here.

Price: $2,440.87

Buy the Aston Martin Rapide Voyager Leather Luggage Set by Corsa Miglia here.

7. Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Narcissus/ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works)’

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


One-of-a-kind fine art is an absolute necessity for any well-appointed home. While a painting from a local, lesser known artist may easily eclipse four digits, a work from an established artist on the international stage commands a far higher price.

Robert Rauschenberg was a painter whose work utilized novel and innovative use of non-traditional materials in paintings. His paintings were key in moving from the Abstract Expressionist period into what would later become the pop art movement. He worked for over 40 years as a painter and sculptor, using chance to determine the final outcome of his pieces. This piece, from later in his life, retains much of his trademark style, capturing both an odd nostalgic sense with the burgeoning collage approach of mixed media that has become so popular today.

Since the style is now firmly part of the canon of technique, you’ll find many contemporary artists employing it, including Michele Morata in her piece Treasure VI, which incorporates sand and recycled glass and is under $3,000. If that’s still too much, tiny art has become extremely popular, which makes it easier to acquire, as with this Threaded Study by Christina Massey.

Need more options? Browse more fine art here.

Price: $175,000

Buy Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Narcissus/ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works)’ here.

8. Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity Ultra High Performance Full-Body 3D L-Track Massage Chair

Human Touch

As previously indicated in our luxury gifts for men post, a good chair is invaluable. And, if you’re going to take out your checkbook to buy one, why not make it a chair that provides a service while you’re at it?

Available in black, cream, expresso, gray, and red, this chair is a full-body massage experience. The 34 massage and motion programs are controlled with the LCD controller, and include rocking, relaxation, and recovery options. The lumbar section also provides heating to soothe lower back pain. Each section has independent controls for range and intensity, giving you the exact experience you want. While all this is happening, the seat itself allows for zero-gravity, which will reduce the stress on your vertebrae. To top it off, a pair of Bluetooth speakers are built in so you can put on your favorite relaxing music.

Of course, the better part of $10,000 would buy a lot visits to an actual masseuse, so if you just want a comfy chair with massage action, the “iJoy-2310” Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair is only $564.45.

Need more options? Browse more Human Touch products here.

Price: $7,999.00

Buy the Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity Ultra High Performance Full-Body 3D L-Track Massage Chair here.

9. Creative Systems Delta Forest

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts

(Creative Systems)

It would be wrong to leave the kiddos out of the high-flying fun. To that end, did you know that you can buy an entire professional, city-grade playground set directly? If you have enough money to be considered a millionaire, chances are good you have the real estate for a true playground kingdom.

This would certainly be the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents for a lucky young child. This enormous tree house themed playground measures 58 feet by 46 feet and includes multiple slides, towers, ramps, and games. You could instantly become the toast of the neighborhood by installing your own private park right in your back yard. Or, if you’re feeling extremely generous, you could give this as a gift to your municipality and commission a park in your name for your town.

That would be quite the grand gesture, but if you don’t have a spare $50,000 laying around, there are much more reasonable options, too. This Backyard Discovery Skyfort II is a mere $1,400 and would still totally blow your kids’ minds. You could even toss in this extremely high-tech Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick, which would require a splurge in itself. If you have very young ones and just want something that will fit in your living room, try the Step2 All-Star Sports Climber, which is less than $100.

Need more options? Browse more play and swing sets here.

Price: $45,203

Buy the Creative Systems Delta Forest here.

10. 2017 Jaguar F-Type

unique christmas gifts, gift ideas, luxury gifts


Look, if you’re going to do luxury Christmas right, you are going to have to put a new car in the driveway with an enormous red velvet bow on it. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well go all the way and make it this convertible Jaguar F-Type.

This car is the modern update to the legendary 60s E-Type Jag and features a supercharged 3.0 liter V6 that somehow still manages to get 28 MPG on the highway. That’s the base model, and that powerplant makes 340 horsepower. If you go for the rather more expensive SVR, that gets upgraded to a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 that makes 575 horsepower. Included in this British beauty are all the trimmings like ambient lighting, automatic climate control, 770-watt Meridian sound system, heated seats, and more.

Okay, perhaps you are not actually going to buy an F-Type Jag no matter how many heads it will turn. The next best thing is to tell them you did, but then give them this Welly 1:24 diecast model. It is still technically a new car, after all. If that still won’t work, click to browse Amazon’s holiday gift guide for more ideas.

Price: $66,700 base

Buy the 2017 Jaguar F-Type here.

If you still didn’t quite spend everything you were looking to spend after looking at this list, consider our list of the top 30 best handmade gifts, or check out our Shopping tag to view more posts from our whole team throughout the shopping season.

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