Top 10 Best Personalized Christmas Ornaments 2017

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The Christmas season is a special time of year, a time to remember all of the good things that happened that year and to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones while making new memories. Christmas decorations should show the same warmth and love that we feel for each other during the holiday season, and should remind us of the best memories of years gone by. Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun activity for families to do together. I remember decorating the tree each year with my parents and siblings, talking and laughing as we remembered the story behind each ornament.

This year, you can commemorate special events from 2016 with personalized ornaments for your tree. Personalized ornaments also make great gifts for newlyweds, new parents, or anyone who had a major event in their life this year. This list contains our favorite personalized Christmas ornaments for 2016. All of the ornaments are available on, but keep in mind that many of them are hand made so they may require extra time for shipping. These are best if you do not wait until the last minute to order. We also have thoughtfully curated gift guides for ideas of what to put under the tree or in your Christmas stockings this year.

1. First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. 2017

This handmade ornament is made out of real wood, with a carved motif commemorating their 2017 wedding. This ornament is intricately detailed and the design is cut in using a laser burner. This ornament measures approximately 3.5″ and 1/8″ so it is very lightweight. Make sure to store this ornament in a dry, cool place to protect the natural material.

Price: $12.95

Buy the First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. 2017 here.

2. Personalized Family Christmas Tree Ornament

Personalized Family Christmas Tree Ornament , best personalized ornament

This cute ornament reminds me of decorations that my teachers used to have. it is hand made and hand painted with a spceial space for each member of your family. You can put up to ten faces on it, along with Christmas 2016 and your family name on the bottom. Each face is personalized with hair color, male or female, hair style and more. You can even add in you pets!

Price: $18

Buy the Personalized Family Christmas Tree Ornament here.

3. Personalized First Christmas Ornament

Personalized First Christmas Ornament , best personalized ornament, christmas tree

Here is another carved wood ornament that can be personalized with names. You can either put a baby’s name for baby’s first Christmas, or a couple’s name for the first year of marriage. This ornament is heirloom quality, crated from solid mahogany or red maple wood. This ornament cn even be personalized for social clubs, churches or other organizations, or pets. There is a maximum of 16 characters. Check out the item page to see more options, as this seller also does a Santa’s Reindeer design and others.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Personalized First Christmas Ornament here.

4. Pearhead Babyprints Baby Handprint or Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

 Pearhead Babyprints Baby Handprint or Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit, Holiday , best personalized christmas ornament, christmas tree, baby

Baby hand and foot prints are the cutest, and with this kit you can remember their tiny hands or feet every Christmas! This imprint kit from Pearhead is a super cute and fun activity for families and makes a unique and personalized ornament for your tree. The kit comes with a clay-like impression material, a rolling pin, a hole punch and a clay shaping ring that looks like a cookie cutter. You can choose either a circle, star, heart or standard (white ribbon).

Price: $8.48

Buy the Pearhead Babyprints Baby Handprint or Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit here.

5. Pearhead Pawprints Pet Keepsake Ornament

 Pearhead Pawprints Pet Keepsake Ornament , best pet personalized ornament, christmas tree

When shopping for ornaments, make sure not to forget your fur babies! Just like baby impression kids, this pawprint keepsake kit allows you to preserve your pet’s paw print as a keepsake to hang on your tree. The kit is easy to use and does not make a mess.

Price: $8.74

Buy the Pearhead Pawprints Pet Keepsake Ornament here.

6. Rustic Chalkboard Christmas Teacher Ornament

Teacher Gift Holiday Ornament Personalized Chalkboard Country Rustic Christmas, best personalized christmas ornament

This rustic chalkboard ornament is a perfect gift for a favorite teacher, or for anyone in your life who teaches. It could also be a cute gift for someone who may not be officially a teacher but has taught you something important in the past year. This handmade wooden ornament has a chalkboard finish on one side that can be written on in chalk or chalk marker, so you can add a message like “#1 Teacher” and an unfinished look on the other side that has a message burned into the wood. You can specify the “To” and “From” names to personalize this gift. This ornament is hand made to order, so each one is completely unique.

Price: $15.95

Buy the Rustic Chalkboard Christmas Teacher Ornament here.

7. Dear Santa Christmas Tree Ornament

For kids, the most important part of Christmas is letting Santa know their wish list! These change year to year and it is fun to remember what each kid loved each year. This ornament is a hand made, personalized wish list that you can get for each kid in your family. It is customizable with their name, the year and a wish list up to three items. The ornament is hand stamped with each individual letter in the metal sheet. You can choose the font, and the ornament is made out of hypoallergenic aluminum. It measures 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ not including the ribbon.

Price: $20

Buy the Dear Santa Christmas Tree Ornament here.

8. Baby’s First Christmas Handstamped Ornament

Baby Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament - Baby's First Christmas - Handstamped Gift - 2016, best personalized christmas tree ornament

This hand stamped metallic ornament is a high quality heirloom that will stay in the family for generations. It is made out of three metal discs – nickel, copper and brass – for a unique look. The first disc is stamped with “Baby’s First Christmas” while the next disc has their birth date and the final disc has their name. There is even a little baby feet charm at the top for extra cuteness. This ornament is hand made by The Silver Diva – click here to see more personalized Christmas ornaments, jewelry and accessories in their shop.

Price: $24

Buy the Baby’s First Christmas Handstamped Ornament here.

9. Personalized Glass Heart Ornament

 Personalized Glass Heart Ornament Mr Mrs Wedding First Christmas Ornament Engaged Anniversary Gift , best personalized christmas tree ornament

When I was growing up my parents had one of these oversized heart shaped ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree each year. I remember how beautiful it was with the Christmas lights behind it. It really stood out as one of the most stunning ornaments on the tree. You can get this keepsake heart ornament customized with any date that is significant to your relationship – your wedding date of course, or even your first date or the day you became engaged. This also makes a great gift for newlyweds. This ornament is made of a thick,strong glass and is laser engraved. It comes with a red ribbon for hanging as well as a jewelry pouch for gift giving.

Price: $19.11

Buy the Personalized Glass Heart Ornament here.

10. Meticulous Whim Personalized Banana Ornament

Meticulous Whim Personalized Banana Ornament, best personalized christmas ornament

Finally, here is a cute and funny personalized ornament that is not so serious as the other ones on this list. Meticulous Whim makes cute ornaments and plushes out of felt. This banana ornament is super cute and silly and is customizable with a message on the back of the banana. You can customize it with the face, choosing from lips, moustache, smile, surprised face, frown, unimpressed or mustache with a tongue. You can also add a short message on the back like a name and year. To browse all of the fun plushes from Meticulous Whim, click here to see more.

Price: $17.50

Buy the Meticulous Whim Personalized Banana Ornament here.

Want to see more Christmas decorations? Check out our Christmas decorating guides for more great deals. If you want to browse gift ideas for everyone on your list this year, we also have great gift guides for men, women and kids!

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