Best Gifts for Dad on Amazon: 50 Awesome Ideas

gifts for dad on Amazon


If you come from the birthplace of Father’s Day, like me, this special holiday is something you take pretty seriously. Or if you simply adore your dad, (also like me), you want to find that one really amazing gift to show him how much you appreciate all the things, big and small, that he’s done throughout your life.

Dad gift ideas are a dime a dozen, but awesome dad gift ideas take some thought, so we’ve rounded up fifty of the best gifts for dad on Amazon, all of which are guaranteed to make your dad super happy, and your shopping a snap.

If you’re on a tight budget, skip directly to the last ten items on the list, all of which are $25 and under. If money is no object, there are presents at every price level, and a huge variety of gift ideas from cool gizmos and gadgets to games, outdoor decor and more. Are you ready to tackle the Father’s Day challenge? Here are our recommendations for the Best Gifts for Dad on Amazon.

Cool Gadgets & Gizmos for Dad

1. Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

uuni stainless steel wood fired patio pizza oven


When I was first asked to test this unit out, I’ll admit I was more than a little bit excited, but not nearly as excited as my husband. That your first good clue that it’s a great gift idea for dad. This nifty little wood fired pizza oven fits right on a hard surface (not under your roof please) and heats up to nearly 1000 degrees in just ten minutes. That means you can whip out a wood fired pizza in a couple of minutes, or keep it going, and make several for family.

The packaging was impressive, and the easy to follow instructions for assembly were a snap. If you’ve ever put together a Lego kit, you can put together this oven. Made from stainless steel, the unit is beautifully made and it has already created lots of fun and interesting conversations because of it’s unique shape and look. Cooking your pizza is a tiny bit trickier.

Our first attempts were a colossal fail. But a quick note to the manufacturer resulted in easy to follow instructions that were more intuitive, and wood fired pizza will now be on our regular dinner menu, especially in the summer when there are so many fresh veggies to layer on top.

This oven runs off just a handful of wood pellets, which are fed into the hopper with an included scoop. It comes with a pizza stone and pizza peel, although a long handled pizza peel is a good accessory to go with this, because this little oven gets hot. It’s also a terrific price on a unit that doesn’t take much space, and it cooks lots of stuff fast, in addition to pizza, which means it’s a versatile tool and a great Father’s Day gift.

To learn more about the Uuni 3, check out this video:

Uuni 3 Pizza Oven

Price: $299.99

Buy the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven here.

2. SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

black and red senso bluetooth wireless headphones


If your husband or dad loves to run, walk, golf or go to the gym, these wireless Bluetooth headphones from SENSO are a dream. They feature the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and state of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. Plus, their ergonomically designed, flexible ear hooks with gel flex silicone earbuds, ensure that they’ll stay comfortably in place, for fatigue free ears, and tangle free comfort.

With noise suppression technology, dad can focus on his favorite music, or easily answer your calls. If your husband or father happens to have a bit of hearing loss, another cool headphone option is to get him some bone conduction headphones like these ones from Aftershokz, that use mini vibrations to send sound through the cheekbones, directly to the inner ears.

If he’s a frequent flyer, a terrific Father’s Day gift idea is some Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, to block out chatty seatmates and other unwanted interruptions.

Price: $29.97

Buy the SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones here.

3. Victrola 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with CD Player & Speakers

black victrola suitcase record player

(Innovative Technology)

Whether he first fell in love with music because of Sinatra or the Stones, your husband or father probably fell in love with those artists on vinyl. Maybe he just has a box of old records stored in the closet and he’d like to relive the past. Or perhaps he’s one of those true aficionados who just loves the gritty sound of vinyl.

If any of those ring true, this Victrola record player is a terrific Father’s Day gift idea for him. With three speeds, he can toss on his Beach Boys 45’s, or enjoy an LP from the past and compare the sound with something he’s also got on CD. This cool record player lets him stream music from up to 33 feet away from a wireless device, has a built-in CD player and also has built in stereo speakers. He can take it out on the patio for an impromptu party with a little Pink Floyd, and when he’s finished, it stores away in it’s own cool suitcase.

Price: $69.88

Buy the Victrola 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with CD Player & Speakers here.

4. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

black fitbit charge wristband fitness tracker


If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that will keep your favorite guy motivated, connected and on time, the Fitbit Charge is an all in one fitness tracker that will tackle the job. Rugged enough for even the toughest dad on your list, but loaded with smart technology to keep him interested, the Fitbit Charge can help him to keep tabs on his activity, sleep, emails and phone calls in a simple little wristband that stays charged for days. If he’s trying to keep his activity levels up, the Fitbit send motivational messages to keep him inspired.

There’s a reason this activity tracker is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. It works. You can also get a cool stainless steel mesh bracelet for his Fitbit, to give it a more professional look. If he’s super rough on his stuff, the Ace Armor Shield Protek Screen Protector will keep his Fitbit looking like new, even after years of wear.

Price: $148.95 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband here.

5. Apexel 10-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

ten in one cell phone camera lens kit with case


Let’s be honest here, most dads like cool gadgets they can use. There’s hardly anything more gadgety than this lens kit that lets him use his smart phone to snap high quality pictures. This cell phone camera lens kit lets him zoom in on faraway subjects with ease, while the macro lense means he can shoot a shimmering water drop, or beautiful tiny object with precise focus.

The wide angle lens allows him to take photos with a larger shooting range, and works great for architectural or landscape photography. What’s even cooler is that these lenses attach to almost all smartphones and tablets, including iPhone 8,7,6,6 plus,6s,6s plus,Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S7 Edge, iPad and others. With ten lenses to tackle all his favorite photos, he’s going to have a blast.

To ensure his focus is crystal clear, get him a smart phone tripod to go with these lenses. They’re a great dad gift that taps into your dad’s most creative side with ease.

Price: $15.99 (47 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Apexel 10-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit here.

6. uKeg 64 Pressurized Stainless Steel Growler for Craft Beer

stainless steel and brass pressurized beer growler


So your dad loves beer, but his favorite isn’t sold in bottles at the grocery. No worries. Get him the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving…er, I mean pouring. The uKeg pressurized growler will keep his beer fresh, cold and perfectly carbonated, and it goes wherever he goes. If your dad’s a home brewer, this cool stainless keg makes the perfect gift for him to take his creations for a beer tasting with friends.

If he just loves his craft brew, and hates to waste it once he’s home, it will stay brewery fresh to the last pint, whether it’s poured from the fridge or tailgate. Plus, the dispensing cap makes it super easy to serve. This cool keg was invented by engineers who love beer, so it’s also a gift of innovation for dad this Father’s Day. If you think your pop might be interested in learning to brew beer, get him a fun beer brewing kit to try out.

Price: $149

Buy the uKeg 64 Pressurized Stainless Steel Growler for Craft Beer here.

7. Cruzy Kuzy Leather Bike Cup Holder

leather bicycle coffee cup holder

(Hide & Drink)

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift he can use on his cruise. The stylish and unique Cruzy attaches to his bike’s handlebars and allows for easy access to his coffee, soda, water bottle or beer. Hand-made, from double stitched and fire branded full-grain leather and heavy duty, rustic brass metal rivets, the Cruzy is a perfect dad gift idea for him.

It’s a long lasting, durable and yet lightweight carrier for his favorite beverage on the go. It would look super cool on his vintage cruiser, fixie or converted roadie. Some Vintage Bike Saddle Bags would be a cool addition, or an awesome stand alone Father’s Day gift too.

Price: $25.99

Buy the Cruzy Kuzy Leather Bike Cup Holder here.

8. Old Version Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker

black hand held food smoker with wood chips


If your dad loves the flavor of smoked meats and other foods, but you don’t have the budget to buy him a full size smoker, the Smoking Gun offers an alternative to traditional smoking methods. This method allows him to make a huge flavor and aroma difference, quickly and easily. He simply fills the Smoking Gun chamber with his choice of combustible, turns it on, lights it with a match or lighter, and viola!

He can apply cool smoke on any food he’d like to. This cool Father’s Day gift includes: The Smoking Gun, an acrylic stand, 18-inch nozzle extender hose, four AA batteries and two half-ounce wood chip samples of Applewood and Hickory smoking chips. With this cool tool, he can use various types of wood chips, teas, herbs, spices and even hay and dried flowers to infuse flavor into food.

Now your dad can create signature culinary creations at the drop of a hat (or steak.) If dad’s got the space, and you want to get him a full size smoker for Father’s Day, by all means go for it. You can find lots of choices here.

Price: $225.45

Buy the Old Version Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker here.

9. Samsung Gear VR Headset with Controller

black samsung gear vr headset with controller


If your dad’s a gear junkie, a VR headset is surely at the top of his “most wanted” gift list this Father’s Day. The Samsung Gear VR transforms virtual reality with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences. Every move, from turning and grabbing, to pointing and lifting, is naturally connected from physical to virtual, making the virtual reality experience even more intuitive and spell-binding than ever.
Whether your dad is flying through the Alps, watching a film with a far-off friend, experiencing a festival across the globe, or employing the superpowers of his favorite game character, this headset will be mind blowing and mind bending, for sure. And the Gear VR controller, that’s included with this headset gives him total agility doing whatever he’s up to.

To find more highly rated VR headset options, at almost every price point, browse here.

Price: $88.37 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Samsung Gear VR Headset with Controller here.

10. Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

father's day gifts, fathers day ideas, gifts for dad, father's day gift ideas, gift ideas for dad

(Game Golf)

If your dad’s a duffer, but he’s always looking for ways to up his game, the Game Golf digital shot tracking system allows him to track his game with pinpoint accuracy. From tee to green, he’ll get an advanced view of his stats, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentages, and shot dispersion for all clubs and yardages, plus he’ll learn the insights he needs to progress.

With over 32,000 courses pre-loaded into the device, he can review his rounds and game stats on a personal dashboard, benchmark his stats and progress against his buddies, learn how to hit his clubs at their peak output and share his progress with you or his golf trainer. And it’s more than a personal tracker, this nifty gadget allows your dad to compete with other Game Golfers around the world.

If this Father’s Day gift idea is a bit more high tech than your dad, consider a simpler golf gift like the highly acclaimed Orange Whip golf swing trainer, or a backyard putting green where you can both play together on Father’s Day.

Price: $69.95

Buy the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System here.

Gifts for the Fashion Forward Dad

11. Mosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses

solid denim polarized sunglasses


Your favorite memories of your dad are probably those days when he was sporting his favorite Levis. That’s what makes these denim sunglasses a super cool Father’s Day gift. They’re the ultimate in retro, hip and cool, but their cool factor expands when you get a chance to check out their optics, which are wicked. I got a pair to try last spring, when they were first being released, and I shared them around with some of my guy friends, who agreed they’d be a dad’s dream on Father’s Day.

These glasses don’t just have a denim pattern, their frames are actually made from denim fabric. Mosevic takes discarded and damaged jeans, of all colors and weights, and uses the reclaimed fabric in their collection of solid denim eyewear. They transform these unloved jeans into sunglasses by infusing layers of the denim, with a carefully selected resin, to create Solid Denim. Denim is tough. Solid Denim is even stronger and it has all the properties needed to build high quality, tactile and striking eyewear.

The frames really are denim all the way through. Each pair of sunglasses is handcrafted process in their workshop in Cornwall, UK. These unique sunglasses sport flashes of color and subtle blue gradients, along with an explosion of textures. And each and every pair is completely unique, just like your dad.

For more denim inspired sunglasses, browse here.

Price: $170

Buy the Mosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses here.

12. SSLR Men’s Print Long Sleeve Casual Button Down Shirt

men's cotton floral print button down shirt


If your dad’s a fashion forward kind of guy, and he’s been looking for just the right shirt to wear untucked with his jeans, this floral print button down is a terrific option for his Father’s Day gift. These bright, bold print shirts feature floral designs that are super trendy and fun. They’re 100 percent cotton, which means they’ll be cool and comfortable, even on a hot day (or a day where dad’s looking hot.)

These awesome long sleeved shirts comes in lots of different colors and patterns, so if dad’s not a floral kind of guy, there are paisleys and other prints to suit him. The Vintage Print button down features a contrasting collar, placket and cuffs, that give it a great look. If your dad would prefer a short sleeved shirt that’s equally stylish, you can still get him the hip, wild prints with the same comfy quality.

Price: $16 – $28 (Up to 48 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SSLR Men’s Prints Long Sleeve Casual Button Down Shirt here.

13. Carhartt Men’s Rockford Rain Defender Jacket

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Even when dad’s buddies aren’t exactly pulling their weight, his jacket can. Whether he’d like a quick, lightweight grab and go jacket, or he’s looking for something seriously rugged in wet weather, this Rockford jacket by Carhartt will do the deed. The attached three-piece hood has a drawstring toggle closure. The zip front closure reaches right up to the hood to keep his neck dry and cozy. Dual chest pockets with snap storm flaps are made for serious wind and weather protection and the left chest pocket includes a media port.

It features adjustable snap cuffs, slit hand pockets and a draw-cord adjustable hem. Plus it comes in four cool colors. Since you’re thinking of outdoorsy Father’s Day gift ideas, a cozy Carhartt hoodie is perfect for those cold mornings camping, along with a Carhartt knit beanie.

Price: $49.99 – $117.17 (Up to 33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Carhartt Men’s Rockford Rain Defender Jacket here.

14. Dockers Men’s Classic-Fit Perfect-Short

dockers classic fit flat front khaki shorts


Whether your guy’s headed to the golf course, the beach or just hanging out with friends, a great looking pair of shorts is always the right choice. These classic khaki bermudas from Dockers are a great Father’s Day gift idea. They’ll look terrific with a golf shirt, and just as good with a tee or a cool print button down. Any dad can look classy or casual, depending on how he matches up these shorts with the rest of his outfit.

If you think he might be a gamer for some plaid bermudas, with the right choice, you’ll easy convince him how cool they really look. Another great gift option for dad is a pair of quick dry shorts that keep him comfortable both in and out of the water. Columbia makes an awesome selection of styles for outdoor guys who like to fish, camp and enjoy a myriad of wet and dry adventures.

Price: $19.99 – $41.97 (Up to 14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dockers Men’s Classic-Fit Perfect-Short here.

15. Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve Performance Pique Polo with Tipping

White nautical polo shirt with burgundy and navy edging


White is always the hot ticket when it comes to men’s summer fashion, and this awesome, white polo from Nautica is a perfect example why. The clean, bright white is accented by navy, red and burgundy tipping that give this shirt a style that goes way beyond the golf course. Give your dad this Father’s Day gift and he’ll be sporting it to your next family gathering for sure. Made from an easy care cotton/poly pique, it’s a cool and a much classier alternative to a tee.

For more stripes, versus a color block look, the Nautica Gradient Stripe Polo is perfect. If your dad (or husband) is a big and tall guy, Nautica makes a striped polo sized right for him too.

Price: $36.40 – $69.50

Buy the Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve Performance Pique Polo with Tipping here.

16. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Road Show Fashion Sneaker

kenneth cole reaction navy slip on sneaker

(Kenneth Cole REACTION)

Skip those boring old slippers, and upgrade your Father’s Day gift to some sassy slip on sneakers dad can wear anywhere comfortably. These cool kicks can pair with pants or shorts, and because they’re so stylish, you could even slip them on with casual slacks.

The insoles are padded for extra comfort, and the soles are non-slip synthetic that doesn’t leave scuff marks. For an extra fancy leather version of the slip on, the FRYE Men’s Gabe Woven Fashion Sneaker takes this look up quite a few notches.

Price: $79.95

Buy the Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Road Show Fashion Sneaker here.

17. Ozone Design Men’s Dagger Socks

cotton socks with dagger print


Dad wouldn’t even take offense if someone told him to stuff this sock in it. These cool socks from Ozone amp up foot fashion in a big way. They’re so good looking, your pop will likely find excuses to kick of his shoes and show them off. (I got a sample pair of Ozone socks a while back – red flowered ones – and they’re so fun, I wear them with sandals just so people can see them.) Funky, fun and cool, Ozone creates each sock as a secret weapon your dad can keep hidden under his pant cuff.

Price: $38

Buy the Ozone Design Men’s Dagger Socks here.

18. Banuce Vintage Italian Leather Messenger Bag

Banuce vintage brown italian leather messenger bag


This Father’s Day, give dad a fashion boost that makes his work life easier too. The vintage leather messenger bag from Banuce is a perfect present for him that is big enough to accommodate a 14 inch laptop and it has a second compartment to fit a tablet too. It can be carried as a tote or a briefcase too, and it features a back zip pocket to stow valuables like his phone and keys, as well as a magnetic button front closure to keep his devices and files secure.

Price: $155

Buy the Banuce Vintage Italian Leather Messenger Bag here.

19. Nike Academy 16 Woven Tracksuit

two tone blue nike tracksuit


If you’ve been trying to get dad out of his favorite old sweat pants and into something that’s great for lounging or athletic endeavors, this sweet Nike tracksuit is a great Father’s Day gift idea. Nike’s signature Dri-FIT fabric wicks sweat while the mesh keeps him cool. If he’s more comfortable in a slimmer fitting knit, the Nike knit tracksuit has bottoms that are more like running tights, with a cool zippered jacket to toss on after his workout. And if you just can’t get him to give up his favorite sweatpants, perhaps some new Nike sweatpants and a hoodie would give him a little incentive.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Nike Academy 16 Woven Tracksuit here.

20. VITEROU Mens Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet

healing magnetic copper link bracelet


This gorgeous men’s copper bracelet is a great Father’s Day gift idea, whether your dad is simply a slave to fashion, or if he’s got a bit of arthritis. This chunky linked bracelet is pure copper, known for centuries for its powerful healing properties. But it also incorporates rare earth magnets for additional healthful benefits.

Magnetic therapy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. So your dad will look great, and potentially feel better as a result of your thoughtful present. Because magnetic therapy bracelets are so affordable, you could also get him a titanium bracelet too. A bold Roman copper cuff could become one of his favorites, and no one would imagine it’s a magnetic therapy piece.

Price: $36.99

Buy the VITEROU Mens Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet here.

Cool Tools & Patio Gifts

21. Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit

DeWALT cordless lithium ion drill driver


There’s a reason this cool tool is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. As any man who has one – it’s the most used tool in his workshop and around home. If your dad already has a cordless drill driver, be sure to check out the voltage and weight. That’s one of the really amazing things about this drill driver kit that makes it a perfect Father’s Day gift. The 20V battery is so much more compact and light, that the overall tool weight is so much less than past cordless models.

The compact design makes it easier to get into tight spaces, and the ergonomic handle gives him comfort and better control. If your Father’s Day gift recipient is just beginning to build up his tool set, the 20V Five Piece Combo Kit gives him the shop basics at a terrific price. And don’t forget, he’ll need a full set of bits to go with his cordless drill, so he can get right to work and get creative with his home improvement projects.

Price: $99

Buy the Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit here.

22. Keter 7.5-Gal Cool Bar Rattan Style Outdoor Patio Cooler Table

rattan patio table and cooler


Let’s admit it. This is just about the coolest, dual purpose patio table we’ve ever seen. First, it’s great looking patio furniture, perfect for your dad to set his morning cup of coffee on, while he reads the paper in the sun. By afternoon this patio diva does a double take, when it becomes a bar height table and cooler for wine, beer and soda. The easy pull up top locks in place, and it even features a handy drain plug at the bottom.

Because it’s made from durable resin, you can bank on it being a Father’s Day gift that will last for years to come. Add to dad’s patio decor with some live plants and a three piece Keter Rattan Garden Planter set.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Keter 7.5-Gal Cool Bar Rattan Style Outdoor Patio Pool Cooler Table here.

23. Voona 2-Pack Solar Mercury Glass Jar Hanging Outdoor Light

mercury glass jar hanging solar light


Here’s a nifty little Father’s Day gift idea that will brighten dad’s day and light up his night. These cool Voona solar LED lights give five lumens of output, enough to decorate,illuminate, and cheer up his garden. The vintage mercury glass finish coordinates looks great with whatever his patio decor might be, and they can be easily installed next to walkways, pathways, or driveways, but look terrific on a table top or hanging from hooks on the patio. No matter where your dad puts them, they’re beautifully ornamental during the day and gorgeous, filtered solar light at night.

These solar lights use the world’s most efficient solar technology- a SUNPOWER SOLAR PANEL. That panel converts sun at much higher levels than normal panels, so he can enjoy longer lighting time. For easy lighting of pathways and driveways, you could also consider the Voona 8-Pack Stainless Steel Solar Light set. Just push the metal stakes into the ground, flip a switch and go.

Solar light strings are another popular way to liven up the patio and yard. Find lots of choices here.

Price: $21.58 (27 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Voona 2-Pack Solar Mercury Glass Jar Hanging Outdoor Light here.

24. Faux Marble Bowl & Pillar Indoor-Outdoor Fountain

faux marble bowl and tiered pillar fountain

John Timberland

If you could give your father a zen like, peace of mind experience this Father’s Day, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? This beautiful tiered faux marble fountain offers up exactly that, with trickling water that flows from the top bowl into two tiered pillars. A submergable pump ensures quiet operation, while the water flows. The sound of running water is calming, and especially good for relaxing after a tough day at the office.

This lovely garden fountain can also be used indoors. Made of cast polyresin with a stone-like finish, it’s easily moved to any desired location. The Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Water Fountain features an on-demand solar water pump, making it perfect for dad’s patio, yard or garden. If your pop only has space for a tiny water feature, the Alpine Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain also features three flickering candles to add to the zen effect.

Price: $199.95

Buy the Faux Marble Bowl & Pillar Indoor-Outdoor Fountain here.

25. Fluke VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester

fluke voltage tester


If your dad’s a do-it-yourselfer, there’s no tiny tool with more power to save his life. Whether he’s rewiring, changing a light fixture or doing any kind of electrical repair, the Flucke VoltAlert can instantly tell him whether lines, outlets or fixtures are hot. or not. Voltbeat technology and continuous self testing means he’ll always be sure that it is working. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there’s voltage present. This little Father’s Day gift idea could be a life saver for the man you love. Get one for anyone in your life who does home improvement tasks.

Price: $27.13

Buy the Fluke VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester here.

26. Vremi Nine Piece Garden Tool Set

garden tool set


Does your dad dig dirt? Mine did too, and one of the things he prized was his fine set of garden tools. If your dad loves to putter in the garden and flower beds, give him a Father’s Day gift that is nine presents in one. This sweet garden tool set has all the most frequently used tools to make his yard work a snap. It includes a transplanting spade, trowel, rake, cultivator, weeder, pruner, a spray bottle, and gloves along with a handy tote bag to keep his tools in one place.

If he’s serious about gardening, make sure to get him the savior of knees, the garden kneeler. This cushy pad will save him from bruises and poking branches, plus it decreases fatigue. For bigger pruning jobs in the spring and fall, these Fiskars Lopping Shears are a must have. Mine are still perfect, after 15 years, and they’re still the best at cutting big branches with ease.

Price: $34.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Vremi Nine Piece Garden Tool Set here.

27. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

wrought iron roman style patio fire pit

(Fire Sense)

Have you ever noticed how some of the best, most thoughtful conversations happen around a fire? That’s what makes this patio fire pit a perfect Father’s Day gift. You’ll spend some time with dad and maybe have the talk of a lifetime, too. This unique fire pit features a 35 inch diameter, high temperature, antique bronze painted steel fire bowl with a hammered lip. It has brushed, painted steel legs, with cool wrapped metal details. Adding a touch of style, this Roman fire pit makes the perfect patio accent.

It comes complete with a one piece mesh fire screen with high temperature paint, insuring that the flames and sparks are kept contained, while you and your dad are enjoying the blazing warmth. The included wood grate makes placing logs quick and easy. And because it’s removable, it also makes clean up a breeze. The grate adds elevation for your logs, creating airflow for the perfect fire. Keep his fire pit safe from the weather year round with a canvas cover.

Price: $64.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit here.

28. Shop-Vac 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet-Dry Vacuum

shop vac stainless 8 gallon wet dry vacuum


If your dad doesn’t have a Shop-Vac, this handy tool is a game changer. He can use it for the standard vacuum jobs in the garage and shop, but this powerful vacuum can handle wet spills and leaks, act as dust collection for his woodworking tools, and the head can be used separate from the canister as a leave blower too. This multi-use vacuum is a must have gift for Father’s Day, or his birthday or any other time you want to give him a present he’ll love every time he uses it.

It also comes with plenty of attachments and tools including the friction fit hose, three extension wands, a ten inch wet dry nozzle, gulper, crevice tools, and tool holder, along with a long-lasting cartridge filter and collection bag.

Price: $89 (11 percent off MSRP

Buy the Shop-Vac 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Wet-Dry Vacuum here.

29. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

miracle gro hydroponic indoor garden system


If your dad has a green thumb, but not a lot of garden space, this AeroGarden is a super cool gift for Father’s Day. This smart little counter-top garden will let him grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more, all year long. It can handle up to six plants at a time, and with an advanced hydroponic system, they’ll grow in water, not soil. The high-performance, full spectrum, 20-watt LED lighting system is tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

An easy to read LCD control panel tells him when to add water, reminds dad when to add patented nutrients (included with the unit), and automatically turns the lights on and off. So he can start growing immediately, the AeroGarden includes a six-pod gourmet herb seed kit with Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint, along with enough of the nutrients for a full season of growth.

After his first round of herbs, stock his seed supply with a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seed Pod Kit, or a Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit.

Price: $110.94 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden here.

30. Kershaw Clash Folding Knife

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Every guy needs a good knife in his pocket for doing jobs both small and big. This terrific Kershaw knife is an awesome gift idea for dad. In addition to a drop-point blade with just the right amount of belly recurve for excellent slicing ability, the Clash also has partial serration, so that it can laugh at tough materials like webbing or rope. The blade steel is made for toughness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention. In fact, it’s precision heat-treated to bring out its high-performance characteristics.

Black oxide coating enhances corrosion resistance and provides a great, non-reflective look. The black Clash opens with ease and authority thanks to Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening system. A simple pull back on the flipper, and SpeedSafe opens the knife super-smoothly and easily. Another thing that makes this cool pocket knife a standout, is that you can send it into Kershaw once a year for free sharpening. No wonder it’s an Amazon best seller.

Kershaw makes knives for all different kinds of uses. Browse for more choices here.

Price: $28.94

Buy the Kershaw Clash Folding Knife here.

Perfect Backyard Games & Gifts

31. Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set

red and green bocce ball set

(Trademark Games)

It’s always good to play with your dad, so why not get him a toy that’s purely for fun? There’s no time like the present to get him a quality Bocce Ball set. This beginners set comes with four dark green and four dark red bocce balls, enough for four players or two teams of two, and one Pallino. Since few of our yards look like golf courses, the divots and undulations make the game even more challenging. (My grandson refers to this game as “heavy ball.”)

The entire set is enclosed with a durable carrying case to keep the game all together, and to make it transportable to any family gathering. Bocce Ball, one of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, is a game for young and old and makes for a perfect Father’s Day gift. Originating in Italy, Bocce Ball is wildly popular worldwide. A Deluxe 4-Player Resin Bocce Ball Set mixes it up with four different ball colors.

Price: $39.48

Buy the Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set here.

32. GoSports CornHole Bean Bag Toss Game Set

red and blue corn hole game


You never outgrow the fun of tossing bean bags at small targets, so why not get dad a CornHole game for his Father’s Day gift? The GoSports Tailgate CornHole game was designed to provide for a superior CornHole experience by maximizing durability, portability and game quality. The three foot by two foot boards are perfect for all ages and abilities. They feature very sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum construction, with a water resistant MDF board surface that provides the perfect amount of slide. Eight all-weather duck cloth bag are the perfect weight and made of top quality filling. This cool CornHole also includes a carrying case for easy portability and storage.

For fancier and specially designed CornHole sets, look here.

Price: $92.49

Buy the GoSports CornHole Bean Bag Toss Game Set here.

33. St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoe Game

silver and blue professional horseshoe set

(St. Pierre)

You and your dad can enjoy a competitive day together with the St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes set. Designed by a World Champion horseshoe pitcher, and made in the USA, these solid steel horseshoes feature a trademarked design that puts them a cut above the rest. These NHPA-approved horseshoes have more weight forged in the tips to give the pitcher better balance and control. They also feature longer tips, and a tapered leading edge allowing the shoes to more easily slide into the stakes, and a ringer breaker to help rotate the shoe.

With this fun and challenging Father’s Day gift, your dad will soon be pitching like the pros, with the finger positioner, which helps even beginners hold the shoe properly. This beautiful set comes with four forged steel American horseshoes – two in blue and two in gray, two 24 inch long solid steel stakes, a copy of the official Horseshoe rule book, and a handy black plastic tote. Get ready for some ringers, hangers and leaners.

Price: $59.95

Buy the St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoe Game here.

34. GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game

multicolored ladder ball game


I’d love to say this is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for dads with kids, but it turns out it’s a perfect present for dads of every age. We first played this ladder ball game with our young grandkids a couple of years back, but within a half hour, there were competitions among kids and adults, from six year-olds to twenty-somethings, to middle-agers like me.

It’s a blast, and a whole lot more challenging than it looks. This set comes partially pre-assembled so that setup is faster and easier than most other sets. It also real golf balls connected by high density woven nylon, to provide the best feel, plus their thick rope prevents tangles. Everything can be conveniently stowed in the included zip-up carrying case for maximum portability.

Price: $39.60 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game here.

35. Crown Sporting Goods Six Player Deluxe Croquet Set

six person croquet set with wooden mallets

(Crown Sporting Goods)

You could find yourself in a bit of a sticky wicket if you get your dad this fun croquet set as a Father’s Day gift. Played in Europe as early as the 12th century, croquet is a fun and challenging lawn game that’s great for dads, families and anyone who loves to play outside. The object of the game is simple. Players use a mallet to hit the ball through the wickets and into the stakes. A traditional croquet court is set up with nine wickets in a diamond formation. The first player to successfully navigate through the wickets wins.

This affordable set includes six 32″ hardwood mallets with rubber caps, two 21″ hardwood stakes, nine vinyl-coated steel wickets, six 3″ polymer balls and a black, zip-up carrying bag. Your dad will have hours of fun, redesigning more difficult courses to play. Get him an extra set of wickets to expand the croquet course and make it more challenging.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Crown Sporting Goods Six Player Deluxe Croquet Set here.

36. Portable Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Set

metal frisbee golf goal and disc set

(Trademark Innovations)

Disc golf is a whole lot more fun than playing frisbee catch. It takes strategy and great hand-eye coordination. This cool portable set is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea, that your dad can take anywhere to challenge his buddies or play with the grandkids. The disc golf basket with a trapper basket and double chains, is easy to assemble, with no tools needed.

This starter kit is great for practicing in the backyard, or at outdoor get togethers. Use the nine discs, which are included, to test accuracy and precision at hitting the target. With speed, fade, putting and other specialty discs, this is an addictive and challenging game. Made with durable and weather resistant materials, this disc golf set will deliver many summers of fun and could convince your dad to play on large public disc golf courses, which are more popular than ever.

Price: $120.01

Buy the Portable Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Set here.

37. Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

blue and green striped hammock chair


This Father’s Day, give your dad a little outdoor comfort with a stylish hammock swing. This cool hammock chair hangs anywhere, so it’s a great addition to balconies, decks, backyards or his campsite. It’s perfect for lounging and nestling into a cozy “cocoon” while reading a book, or his fave magazine. He can listen to the sound of rain, crickets, bird chirping, or enjoy a quiet night of stargazing. Because it’s so portable it’s easy to move around.

If you get him two, he can create a stylish outside lounging area for your mom and dad to enjoy together. And these hammock chairs are made of sturdy cotton and polyester fabric, that’s machine washable. They’ll hold anyone up to 265 pounds. If he’s a serious hammock lover, an ultra-light parachute hammock is great for the yard or the lake, and it’s also ultra-cheap.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair here.

38. Foldable Adirondack Wood Chair

folding hemlock adirondack chair

(Best Choice Products)

Since Father’s Day is all about pampering your dad, another relaxing option is a comfy and beautiful adirondack chair. This beauty is made out of durable and weather-resistant Hemlock wood. It’s natural finish adds a classic outdoor style to dad’s patio or backyard setting. The classic, ergonomic design features a tall slanted backrest and armrests that are wide enough to hold the beverage of his choice.

What’s really cool about these chairs is that their foldable design allows dad to move and store them with ease, which means no more refinishing next spring. Did we mention that they’re also a killer deal? At this great price, you might want to order two, along with a wooden table and some chair cushions for extra comfort.

Price: $52.99

Buy the Foldable Adirondack Wood Chair here.

39. Wind & Weather Double-Spin Wind Spiral

copper hanging kinetic wind spinner

(Wind & Weather)

Your dad will be mesmerized every time the wind blows with this unique and intriguing hanging art piece from Wind & Weather. For Father’s Day, give him a work of art that spins in the wind, and catches his eye with overlapping copper spirals. The piece in the middle is separate from the outer spirals, so they each spin independently with the breeze, creating swirls of shimmery copper.

Even when the wind is still, this wind spinner is a beauty. The hanging kinetic garden art sculpture was created with swivel hooks (yep, the same kind he uses for fishing) so it will even spin with the slightest breeze. If he has a huge yard, consider a large free-standing wind spinner that can become a part of the backyard landscape.

Browse for more artistic and whimsical wind spinners here.

Price: $34.95

Buy the Wind & Weather Double-Spin Wind Spiral here.

40. TropiShade Bronze Aluminum Market Umbrella

bronze bistro patio umbrella


Nothing provides more cooling comfort in the back yard than a beautiful sunshade. This lovely market umbrella is the perfect gift for dad to keep the sun off his back while he’s relaxing with a beer or book. This pretty nine foot market umbrella has the style, functionality and durability to provide years of enjoyment. The compact design represents style and simplicity, with strong flexible fiberglass ribs.

The colorfast polyester canopy is UV and weather resistant, and the wind vent design deters wind gusts from lifting or tipping over the umbrella. It features a bronze finish rust free aluminum pole with a crank feature for ultra-easy opening and closing. Be sure to order a weighted umbrella stand to hold his shade maker firmly in place.

Price: $58.49 (35 percent off MSRP)

Buy the TropiShade Bronze Aluminum Market Umbrella here.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

41. Best Gift for New Dads: I’m Your Father’s Day Gift Onesie

funny baby onsie

(LOL Baby!)

Every new father can use a good dose of humor, and this onesie should get a huge belly laugh from him. If you’re a new mom, why not order this fun outfit to present dad with on Father’s Day? Super soft quality cotton means baby will be comfy, so that morning you can let your sweetie sleep in and present him with a cup of coffee and the baby wearing this hilarious onsie. The “Happy First Father’s Day” onesie is a a real cutie too. You could also get dad a sweet First Father’s Day tee shirt of his own.

Price: $12.99

Buy the I’m Your Father’s Day Gift Onesie here.

42. Best Personalized Gift for Dad: Knock Knock What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal

personalized fill in book for dad

(Knock Knock)

Bring some clever and smarts to life with this cute Knock Knock love journal. This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your pops is tops. Just complete each line and voilà – you have a uniquely personal gift he’ll read again and again. Make it as tender, silly, or groveling as you choose. Personalized gifts please dads of all stripes, and this little book is likely to reduce your dad to tears. It’s one of our favorite gifts for dad on Amazon because it says thanks for everything he’s done for you.

There are Knock Knock personalized journals for lots of special people in your life. Find them here.

Price: $10

Buy the Knock Knock What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal here.

43. Best Cheap BBQ Tool Set: Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set

stainless steel bbq tool set

(Mr. Bar-B-Q)

Is your dad the pit master at all your family functions? This beautiful barbecue tool set is Amazon’s Choice for your grill master. Dad will love the 18 different grilling tools that come, nicely packaged in a handled plastic storage case, so he can keep them at the ready when he’s cooking steaks, dogs or burgers on the barby. This set includes a barbecue fork, tongs, and a slotted spatula with a scraper and bottle opener.

It also has a basting brush, grill brush, all-purpose knife, eight corn holders, and four skewers. Each piece is made of gleaming stainless-steel with long lasting riveted wood handles with hanging loops. Grab dad some Fresh Jax Grilling Spices to enhance all his culinary endeavors on the barbecue.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set here.

44. Best Cheap Beard Grooming Kit: GentlemanRa Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit with pouch


Does your dad sport some facial hair? Does he pamper his beard? A beard grooming kit could be the perfect Father’s Day gift to let him pamper and primp his beloved growth. The natural boar bristle beard brush is firm enough to tame a long or wild beard, yet gentle and soft on dad’s skin. It’s perfect for distributing his favorite beard oils. The folding sandalwood comb will fit perfectly in his pocket for on-the-go grooming and works on both his beard and his head.

The round tip scissors have ultra-thin, curved blades and larger finger holes, just for men. They make trimming up any stray beard and nose hairs a breeze. If he’s more of a beard comber than brusher, the Urban Prince Beard Balm and Comb set is also a highly rated, and a great buy. If your bearded pop is more the rugged outdoorsman, the Rocky Mountain Beard Balm sampler is another cool and affordable Father’s Day gift idea. Rich in natural butters and oils, these balms will make his beard beautiful and smell great too.

Price: $19.95 (39 percent off MSRP)

Buy the GentlemanRa Beard Grooming Kit here.

45. Wooden Beer Carrier w/ Bottle Opener

wooden six pack carrier


Your dad is a manly dude and he loves to share good beer with friends. Now he can carry a selection of his favorite micros to a tail-gater or other gathering in this wooden beer carrier that comes complete with a bottle opener. It’s also a classy tote for sodas, picnic silverware and napkins or even condiments for the table. Made from natural wood, the inserts can also be removed for carrying bigger items in some of the cubbies. If he’s pouring from a tap, he can fill six pint glasses, and use his beer carrier for serving.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Wooden Beer Carrier w/ Bottle Opener here.

46. Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

candy and nut gift box set

(Broadway Basketeers)

It could be that you’re on a budget, or perhaps your father already has everything he wants or needs. If you’re searching for a simple Father’s Day gift that simply can’t miss, this Tower of Appreciation should do it. Five beautiful boxes come literally stuffed with delicious sweet and savory treats from cookies and candy to nuts. Yum! If it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, he’ll be loving you for this tasty tower every time he takes a bite.

The Snacker’s Heaven gift set features more savory bites than sweet. If your dad is trying to stick to healthier snacks, the Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray is filled with a heart healthy fruit and nut feast.

Price: $23.36

Buy the Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Gift Tower here.

47. Most Hilarious Father’s Day Gift: To Do List Coffee Mug

funny to do list coffee mug

(Got Me Tipsy)

No dad could dispute the wisdom of this hilarious To Do List coffee mug, and since you already thing he’s got that awesome part nailed, it’s the perfect funny Father’s Day gift that will leave him laughing all the way to the… well, you know. This high quality ceramic mug is a perfectly lighthearted reminder that you love your dad, exactly for who he is. Make up for your silliness by giving him some delicious Koffee Kult dark roast coffee beans to assist with that waking up thing.

Price: $16.87 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the To Do List here.

48. Best MacGyver Gift for Dad: Ivation Emergency Car Hammer Escape Tool

orange and black emergency flashlight and window breaking tool


This cool gadget is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea to stave off emergency situations. While it looks much like an innocent flashlight, this little tool is a five in one MacGyver gift that could save your dad’s life. Indeed it’s a flashlight, but it can also break the window if his car lands in the water, plus it can cut his seatbelt if he needs to escape fast. Dad can also charge his cell phone in emergencies, by plugging it into this tool and using the hand crank to power it. Plus it has a flashing SOS light, in case your pop is lost and needs to signal for help.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Ivation Emergency Car Hammer Escape Tool here.

49. Dad’s Fix-It Shop Wall Hanging

dad's fixit shop wall sign


Everyone knows that daddy can fix almost anything. That’s why this wall hanging is such a clever Father’s Day gift. Made with vibrant paint on hardboard, this sign proudly proclaims “If Papa can’t fix it, we’re all screwed”. Ain’t it the truth? This cute sign is a perfect present for any dad who has a shop or garage where he’s always buiding, fixing and creating.

This cute sign has a rugged leather strap that makes this manly mention, easy to hang and fun to look at. Another fun dimensional wall hanging simply states “I love that you’re my dad,” but you can find lots of fun and inexpensive signs that pay homage to his cooking, car repairs and more.

Price: $10.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dad’s Fix-It Shop Wall Hanging here.

50. Amazon Gift Card

dad themed Amazon gift card


There’s really no more thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, than a gift dad can pick out for himself. With an Amazon gift card, he can choose from millions of items, and if you want to bust your budget you can get him a gift card with a greater value than this. If you just want to treat your dad to a meal out, there are lots of fun restaurant gift cards available on Amazon too. If you have a DIY dad, how about a gift card for one of the home improvement stores? They are some of the best and easiest gifts for dad on Amazon.

Price: $25

Buy the Amazon Gift Card here.

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