6 Best Gifts for Nursing Students: Your Ultimate List (2019)

Being a nursing student is hard. There’s so much to memorize, and even a small mistake could cause a death if they aren’t careful. Those who aren’t nurses don’t understand just how hard these dedicated men and women work every day, and training to become a nurse is just as hard as nursing itself.

This Christmas, give one of these great gifts to the nursing student in your life. Our list includes many cool gifts below $20, as well as a couple of bigger gifts that are suitable for those you really love and admire. Make sure the nursing student in your life gets a gift that makes them really happy, and shows how much you care about them.

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  • ‘Eat Sleep Clinicals’ Tee

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    This shirt shows that you get it. Every nursing student can relate to the stressful day outlined in this design. This shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes for both men and women, in your choice of black, asphalt gray, or blue. The shirts are made from a cotton-poly blend, and should be washed in cold water for longer wear life. To make your gift a little more special, consider pairing this shirt with these cute EKG “heartbeat” socks.

  • Quell Wearable Pain Relief Starter Kit

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    Nurses are on their feet for long shifts. They lift heavy items, running on too little sleep. So it’s no wonder that many nurses have aches and pains at the end of a long shift. This wearable device is designed to help treat pain, without any drugs at all. You wear it just below the knee. Turn it on with a single press of a button, and the device blocks pain signals throughout the whole body, treating conditions like back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, and leg and foot pain. In a recent study, 81 percent of subjects using Quell reported that it reduced chronic pain. It’s backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so they can return it if it doesn’t work for them. The Quell device is FDA cleared for use during the day and at night while sleeping. If you know a nursing student with pain, or want to help them prepare for pain getting worse in the future, this is a truly thoughtful gift.

  • Japanese KitKat Snack Pack

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    Whether its a long night of studying before an exam, or a long day of working a shift in a teaching hospital, many nursing students reach for a candy bar to keep their energy up. These KitKats are imported from Japan. Savvy candy aficionados have long known that Japan is famous for their unique and unusual KitKat flavors. This snack pack includes a variety of flavors that can be hard to find outside Japan, including green tea, Yokohama strawberry cheesecake, Japanese Sake, and even wasabi. Fun fact: KitKats are a popular “good luck” gift for students taking an exam in Japan. This is because the product’s name sounds very similar to the Japanese phrase kitto katsu, which means “you will surely win”. This tradition makes KitKats a great gift for students, even those outside of Japan.

  • ‘Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul: Stories to Celebrate, Honor and Inspire the Nursing Profession’

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    This installment of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series focuses on stories from real lift nurses. Some stories are funny, while others are heartwarming or inspiring. If a hard day makes your favorite nursing student question their career path, this collection of stories will re-inspire them to become a nurse. To make your gift more complete, pair it with the companion volume Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul: Second Dose.

  • BLACK+DECKER 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker With Chalkboard Surface

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    A slow cooker is a must-have for any busy student. Your favorite nursing student can put raw ingredients in the slow cooker before heading to class, and come home to a hot meal. The coolest feature here is the chalkboard exterior, which you can use to announce the dish inside the slow cooker, warn your roommates of a potential allergen in a dish, or tell others that the food inside is “hands off” for a special occasion, like a party.

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