11 Best Gifts for Best Friends: The Ultimate List (2019)

Shopping for gifts for best friends may seem easy, but it can actually be quite a challenge. Your best friend is the person that knows you best, and who you know better than anyone else in the world. That’s a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the perfect gift! You probably want to get him or her something super special for their birthday or any special occasion, a gift that they will never forget.

You can always look to their interests to find the perfect gift. Sentimental gifts for best friends are usually best when catered to their specific personality and interests – For example, a Hogwarts Themed present for a Harry Potter fanatic, or something artistic for a creative type.

Of course, there are some gifts that anyone will love, if you prefer to get your best friend something super special. In this list we are going to go over some of the best gifts out there that will show your BFF how much you really care. Whether you are shopping for a man or woman, young or old, the gifts on this list will make your bestie grin from ear to ear.

1. Pixie Lost Item Tracker

Pixie is the perfect gift for anyone, whether they are forgetful and tend to lose track of things, or they are super organized and always like to keep track of their valuables. Pixie is a tracking system that allows you to use augmented reality through your smart phone to find anything that is lost. Just take one of the included Pixie trackers and stick it anywhere – Your phone, your keys, your laptop, your camera, even your pet! Hook up your Pixie Points to any item you want to track, and they will communicate with each other in order to show you with both audio and visual keys where they are. Pixie is the only 2-in-1 finder with both audio and visual location methods. You can even find your phone when it is off or out of batteries. It shows you the exact location, down to the distance in feet and inches, where your lost item is. This four pack is the perfect starter it for your BFF this Christmas.

Price: $74.99 with free shipping

Buy the Pixie Lost Item Tracker here.

2. Airbnb Gift Card

Gift cards make awesome presents when they are for something as amazing and unforgettable as travel. With an Airbnb gift card, you are funding your best friend’s trip to wherever she wants to go. Whether it is a girls weekend in Napa, a couples getaway in Manhattan, or a trip all by herself to Nashville, she gets to let her imagination run wild. The best gifts are those that create memories, and travel is one of the best ways to do just that. If your BFF is a mom, a great add-on to this gift would be to offer to babysit while she is taking her trip!

Price: $100 or any amount you choose, email delivery

Buy the Airbnb Gift Card here.

3. Lula’s Garden Succulent Planter Box

If you are looking for a less expensive gift, this pre-made succulent garden by Lula’s Garden is perfect. Whether your bestie has a green thumb or not, this low maintenance garden will add beauty to his or her desk, tabletop, or dresser. The garden arrives ready to go in a planter gift box, so there is truly no maintenance or assembly required, as you see with other succulent kits. Each garden comes with three small pre-planted succulents, which are chosen based on freshness and seasonal availability. This means that the garden will vary from week to week, and it will always arrive fresh and gorgeous!

Price: $35

Buy the Lula’s Garden Succulent Planter Box here.

4. The Tea Room Chocolate Company 12 Organic Chocolate Fusion Bars

Personally, I think there is no greater gift than chocolate, and lots of it. This gift set from The Tea Room Chocolate Company includes their 12 famous tea-infued chocolate creations. Every bar is organic, all natural and GMO free. This set includes the following flavors: Chamomile & Honey, white chocolate – Honeybush Caramel, milk chocolate – Jasmine, milk chocolate – Masala Chai, milk chocolate – Bedouin’s Mint, milk chocolate – Pina Colada, milk chocolate – Green Earl Grey, dark chocolate – Raspberry Rooibos, dark chocolate – Mayan Pepper Chai, dark chocolate – Almond Caramel with Sea Salt, dark chocolate – Midnight Mocha, extra dark chocolate – Mate & Nibs, extra dark chocolate

Price: $36.99

Buy the The Tea Room Chocolate Company 12 Organic Chocolate Fusion Bars here.

5. Kindle Oasis

If you want to get your BFF a truly spectacular gift, the Kindle Oasis is perfect. Whether your friend is a bookworm who loves to read every new release, or a audiobook lover who prefers to listen to their books, this latest and greatest Kindle model is made for them. The Oasis has Audible and Bluetooth built in to make buying and listening to audibooks easy. This is the largest Kindle with the highest resolution on the market, and it has an easy-grip design that makes it much more user friendly than previous Kindles. This gift will really show your best friend how much you love them on Christmas!

Price: $249.99

Buy the Kindle Oasis here.

6. Giant Teddy Bear

Here is a funny gifts for best friends, especially if you have known them since childhood. We tend to get mushy when we give gifts to our besties, wanting them to be super perfect and memorable, but sometimes the best gift is just a nice, big laugh! This gigantic teddy bear is the largest one out there, weighing in at almost 50 lbs and measuring over seven and a half feet tall. You can either wrap this teddy up in a gigantic box and let your friend open it, or you can also surprise them by leaving Mr. Bear on their couch or in their bedroom when they are not looking. If your friendship has a lto of humor in it, this is a great gift!

Price: $119.95

Buy the Giant Teddy Bear here.

7. Peak Design Everyday Tote Bag

Practical gifts are great to give and receive on Christmas, and when we receive so many fluffy, cutesy, or sugary gifts from friends and family members it is especially nice to get something that is actually useful! This tote bag from Peak Design is as practical as it is attractive. It is designed with photographers in mind, but the features included in its design are great for everyone. First of all, this is a seriously durable bag and it stands up to rough use.

This heavy duty tote comes with two FlexFold dividers that allow for internal compartmentalization and gear stacking. The bag also has dual side access to easily access internal subcompartments while carrying the bag on your shoulders. The top has an easy-open magnetic closure, and it comes with a key tether to keep your keys safe. This bag can also be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder with its adjustable straps. It is travel ready and airline approved for carry-on, and comes with a seamless and sturdy luggage strap for travel. This bag can even be used as a durable, roomy diaper bag for new moms and dads!

Price: $189.95

Buy the Peak Design Everyday Tote Bag here.

8. Dot One DNA Test Kit: DNA-Personalized Art Print

Here is another fantastic gifts for best friends who love art, science or both! This kit allows your best friend to send in a sample of DNA from saliva, and receive back a completely customized art print based on his DNA results. Your bestie can choose the colors in their print, so it will fit in with the decor in their home or their favorite color preferences. They will also receive a personalized booklet containing information about 33 unique DNA traits that are individual to each person. With this Helix kit they also get access to more DNA products related to fitness, nutrition, entertainment and more. This would be a super fun gift for your best friend to learn more about themselves!

Price: $149.99

Buy the Dot One DNA Test Kit: DNA-Personalized Art Print here.

9. The HomeMade Gin Kit

The Home Made Gin Kit is an excellent gifts for best friends who enjoy a nice drink, and appreciate artisinal flavor. This kit makes one 750mL bottle of homemade gin. It includes all of the herbs needed to infuse plain liquor into gin, including juniper berries and a secret botanical blend. It also includes two 375 mL bottles for infusing, a fine stainless steel strainer and funnel. If your BFF loves to DIY, this is a great gift that they will really enjoy.

Price: $47.95

Buy the The HomeMade Gin Kit here.

10. NCYP Large Handmade Irregular Prism Glass Geometric Terrarium

This is a beautiful gift that your best friend will love if he or she is into home decor and great design. This hand made terrarium from NCYP is a nice size at 16 inches, so it can fit a nice tall succulent or other plant, or even just a still life arrangement if your BFF does not have a green thumb. It even looks great empty! This terrarium will add instant style to their home or apartment, and if your friend has recently moved it can be a perfect gift to help warm their new home. This is a custom made piece of art so it will require between three to five days for shipment.

Price: $78.99

Buy the NCYP Large Handmade Irregular Prism Glass Geometric Terrarium here.

10. Best Bitches Bracelets

Here is a different take on best friend jewelry. Instead of matching necklaces with half a heart each, you and your bestie get to wear these stylish silver cuffs to show your love for one another. Each bracelet is hand stamped in San Diego and one of a kind. They are adjustable by squeezing the sides as well.

Price: $55

Buy the Best Bitches Bracelets here.

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