Top 10 Best Christmas Table Decorations 2017

From friendly dinner parties to family celebrations, when people get together over the holidays it’s all about the table. In fact, next to the Christmas tree, the holiday table is probably the most central piece to any seasonal celebration. So given its importance, you should definitely make an effort to add some special style to yours this year. The great thing about it though is that a little effort goes a long way. Even a tablecloth in festive colors is an easy way to perk up a space, and shows that you’re paying attention to details for your guests. Heck, even if you don’t end up hosting a single event, having a piece of holiday decor that you love is a nice way to bring extra cheer to your every day.

Beyond tablecloths, there are so many fantastic and affordable ways to decorate your table for the holidays. There are traditional pieces that can become new family heirlooms. There are trendy items that will work for a year or two. There are even unique items that everyone will beg for the details on. Whatever your style and budget, you can create a special holiday table you’ll be sad to put away after the new year. So let’s embrace that inner Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines and check out some of the best holiday table decor pieces available for 2017. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Miniko Santa Claus Hat Chair Covers Set

holiday table decor, chair covers, santa


Ho, ho, ho. How adorable are these? This set of four chair covers is a fun and different way to bring color and cheer to your dining room. Each cover is made of felt-like fabric and measures 26 inches by 24 inches, which makes it suitable to fit most standard armless dining chairs. Just slip the cover over the top of the chair and work it down to fit to get total front-to-back coverage. This set is the perfect touch to liven up the kids table at your next family shindig, as every little one will surely jump to claim their Santa-clad seat.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Miniko Santa Claus Hat Chair Covers Set here.

2. Hever Santa Claus Placemat Set

holiday table decor, placemats, santa placemats


Here’s the perfect complement to the Santa chair covers noted above. These cotton-blend Santa Claus placemats are a standard size, and emulate the man in red holding onto his famous gold-buckle belt. The design is as functional as it is cute too. One of the green Santa gloves is meant to hold utensils and the other one is for a napkin. Young kids will love enjoying mealtime and even snack time with their new table accessory. Perhaps they’ll even sit in place a little longer, with this extra little reminder that Saint Nick is always watching.

Price: $12.88-$18.88

Buy the Hever Santa Claus Placemat Set here.

3. Banberry Designs LED Lighted Acrylic Christmas Tree Set

holiday table decor, christmas tree, lighted tree


Add elegant glow to your table with these Banberry Designs LED Lighted Acrylic Christmas Tree Sets. You can choose from a set of three, six or even 12. A dozen color-changing trees would create a lovely holiday forest on a larger dining table or even make a dynamic statement on a smaller one. The larger set is also allows you to break up the pieces around the house too. The set options and pricing makes this selection an excellent gift pick for white elephant parties and family gift exchanges too.

Price: $15.99-$69.99

Buy the Banberry Designs LED Lighted Acrylic Christmas Tree Set here.

4. Generic Christmas Elf Table Leg Covers

holiday table decor, elf feet, funny


Cute with just the right amount of kitsch, these elf table leg covers will have everyone asking you to share where you found them. They’re super inexpensive, but feature nice quality and details with a striped shafts, pom poms at the ankles and curved toes. Each elf leg is stretchy so that it can slip easily over most table leg sizes. It also has a red tie around the top so that you can tighten it up to keep from slipping down through the whole season.

Price: $3.95

Buy the Generic Christmas Elf Table Leg Covers here.

5. Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Printed Tablecloth

holiday table decor, holiday tablecloth, Christmas tablecloth


Traditional and inviting, this holiday tablecloth will be a piece you’ll pull out year after year. It features a print of red, green and gold ribbon interspersed amongst holly and Christmas tree branches on a cotton and polyester blend fabric. The fabric itself feels silky and durable, but make sure you wash it in a delicate, cold setting after mealtime. This beauty is also available in five sizes, including round and runner, so no matter what size your table, you’ll be able to set an elegant scene. Complete the look with the matching napkins, too.

Price: $19.99-$24.40

Buy the Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Printed Tablecloth here.

6. SmartCoco Mini Christmas Tree Set

holiday table decor, mini Christmas trees


There’s nothing more classic than sparkling Christmas tree decor. This four-piece set allows you to the option of splitting them up around your house or lining them up down the center of your table for a fun and striking look. Each color tree has different holiday pieces and ornaments as well. The red one has presents, the silver one has stars, the gold has leaves and pine cones, and the blue has blue poinsettias. You can also choose to buy each color tree individually if you’d prefer a more cohesive look.

Price: $11.99

Buy the SmartCoco Mini Christmas Tree Set here.

7. LampLust Mini Holographic Star Lantern Set

holiday table decor, holiday lanterns, min lighted lanterns


Sophisticated and warm, this set of mini lighted lanterns is perfect for a chic holiday dinner party. While each lantern is made of plastic, no one would ever know from the nicely done metallic finish and sweet cut-out details. There’s a single LED light housed inside that’s long-lasting and safer than candles too. You can turn the light on and off as you like with the switch on the bottom. Batteries are included as well so these beautiful babies are ready right out of the box. Oh, and if silver is not really your style, this set is available in gold too. Get both to create a truly wow-worthy table for your guests.

Price: $24.99

Buy the LampLust Mini Holographic Star Lantern Set here.

8. Juvale Santa Sleigh Centerpiece

holiday table decor, sleigh centerpiece


This versatile piece gives you endless options when it comes to styling your Christmas table. You can fill it with fresh seasonal or artificial flowers, Christmas candy, your favorite holiday stuffed characters, or even greeting cards. It’s also made of sturdy wood with a scrolled steel base, and is finished off with a brown faux fur trim, burlap ribbon and gold jingle bells at the front. It’s a sleigh display that Santa himself would surely be envious of.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Juvale Santa Sleigh Centerpiece here.

9. LampLust Silver Flameless Candles Set

holiday table decor, silver candles


Glittery and glowy, these silver pillar candles also have a slightly birch tree feel to them. The metallic wax makes them feel like the real deal too, while the LED keeps things safe. The set even comes with an eight-function remote that allows you to choose different light settings and set a timer for when you want them to turn off. Batteries are included, so you won’t have to worry about that either. This is definitely a more modern, stylish, and functional way to do holiday decor. Plus, it also comes in gold and ivory.

Price: $25.99

Buy the LampLust Silver Flameless Candles Set here.

10. Fun Express Gingerbread Train

holiday table decor, gingerbread train


Embrace the child inside and choo, choo, choose this adorable gingerbread train as your holiday decor centerpiece. We think it would be extra cute used for a dessert table too with its cheerful snowman conductor and gingerbread passengers. It’s composed of three different, intricately detailed resin train car pieces, attached by a black resin chain. From the engine car’s cute red and white smoke spiraling up and out, to the center car’s message of “Merry Christmas,” to the Christmas tree and snowflake detailed wheels, this is a charming keepsake you’ll always treasure.

Price: $25.03

Buy the Fun Express Gingerbread Train here.

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