Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls of 2018

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Being a teenage girl can be a struggle, but shopping for one doesn’t have to be.

As a teen, you’re basically walking the line of nearly being an adult and still being a child–and when you’re buying for them you have to walk the line of buying of an adult and buying gifts for a child. Sound impossible? It really does, doesn’t it? Luckily, you’re not alone and the world has adapted accordingly with gifts that fit those pivotal but complicated years. Even if it sometimes seems like they’re speaking a different language, remember: we’ve all been 15 years old.

There are a lot of messages thrown at teens today to act, look, and be a certain way. Receiving a thoughtful, unique gift might not erase all those school and social pressures that you couldn’t pay me to repeat–but it makes a difference. It sends the message that she is loved and she is thought of. You’re clearly already halfway there if you’re reading this. Now let’s take a look at the best gifts for teen girls and figure out which is best for the teenager in your life.

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1. Best Jewelry Gift for Teen Girls: Sterling Silver Wish Necklace With Real Dandelion Seed

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl

Angela Max

When you were little and made wishes on dandelion puffs, you believed you could do or become anything you wanted. Capture the hopes and dreams of making wishes on dandelions with this necklace by Angela Max. A single real dandelion seed is encased in a delicate glass oval, making it look like it’s floating on the breeze. It comes with a gift box, 24 inch silver chain, and “Wish” pendant. Because it’s a real dandelion seed, each necklace will be unique in the world. This pendant is a reminder of those times when we knew anything was possible and a way to carry the wishes we made with us, guiding us to keep working toward them. This is a perfect gift for the teen with big dreams and anyone who is trying to find their place in the world.

Price: $9.89

Buy the Silver Wish Necklace With Real Dandelion Seed here.

2. Best Electronics Gift for Teen Girls: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Gift Bundle

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


We’ve swung so far into the digital age that cameras that take physical photos are coming back in style. But forget the bulky Polaroids some of us grew up with, the Instax Mini 9 from Fujifilm is compact, colorful, and trendy. Give the gift of being able to instantly print memories and hang them on your wall like you did as a kid. This gift bundle takes the Ice Blue Instax Mini 9, which you can buy by itself for $79, and throws in all the extras a teenager could want.

The bundle includes the matching camera case with detachable shoulder strap, matching 64 slot photo album, two 20 packs of film, batteries, 10 colorful frames with hanging clips and twine, five plastic frames, selfie lens, four colored lenses for various filters, 60 sticker frames, and two colored pens to decorate your photos. This is nearly endless hours of fun and laughing with their friends. The camera and this package are also available in flamingo pink, cobalt blue, lime green, and smokey white.

Price: From $129.95

Buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 here.

3. Best Purse Gift for Teen Girls: Harry Potter Hybrid Mini Handbag

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


It’s fair to say over half the population under 35 love two things: handbags and Harry Potter. The Harry Potter universe is filled with wonder and has touched a generation somewhere deep when it was exactly what we needed. It’s a tiny escape to a world full of magic and characters that stood up for what’s right even when it was hard. This purse is for the Harry Potter fan who doesn’t want just another bag that says “Harry Potter” on it. The faux leather mini purse is covered in Harry Potter references including Platform 9 3/4 , the seal of Hogwarts, and footprints from the Marauder’s Map hidden on the back side. This will have them excitedly turning the bag all over finding all the different stamps. It’s on the small side, closer to a clutch or wallet than a large bag. It has an attached ID holder with slots for 11 cards. The chain accented shoulder strap is very on trend for this winter and Spring 2018.

Price: $26.54 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Harry Potter Hybrid Mini Handbag here.

4. Best Practical Gift for Teen Girls: Anker PowerCore 20100 External Phone Charger Power Bank

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


If you wanted to go a tiny more practical, this phone power bank is a gift that will make their life easier and help you sleep better at night. We rely more on our phones now than in any other time. I’m right on the cusp in that I grew up without a cell phone, but since college I’m basically lost without one. At the same time, smartphone batteries seem like they have shorter lives than ever. If there’s an extended power outage, that phone isn’t going to last as long as you need it to (I speak from experience here) and if their car breaks down, having a working phone is more important than ever.

This power bank by Anker allows you to charge an iPhone 7 over six times and a Galaxy S5 five times. It’s only about the size of an average smartphone so it’s easy to throw in your bag or keep in a dorm room. There are two charger ports so there’s even space for her and her friends to charge up at the same time. We’re always wishing we had more battery power, so here’s a gift that gives her more texting time and helps to keep her safe. The Anker PowerCore also available in white.

Price: $41.99

Buy the Anker PowerCore 20100 External Phone Charger Power Bank here.

5. Best Beauty Tools Gift for Teen Girls: Three Swords Exclusive 8-Piece Manicure Set

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl

Three Swords

Everyone needs a good manicure kit to take care of our hands for our health and because neat looking fingernails are a must to look professional. Nearly all the manicure sets you’ll find in drugstores are cheap, Asian made alloy metals that get dull in no time and rust. The best and longest lasting tools are made by artisans in Solingen, Germany. This set from Three Swords was featured as the “Best Cheap German-Made Manicure Set” in my guide to the best manicure sets and kits. It’s good Solingen nickel-plated stainless steel and includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors, fingernail clipper, toenail clipper, tweezers, sapphire nail file, nail pusher/cleaner, and a hoofstick which is a tool to tidy and shape your cuticles. To keep the price down, the clippers are not German-made, but you can pick up a set of Three Swords Nail Clippers for under $6 and swap them out if you want, or check out my best manicure sets and kits for the top sets available today. If plaid’s not her color, this set is available in seven colors including red, polka dots, and black ostrich.

Price: $26.90

Buy the Three Swords Exclusive 8-Piece Manicure Set here.

6. Best Smartphone Accessory Gift for Teen Girls: Tech Tattz USB Charger Stickers

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


Have some fun with these vinyl stickers for iPhone. These skins fit over their plugs and USB cords to customize their cords, help keep them organized, and keep them from getting confused with other people’s chargers. There are 13 different options including kiwi, kitten with yarn, puppy with bone, and flowers.

Price: $2.99

Buy the Tech Tattz USB Charger Stickers here.

7. Best Unique Gift for Teen Girls: Terrarium Necklace With Live Succulents & Cacti

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl

WearIt Co

For something really unique, pick out one of these Terrarium Necklaces. This clear bell jar dome contains a real cactus or succulent that’s alive. You can wear a live, growing plant. Each necklace comes with a card with care instructions, which are very few, a character car magnet of your species of cactus, and a two week plant health guarantee. It’s potted in a moss base that can be dipped in shallow water when the cactus needs a drink. Your plant can live in this necklace for three to four months until it starts to outgrow your terrarium. Then you can re-pot your plant and keep growing it. There are many plant species to choose from including Baby’s Necklace Succulent, Copper King Cactus, Coral Cactus, and Snowball Cactus.

Price: $7.99

Buy the King Copper Cactus Terrarium Necklace here.

8. Best Cute Gift for Teen Girls: Ursky Mermaid Blanket With Necklace & Tote

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


There’s no nicer way to get cozy this winter than with a mermaid blanket. They’re warm, comfortable, and remind you that summer and beach days are on the way. This crochet blanket by Ursky has a unique scallop scale pattern and fringe tail. The alternating blue and orange stripes stand out from other single-color mermaid blankets and give it a more realistic look. The blanket is a one-size-fits-all type of thing that is 71 inches long so if you’re buying for a young teen, they won’t grow out of it which is nice. The fin end of the blanket isn’t sewn closed like in some designs so your feet have more room to move around and be comfortable. It also comes with a mermaid necklace and mermaid tote bag, so you’re getting three gifts for the price of one. This blanket is machine washable (low temperature for washer and dryer) and it’s recommended you give it a wash before its first use.

Price: From $19.96

Buy the Ursky Mermaid Blanket With Necklace & Tote here.

9. Best Makeup Gift for Teen Girls: Shany Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


Whether the one on your list loves makeup or making their own jewelry, everyone needs more organization. I have featured Shany cases in my guides to the best rolling makeup cases and best train cases for makeup. The accordion trays of this case open up to two bins, a large mirror, and an open storage space at the bottom for bigger items. The interior is spill-proof and easy to clean after the inevitable broken eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. This case is cruelty-free and comes in 14 colors including this peacock blue, baby pink, gold, and zebra print. At nine inches long by six inches tall and six inches deep, it’s a perfect size for someone who is just starting to build up their makeup collection. If the person you’re buying for is already well on their way to having “too much makeup” (that’s not a thing), then check out some of the larger cases in my makeup case guides.

Price: From $27.95

Buy the SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror here.

10. Best No-Fail Gift for Teen Girls: Gift Card

gifts for teenage girls, Christmas gifts for teens, christmas gifts teen girl, gift ideas teenage girl


Let’s face it, you’re always going to be safe giving them the gift they’ve always wanted: the ability to buy stuff for themselves. Gift cards are exciting to receive because those items you’ve been pining after and either not able to afford or you’ve been resisting splurging, you can finally buy and that’s a great feeling. I’ve never felt like gift cards are too impersonal and for teenagers especially they are possibly the ideal gift. This card comes in a classic black gift box and in any denomination from $25 to $2000. You can also send an eGift Card that goes directly to their email and is available instantly.

Price: From $25

Buy the Gift Card here.

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