Top 10 Best Christmas Place Cards 2017

If you plan on hosting a more formal Christmas dinner, you’ll want to make sure you table decorations are on point. Of course you can start with Christmas placemats and napkins, but one way to really elevate your tablescape is by using place cards.

Place cards serve a few different functions. If your guests aren’t all familiar with each other, place cards are a nice way to help everyone learn each other’s names. If you’re hosting strictly family, place cards can be a fun way to mix up the family as the cards assign seats for people. Plus, place cards make everyone feel fancy and important, so your guests will leave feeling extra loved.

The place cards in the list below are all blank, allowing you to write in your guests names. Now, formal place card etiquette insists that you write out a person’s full name (i.e. Andrew instead of Andy) and that you include Mr., Mrs., etc. If you know your cousin Steve is bringing a guest but you don’t know the guest’s name, it’s okay and proper to write “Guest of Steve.” While being formal can be fun, it’s also totally cool to keep things casual with the place cards and write out the names you’re used to calling people (i.e. Nana or Uncle Eddie). If you’re not sure what to do, think about the usual vibe of your party and guests, and go with that.

If you don’t want to use place cards to mark spots at your dining table, you could use place cards to identify different foods along the buffet line or snack table. This is an especially good idea if you’re hosting a potluck, as sometimes it can be hard to know what a dish is if you didn’t make it yourself. Plus, amongst a sea of crock pots and cookie plates, a few place cards can add a nice festive touch.

Below is our breakdown of the best Christmas place cards, listed in no particular order.

1. Best Snowflake Place Cards: Fun Express Snowflake Place Cards

christmas place cards, snowflake place cards

Fun Express

Keep things clean and simple with these white place cards that have small silver snowflakes printed around the edges. The place cards come in a pack of 24, so there should be plenty of cards for your dinner, and maybe even enough left over to use at next year’s Christmas. The cards are four inches by 1.5 inches and are made with paper, so it’s recommended that you use a permanent marker for writing down names. The white, simple nature of the place cards goes well with dining tables that have a lighter look, especially if you have a snowflake theme. These place cards are also tented, so you don’t need place card holders.

Price: $5.95

Buy the Fun Express Snowflake Place Cards here.

2. Best Nutcracker Place Cards: Caspari Nutcracker Christmas Place Cards

christmas place cards, nutcracker place cards


Nutcrackers are fun to decorate with at Christmas time, as they are a little bit quirky, but still have a traditional look. These cards are 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches so they are on the bigger side, and they are also die cut so they provide a three-dimensional look on your table. No place card holders are needed, as these have a tented design that keeps the cards upright. The cards are available in packs of eight and 16, so you can choose what’s best for your party. Be sure to pair the cards with some of these fun nutcracker decorations to complete the look.

Price: $4.99 for eight, $15.99 for 16

Buy the Caspari Nutcracker Christmas Place Cards here.

3. Best Simple Christmas Place Cards: Stationery Creations Red Place Cards

christmas place cards, red place cards

Staionery Creations

If your dining table is looking a little busy, you may want to tone things down with a plain place card. These place cards have a white center and a red border, so they are very simple and will blend in with any classic Christmas decorations. The white space on the front allows for plenty of room to write down a name, so it’s ideal if you have big handwriting, or guests with longer names. You can choose between a flat style or tent style place card, and each style is available in packs of 10 or 50. The flat style cards have a solid red back, and the tented cards have solid red on the inside which provides a nice pop of color. Because the place cards are just red and white, these would also look cute paired with candy cane decorations.

Price: $5.99 and up, depending on card style and amount

Buy the Stationery Creations Red Place Cards here.

4. Best Poinsettia Place Cards: KokoPaperCo Poinsettia Place Cards

christmas place cards, poinsettia place cards


This set of 50 place cards is ideal for those who love to decorate with poinsettias. The plain white place cards have a poinsettia, holly, and pine floral design at the bottom of the cards which provides a pretty, festive touch. No place card holders are needed as these are tent style cards, and they fold to be 3.5 inches long and two inches tall. The cards are also pre-scored, which makes it easy to fold them evenly. You also don’t have to worry about ink smearing as you write on the cards, as they are made with premium heavy card stock. The poinsettia place cards are designed and made in the USA.

Price: $12.98

Buy the KokoPaperCo Poinsettia Place Cards here.

5. Best Ugly Sweater Place Cards: Oriental Trading Company Ugly Sweater Place Cards

christmas place cards, ugly sweater place cards

Oriental Trading Company

Ugly sweater parties are a common Christmas party theme, and for good reason. Everyone has an ugly sweater in their closet, and it’s fun to dress a little crazy and loosen up over the holiday season. If you’re hosting an ugly sweater party, you have to outfit your table with these ugly sweater place cards. Shaped like actual sweaters, the cards are tent style and have a white band in the middle for writing down names or food items. There are 24 cards within the pack, and each is five inches by 2.5 inches when unfolded. The place cards are made with card stock, so unlike your old sweater that may be getting ratty, these cards will hold up to lots of use.

Price: $4.49

Buy the Oriental Trading Company Ugly Sweater Place Cards here.

6. Best Snowy Village Place Cards: KokoPaperCo Snowy Village Christmas Place Cards

christmas place cards, snowy village place cards


Set the scene of a winter wonderland at your dining table with these snowy village place cards. The background of the cards has red, pine trees, and houses, and the forefront of the card is white snow (also where you write down the name of your guest). The set comes with 50 place cards, so there are enough to mark spots for your guests at the table, as well as label food dishes, or use at future Christmas events. The cards are made in the USA, and they come pre-scored so folding is a breeze.

Price: $12.98

Buy the KokoPaperCo Snowy Village Christmas Place Cards here.

7. Best Christmas Tree Place Cards: Caspari Christmas Tree Place Cards

christmas place cards, christmas tree place cards


Bring the Christmas tree into your dining room with these cute Christmas tree place cards. The cards have a die cut Christmas tree on top, so they provide a little bit of height alongside your flat tableware. There is a big white box in the center of the card so there is plenty of space to fill in a name, and there is a cute, Christmas flower border to add a little color. The cards are tented, so no place card holders are needed. Whether you’re hosting a small get together or a larger dinner party, there are two set sizes available: pack of eight, and pack of 16.

Price: $4.50 for eight, $15.99 for 16

Buy the Caspari Christmas Tree Place Cards here.

8. Best Holly Place Cards: Documents and Designs Holly Swirl Place Cards

christmas place cards, holly place cards

Documents and Designs

These Christmas place cards have more of a formal feel, as they have holly on the bottom with a delicate swirl pattern. The design is printed on heavyweight card stock, and they are pre-cut and scored which makes for quick and easy folding. After folding, the cards measure at 4.5 inches wide and two inches tall, so they are long enough to fit a full name if needed. The set includes 25 place cards, so it’s perfect for a larger dinner party.

Price: $15

Buy the Documents and Designs Holly Swirl Place Cards here.

9. Best Blue Christmas Place Cards: J&J’s ToyScape Snowflake Christmas Place Cards

christmas place cards, blue place cards

J&J’s ToyScape

If you love to decorate with snowy blues, silvers, and whites, these Christmas place cards will be the perfect addition to your table. The all blue place cards have white snowy specks, as well as a large white snowflake in the corner of the card. When folded, the cards measure at four inches long and 1.5 inches tall, so they are long and narrow. This set includes 12 place cards, so they’re just the right size for a smaller dinner party. Be sure to use a white pen when writing on the cards so that you can easily see the names.

Price: $5.99

Buy the J&J’s ToyScape Snowflake Christmas Place Cards here.

10. Best Christmas Chalkboard Place Cards: Shindigz Christmas Chalkboard Label Stands

christmas place cards, chalkboard place cards


This set of place cards is ideal for those who are chalkboard-obsessed. The cards have a chalkboard center and are surrounded with a candy cane stripe border, so they look cute and festive placed on your table or near your food dishes. The cards are made from paper and measure at 2.3 inches by 3.3 inches. The set comes with eight cards, so you may need to order two packs if you’re having a larger party. To complete the chalkboard look, be sure to use a chalkboard marker.

Price: $10.96

Buy the Shindigz Christmas Chalkboard Label Stands here.

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