Top 10 Best Digital Xmas Gifts: Send & Receive Instantly

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It’s down to the wire. Unless you’re heading out today and tomorrow to brave the late-shopping masses, fight over parking spaces, and contemplate the very nature of gift giving in a retail-induced existential crisis, your options are relatively limited at this point. Unless you live in select cities, getting something shipped in time for Monday is almost out of the question.

That said, desperation needn’t be the only reason you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift that can be delivered digitally. For one thing, if you want to send the kind of gift that subtly acknowledges the recipient, but isn’t over the top or obtrusive, you can log on and send one of these gifts at any point during your festivities. Or let’s say you’re caught up in the loving, giving mood and just want to spread some more joy. Drop a few of these instantly-deliverable gifts into the inboxes of friends and family around the world as you’re tucking into the Christmas roast.

For example, if you have a guitarist in your life and didn’t have a chance to scope out any effects pedals, you could drop them an EarthQuaker Devices gift certificate. Or maybe you couldn’t decide which of our best new album selections to give. Bandcamp now offers gift cards to let them choose.

Electronic gift cards are one of the best ways to give because they’re so convenient for everyone involved. With a little planning and thought, you can give something that offers up a unique experience, as we will get into below.

While you’re shopping, be sure to toss on your favorite Christmas movie to keep you in the mood to give.

Whether you’re scrambling to finish your shopping for the year or just want to send a little more love on Christmas day, here are the top ten best digital Christmas gifts.

1. Kindle Books

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Did you know you can send any Kindle book as a gift? From the book’s detail page, just look for the ‘Give as a Gift’ button and specify their email address during checkout. The recipient doesn’t need to have an actual Kindle e-reader to use it, as the Kindle app for both iPhone and Android devices will allow them to read whatever you send them. We previously suggested ten of the best new books, virtually all of which are available for Kindle. Lovers of horror will enjoy Joe Hill’s new book Strange Weather, while non-fiction readers may go for my pick of the year, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib.

Price: Varies

Shop our best new books of 2017 here.

2. Fandango E-Gift Card

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


Lots of families make a tradition out of going to the movies on Christmas day. After the feast, there’s not much else to do, and there’s a possibility you’re already running out of things to talk about with your distant relatives. This gift isn’t only something they’ll use, but something they can use basically right away. Entertainment Weekly has a list of movies to see over Christmas, so you can include a suggestion in your message that accompanies the gift. If you know they go to a specific theater every time, you can give either an AMC Theatre or a Regal Cinemas gift card, or you can extend the movie bonanza by adding on a Netflix gift card.

Price: $25 to $100

Buy the Fandango Gift Card here.

3. App Store Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


Chances are good that someone on your list is receiving either an Apple or an Android device for Christmas this year. Help them get started on the platform of their choice by fueling their upcoming buying spree. Both Google Play and iTunes gift cards are available with email delivery.

Price: $25 to $200

Buy the Google Play Gift Code here.

4. Ridesharing E-Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


The holidays means traveling for many people. Whether it’s to and from the airport or navigating an unfamiliar city, you can show the people who make the trek that you appreciate them by gifting them some credit on the rideshare app of their choice. I definitely prefer Lyft, but Uber is also available, of course.

Price: $25 to $200

Buy the Uber E-mail Delivery Gift Card here.

5. E-Gift Card

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts

If the person on your list loves to travel, get them started on their 2018 travel goals with this gift card. This could also work either as a New Year’s Eve plan or to let them book their return holiday trip for next year (since you’re such a charming host, after all). Even if they just have it on hand in case of an unforeseen emergency, almost anyone can make use of this gift. Along those same lines, there are Airbnb digital gift cards, as well.

Price: $25 to $500

Buy the Gift Card here.

6. Gap Options E-Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


The post-Christmas shopping season is filled with gift card redemptions as people look to complement gifts they received on the big day. This is especially true for clothing, as you might receive one or two pieces, but may need something else to complete an outfit. This gift card gives the recipient the ability to choose among any of the Gap, Inc. brands, redeemable at Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Old Navy.

Price: $25 to $100

Buy the Gap Options E-Gift Card here.

7. Beauty E-Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


Along the same lines as the above, people planning for the new year or even just the coming New Year’s Eve party may need a new lipstick, some dry shampoo, or any number of other fine cosmetics. Unless you know exactly what they use, it can be tough to give these items directly as gifts, so let them choose with either a Sephora or Ulta gift card delivered right to their email.

Price: $25 to $200

Buy the Sephora E-Gift Card here.

8. Guitar Center E-Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts

Guitar Center

Didn’t choose a gift for your musician in time? No problem. Send them a gift certificate to Guitar Center, which will give them enough cash for some essentials or for the last chunk they need for their new expensive piece of gear.

Price: $25 to $100

Buy the Guitar Center E-Gift Card here.

9. StubHub E-Gift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


Gifting experiences can be tricky. For one thing, you have to be aware of when things like concerts and sporting events are happening whether you follow them or not. For another, you have to keep track of what the recipient likes, what team they love, or when they’re available to go. You can still give them the gift of an in-person event with this StubHub gift certificate. Great for sports, music, and live theater or comedy. For best results, consider pairing with the gift certificate above.

Price: $25 to $100

Buy the StubHub E-Gift Cards here.

10. eGift Cards

email gifts, digital gifts, instant gifts


If all else fails, you can still show someone you’re thinking of them on Christmas day by sending along an Amazon egift. This works not only for letting them pick from the incredibly vast selection of products for themselves, but you may also in turn help them complete their holiday shopping if they use their gift to buy any of the gifts we’ve outlined above. There’s basically no way a person couldn’t make use of this, so consider it the safe backup.

Price: $25 and up

Buy the eGift Cards here.

If you don’t need the gift to be here in time for Christmas day itself, we have lots of great ideas from our whole team in our Gifts category.

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