Pastor Appreciation Month: Best Pastor Appreciation Gifts 2018

pastor appreciation gift

Pastors are amazing. Not only do they prepare multiple sermons every week, they meet with people, lead prayers and Bible studies, and may even head up the worship team. Bottom line, pastors are extremely selfless human beings and don’t get near enough respect that they deserve.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so why not show your pastor some appreciation with a thoughtful gift? It doesn’t have to be something Christian or inspirational (although of course those are very fitting), just something that shows your pastor that you are thinking of them and are thankful for all they do. Whether you are shopping for a senior pastor, associate pastor, or youth pastor, there are plenty of gift options in the list below that are sure to show your pastor you care.

Read on for our list of the best pastor appreciation gifts, listed in no particular order.

1. Cottage Garden Woodgrain Music Box

pastor appreciation gift

Cottage Garden

This is a more sentimental pastor appreciation gift, as it’s a music box that includes a personal message and plays “How Great Thou Art.” The lid on the box has two panes, one that says, “To Our Pastor” and one that says, “Thank you for teaching us the word or our Lord. Through you…we are led to Him.” The message could also be replaced with photos later on, as the message is removable. The inside of the box contains the music components, but there is also enough space to store a few smaller items. The music box has a beautiful woodgrain detail that will look nice placed on a desk or shelf in your pastor’s office.

Price: $25.15

Buy the Cottage Garden Woodgrain Music Box here.

2. New Eights Christian Guitar Picks

pastor appreciation gift

New Eights

If your pastor also leads worship, these guitar picks make a cool, unique gift. The set of 12 picks includes six different designs, each with an inspiring Christian message on them such as “Jesus is my rock” and “How great is our God.” The medium sized celluloid guitar picks are .71 mm thick, so they are nice and sturdy and will hold up to lots of play. Multi-colored, the picks are different compared to standard guitar picks and will stand out amongst the worship team.

Price: $10.99

Buy the New Eights Christian Guitar Picks here.

3. Treasured Gifts by Dorinta Antique Bible Pages Glass Ornament

pastor appreciation gift

Treasured Gifts by Dorinta

It’s no question that pastors cherish the Bible. This pastor gift honors the sacred text by rescuing old Bibles and repurposing them by placing the pages in glass ornaments. The pages of worn Bibles that may otherwise be thrown away are cut and curled so they have an artistic look, then are placed inside of a glass ornament that can be hung on your tree. The ornament also comes with a curled hanger that has a cross attached to it, so the message of the ornament is clear. This is a great Christmas gift for a pastor that has everything.

Price: $21

Buy the Treasured Gifts by Dorinta Antique Bible Pages Glass Ornament here.

4. CafePress Youth Minister Unique Coffee Mug

pastor appreciation gift


Being a youth pastor takes a special kind of person, as you have to know tons of fun games, be engaging, and most importantly, love Jesus and be able to pass it on to young minds. Give the gift of caffeine to your youth pastor this Christmas with this funny youth pastor mug. The mug says, “Pray for me. My youth group is having another lock-in.” Anyone who grew up in the church knows that lock-ins are a staple of every youth group, and youth pastors are the ones who make it happen. Your youth pastor will not only appreciate the humor of the mug, they’ll also love that they have a new mug to consume gallons of coffee.

Price: $11.95

Buy the CafePress Youth Minister Unique Coffee Mug here.

5. Lighthouse Christian Products Pastor Pen

pastor appreciation gift

Lighthouse Christian Products

Between sermons, Bible studies, and church meetings, pastors take a lot of notes. This pen makes a thoughtful gift, as it’s much nicer than most pens and will get a lot of use. The pen has a woodgrain look and a gold clip, and has “Pastor Servant Leader” printed on the top of the pen. It comes packaged in a nice box that has 1 Thessalonians 1:3 printed on the inside, so extra wrapping isn’t really necessary. This makes a great pastor appreciation gift for someone who loves to write.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Lighthouse Christian Products Pastor Pen here.

6. Dicksons Inspirational Christian Bible Cube Tabletopper

pastor appreciation gift


Made of resin stoneware, this inspirational Bible cube makes a cool desk topper, paperweight, or shelf decoration. The cube is two inches by two inches by two inches, so it’s the perfect size to decorate with, and it’s neutral in color. Featuring scriptures from John 14:27, Matthew 19:26, Ephesians 2:8 and Proverbs 3:5, the cube provides a lot of inspiration and can be turned around to display whatever message is fitting for that day.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Dicksons Inspirational Christian Bible Cube Tabletopper here.

7. Verse for the Day 365 KJV Bible Verses

pastor appreciation gift

Verse for the Day

Give your pastor a gift that will last all year long with this verse of the day desk calendar. There is a new KJV verse on every page, so you can tear off the pages as you go throughout the year. Each of the pages has note paper on the back, giving your pastor the opportunity to write down notes or prayers that come to mind when reading the verse for that day. Each of the pages also has a beautiful, full-color image featuring an outdoor scene, so each page is filled with inspiring words and pictures. The calendar is specific to 2019, so it also helps you keep track of the days of the week.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Verse for the Day 365 KJV Bible Verses here.

8. Indica Jesus Saves Bro T-Shirt

pastor appreciation gift


This shirt is perfect for the cool pastor in your life, as it says “Jesus Saves Bro.” The shirt is made from 100% cotton so it’s soft and comfy to wear. It’s also pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking after the first wash. Sizes range from small to XXXL, and there are nine different color choices available.

Price: $7.99

Buy the Raxo Jesus Saves Bro T-Shirt here.

9. Personalized Gifts Psalm 28:7 Stainless Steel Pocket Knife

pastor appreciation gift

Personalized Gifts

This pastor appreciation gift is a little unconventional, but definitely useful. The folding pocket knife has “the Lord is my strength” laser engraved on the handle, so it’s a constant reminder that the Lord is always with you. The stainless steel blade is three inches long and has a serrated edge, and it opens and closes with ease. There is also a belt clip that makes it easy to attach the knife inside your pocket. The pocket knife is an unexpected gift, but one you can be sure your pastor will appreciate.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Personalized Gifts Psalm 28:7 Stainless Steel Pocket Knife here.

10. The Bible Reader’s Joke Book

pastor appreciation gift


Give the gift of humor to your pastor this Christmas with The Bible Reader’s Joke Book. The book includes more than 2,000 jokes, puns, funny stories and more, all related to specific passages and topics within the Bible. Everything is arranged according to the books of the Bible, so it makes it easy to reference a certain verse of topic. While your pastor will get a good laugh reading through some of the jokes and stories, they may even be able to work some of the content into their own sermons.

Price: $18.95

Buy the The Bible Reader’s Joke Book here.

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