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15 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

As Valentine’s Day comes around again, we’re inspired to think of our loved ones–but that doesn’t always have to mean romantic love. The bond you have with your best friend is one of the most beautiful things imaginable.

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  • I'm not getting down on romantic love, but that's what is so awesome about your relationship with your best friend: there's no romantic or sexual trajectory of your relationship (probably, but you do you), no one is throwing you big parties while you sign legal paperwork and vow to love each other, and you're probably not living together.

But despite all that, that bond is stronger than steel. You just like each other that much and that's all you need. You met a person, thought, "Wow, I enjoy this human more than others," and now you won't leave each other alone. And that's exactly it: the two of you know you'll never be alone.

That kind of love deserves some celebrating. This is your ride-or-die person. The one you can always turn to when romantic love doesn't work out.

I know I'm guilty of not always making enough of an effort to reach out to my friends because I have a built-in friend at home in my partner, so now's a good time to send them something special to let them know that when you hear that a holiday about the people you love is coming up, you think of them.

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