Top 20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

Gift ideas for valentines day gifts for best friend


As Valentine’s Day comes around again, we’re inspired to think of our loved ones–but that doesn’t always have to mean romantic love. The bond you have with your best friend is one of the most beautiful things imaginable.

I’m not getting down on romantic love, but that’s what is so awesome about your relationship with your best friend: there’s no romantic or sexual trajectory of your relationship (probably, but you do you), no one is throwing you big parties while you sign legal paperwork and vow to love each other, and you’re probably not living together. But despite all that, that bond is stronger than steel. You just like each other that much and that’s all you need. You met a person, thought, “Wow, I enjoy this human more than others,” and now you won’t leave each other alone. And that’s exactly it: the two of you know you’ll never be alone.

That kind of love deserves some celebrating. This is your ride or die person. The one you can always turn to when romantic love doesn’t work out.

I know I’m guilty of not always making enough of an effort to reach out to my friends because I have a built-in friend at home in my partner, so now’s a good time to send them something special to let them know that when you hear that a holiday about the people you love is coming up, you think of them.

If you’re feeling traditional and want to give your best friend Valentine the classic heart shaped box of chocolates, read my guide to the Best Valentine’s Day Candy Gifts and Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes to find something unique to surprise them with. But if you’re not sure what to get your best friend, I’ve got a list that covers you from sweet, to funny, to in case they hate Valentine’s Day, to tongue-in-cheek.

1. ‘You’re My Person’ Bracelet

Gold bangle bracelet that says youre my person as a best friend valentines gift


A girl duo that so many aspire to, Christina and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy are the twisted sisters of friend goals. There’s something so perfect about “you’re my person.” Sometimes it’s the simple and blunt things that cut right to the heart of the matter. Make sure your best friend knows that they’re your person this Valentine’s day with this bracelet. It’s an adjustable bangle made of stainless steel. The top of the bracelet state’s “You’re my person,” and the underside of the bracelet reads, “You will always be my person.” It comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. If your friend isn’t a bracelet person, you can also get this message on a vertical pendant necklace.

Price: $17.99

Buy the ‘You’re My Person’ Bracelet here.

2. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Book cover of Fifty Shades of Chicken with roast chicken tied up in twine


I will put out there from the start that I’m not a fan of these books or movies, but I know a good parody when I see one. If you know your best friend loves the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, and they aren’t vegetarian, crack them up with this cookbook by F.L. Fowler. (Which is a rather appropriate name for book about chicken. Fowler? Get it?) It’s a funny gift with cheeky, erotica-style recipes. The text of the recipes and little stories will have the two of you cracking up. As a parody book it’s clever, silly, suggestive, and a little kinky, but it’s also full of actually good recipes, which isn’t always the case with books like these. These dishes are worth cooking so your gag gift is also useful and that’s pretty rare. Fifty Shades of Chicken offers tongue-in-cheek recipes like Mustard-Spanked Chicken, Dripping Thighs, and Chicken Sub.

Price: $13.12 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook here.

3. R2-D2 & C-3PO Best Friends Necklace Set

Star Wars best friend necklace set for Valentines Day.


It’s a fun twist on the classic best friend hearts for friends who love to nerd out together. Celebrate each other and the cutest friendship in Star Wars with this pair of necklaces of R2-D2 and C-3PO, two droids who have been together for a very long time. The pendants are officially licensed by Star Wars so you know you’re not getting knock-off jewelry. The only problem is you’ll have to decide who is the sassy R2-D2 and who’s the peace-making C-3PO

Price: $35

Buy the R2-D2 & C-3PO Best Friends Necklace Set here.

4. Chocolate Significant Other

Valentines day chocolate Wonder Woman and chocolate man as best friend gifts


If one or both of you find yourselves to be single and not enjoying it this Valentine’s Day, consider giving them a chocolate significant other. I have here a Chocolate Wonder Woman and a Chocolate Man in his heart boxer shorts. They’re both solid chocolate and decorated with white chocolate. Sometimes when you’re feeling bummed out you need a surrogate for a little one–and one you can eat afterward isn’t terrible either. I wish I could have found a good gender neutral option, but the best I can do is these Chocolate Lips, so if you think your friend wishes they were being smothered in kisses this Valentine’s Day, give those a look.

Price: From $8.51

Buy the Chocolate Significant Other here.

5. Morse Code Bracelet With Secret Message

Black and white beaded bracelet gift with custom message


Your best friend knows things about you know one else does. You share secrets and have a huge stockpile of inside jokes that are only funny to the two of you. Make your gift something really special with a personalized bracelet. The artist uses beads to spell out your personal message in Morse code so only the two of you (and anyone who knows Morse code and gets all up in your bracelet) will know what it means. If you’re hoping to make your friend cry, this is a good choice.

Price: $22.95

Buy the Morse Code Bracelet With Secret Message here.

6. Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Kit

Gel nail kit by Gelish with led nail lamp, gel polish, and accessories


If your bestie loves getting their nails done, or would love to have their nails done more if it wasn’t so expensive, give them everything they need to do their own gel nails at home. I recently featured this in my Best Gel Nail Polish Kits because it comes with everything. It includes the Gelish Mini LED nail lamp, two full size Gelish gel polishes, three mini gel polishes, mini bottles of the Fantastic Four kit of Gelish base coat, top coat, bonder, and cuticle oil, as well as nail cleanser, nail polish remover, nail file, orange stick, and plastic cuticle pusher. You can spend the night in doing each other’s nails.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Kit here.

7. The Ideal Date Wine Glass

Stemless wine glass says I enjoy romantic walks down every isle at Target as best friend valentines gift


Let your best friend know that you really get them and understand what makes them happy. No amount of long stem roses and soft music can live up to the fun of killing two hours wandering around Target with your best friend. This cute, dishwasher safe, stemless wine glass is great for a good laugh and then perfect for a quiet drink after work, wishing you were at Target.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Ideal Date Wine Glass here.

8. 14 Karat Gold Infinity Ring

Gold friendship ring with infinity symbol as a best friend valentines gift


For some folks, your bestie is as important, or more important, than any romantic partner you’ve had or will have. If you’re looking to take this Valentine’s Day to let them know that you are going to be with them no matter what, consider a more traditional gift. This 14 karot gold ring sports an infinity symbol, showing that your friendship is never-ending. Through twists and turns and ups and downs, no matter what happens in the rest of your lives, you will always be the person they can call.

Price: $138

Buy the 14 Karat Gold Infinity Ring here.

9. DC Comics Bromance T-Shirt

Tan t shirt with Batman and Robin says Bromance as a best friend Valentines gift

DC Comices

When people talk about making sure you tell your best friends that you love them and giving them cute gifts, the conversation centers around the feminine, but masculine folks have best friends too. And women have best friends who are men. All this to say, showing love and appreciation to your best friends is gender neutral and I hope no one feels like letting your best friend know you’re grateful for them is too “girly.” Don’t be silly. Love is for all humans.

So if you’ve got a bromance going with your friend, get a good laugh out of them and let them know, though you may also have to fight over which one of you is Batman.

Price: From $13.26

Buy the DC Comics Bromance T-Shirt here.

10. Best Friends T-Rex Hoodies

Pair of black hoodies with T Rex dinosaurs trying to hug as best friend gift


Matching hoodies are great and all, but hoodies that create one complete picture together are way better. That’s what you and your best friend are to each other, anyway. More complete together. (Cue “aww” sounds.) On one side you’ve got a Tyrannosaurus Rex making a very reasonable Valentine’s request of, “Hug me.” On the other side, you’ve got the other T-Rex attempting to hold up long sticks in their tiny little arms to be able to give their friend a good hug. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s a hoodie so it’s comfy. It’s also something the two of you can share, knowing the other has it whenever you wear it, even if you live far apart or can’t see each other often. Plus there are loads of size combination options so you don’t have to get the two hoodies in the same size which is awesome.

Price: $52.99

Buy the Best Friends T-Rex Hoodies here.

11. Best Friend Cat Ears Necklace Set

Two necklaces in the shape of cat ears, one gold and one silver


Whether you’re bonding over cat ears, feminism, or your back up plan to own way too many cats when you get older, share these cats with your best friend for Valentine’s Day. The package comes with two cat ear necklaces, one in a gold tone and one in a silver tone. They’re a cute bestie necklace that isn’t obviously half of a set, but unmistakable when the two of you are together.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Best Friend Cat Ears Necklace Set here.

12. The Anti-Valentine’s Day Pack

Four bottles of colorful candy dust and gel for anti valentines day


Okay, but what if your best friend is feeling a little, let’s say, bitter? Maybe they’re coming off a hard breakup or maybe they simply hate Valentine’s day. They’re totally not alone. If they’re not the type where a cute shirt will cheer them up and more of a put on a horror movie where the cheating ex gets it type of person–go all in with this Anti-Valentine’s Day Pack of potions. It comes with two sweet powdered candies (Broken Heart Dust and Crushed Soul Ashes) and two liquid sour candies (Toxic Love Potion and My Ex’s Tears). It’s cute, it’s funny, and it solves your sugar cravings without being a romantic, mushy heart full of gamble chocolates.

Price: $12

Buy the The Anti-Valentine’s Day Pack here.

13. Monikers

Box of the game Monikers as a best friend Valentines gift


When your friend is having a hard time on Valentine’s Day, maybe the best thing to do is bring an activity to take their mind off of the unrealistic romantic pressures of society. If you enjoy the sensation of your face being in pain from laughing too hard, then you probably need Monikers. I have a lot of board games and this is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game. I bought this with my own money for the holidays and it’s fantastic. The game is simple to learn and starts out fun and familiar, but as you progress through the rounds it becomes more and more ridiculous. The best thing about Monikers is that it’s hilarious, but not embarrassing because it works. Playing charades can leave you feeling like you look stupid, but Monikers makes you feel like a champion.

Watch the video to learn how to play and about the forbidden fourth round. Trust me.

If your friend is down in the dumps, bring over this with a bottle of wine and you’ll laugh until you cry. I know the box says it’s for a minimum of four players, but I play it with two easily–just skip the teams aspect and play to beat the deck. I also bought Shut Up and Sit Down’s Nonsense Box expansion for Monikers, which is great and adds a ton of hilarious cards to choose from, especially if you’re fans of Shut Up and Sit Down.

Price: From $25

Buy Monikers here.

14. Pet Names Best Friends Rings

Two brass rings with offense pet names on them as a best friend Valentines gift

Team Neville

You and your best friend have a language that is specific to you. You have nicknames and pet names and inside jokes that are a special part of your relationship. Sometimes those pet names aren’t the sort of things you’ll find on a Hallmark card. I get that. Give your bestie a sign of affection in the cheekiest way possible with these handmade brass rings. Plus, if your friend’s a Supernatural fan, they’ll love this even more. They are made to order so you’ll want to allow a day or two for the artist to work their magics. They also offer an aluminum version of these pair of rings with the text hidden on the inside. You can also inscribe your own pet names with these custom rings.

Price: $20

Buy the Pet Names Best Friends Rings here.

15. You’re Stuck With Me T-Shirt

Grey shirt with two happy cacti and says Youre stuck with me as friend gift


Let them know that you’re with them through thick and thin (and spiky) with this cute t-shirt. Even if they’re not feeling lonely this holiday, everyone loves a reminder that they’re not alone and that they’ve got people who will always be there for them. Plus cacti are cute. This shirt runs a tiny bit small so order a size up if you tend to be on the edge of which size to order. It’s available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes, as well as in black, heather blue, heather grey, purple, and pink.

Price: $19.99

Buy the You’re Stuck With Me T-Shirt here.

16. Favorite Person Mug

Glass coffee mug that says Youre my favorite person as a best friend valentines gift


Your best friend is what it says on the tin: you think they are the best person you know. Tell them. Who wouldn’t love hearing that? This glass mug lays out nice and clear exactly how you feel about them in white lettering on both sides. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe as well as good for both hot and cold drinks.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Favorite Person Mug here.

17. Jack Black Shave Essentials Set

Set of three shaving products in bright blue tubes as valentines day gift

Jack Black

Skin care is a classic gift for any holiday, but is well-suited for Valentine’s Day in particular. If you’re best friend is happily single, this shave set is a great way to pamper themselves. If they’re attached or dating, this set can help them look their best for their partner. This three piece Shave Essentials set from Jack Black comes with their Glycolic Facial Cleanser with Kaolin clay and glycolic acid to remove dry, dead skin, their Supreme Shave Cream with macadamia nut oil, and Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 and blue algae extract. I bought myself the Jack Black Hand Healer last year and I’m loving this brand. They don’t use artificial fragrances or colors and their products are packed with botanical extracts and organic ingredients. Your friend will love how silky and luxurious their new skin care set feels.

Price: $25

Buy the Jack Black Shave Essentials Set here.

18. Riverdale Weirdo Best Friends Necklace Set

Two matching Riverdale necklaces that say weirdo as best friend valetines gift


Love Riverdale and Archie Comics? This pair of best friend necklaces are officially licensed and show that you two are weirdos to the end. You’ve got to find someone whose weird who matches your weird and then hang on tight. The gold necklace has a heart charm and the silver one sports Jughead’s crown. It’s also nice because despite what may be happening in the show, in the comics Jughead is asexual, so if your friend identifies as asexual or aromatic, this is a nice reminder that you love them as they are on a holiday that might not be the easiest for them to interface with.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Riverdale Weirdo Best Friends Necklace Set here.

19. Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift basket in a mini bathtub with bubble bath and scrubs as valentines gift


Everyone needs a spa day now and then and if you can’t get to a spa, you just have to turn your home into one. This cute gift basket comes in a little bathtub. It’s a mini claw-foot tub. I can’t handle that. It comes packed with bubble bath, shower gel, four bath bombs, bath crystals, shower poof, and exfoliating body scrub. They’re not huge products, but perfect for a spa night in of pampering and all of their products are cruelty-free which I appreciate. This tub comes in the scent Ocean Bliss (breezy, crisp, marine), but it’s also available in Jasmine and Rose (floral, fruity), and Lavender (floral, calming). It’s not a luxury brand, and even a little gimmicky, but it’s adorable and really shows that you want your friend to indulge in some self care. If your bestie has a taste for high-end, you may want to skip this and go for the AHAVA Dermud Body and Bath Salt Set.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Spa Gift Basket here.

20. Godiva Chocolatier Limited Edition 2018 Valentine’s Day Luxury Fabric Heart

Red fabric heart shaped box with embroided birds and filled with chocolates


It’s a classic, but for a reason. Sometimes a person just want someone to think of them enough to bring or send them a heart shaped box of chocolates. So if you’re going to buy them chocolates, do it right. Don’t just pick up some cheap chocolates from the grocery store or they may feel like it was an afterthought. Godiva is a great choice here because it’s familiar, but only as something you have when you’re treating yourself. Their Limited Edition 2018 Fabric Luxury Heart boxes come in 14 pieces and in 37 pieces. Both contain an assortment of Godiva’s indulgent dark, milk, and white Dutch chocolates. Check out my guide to the Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes for more options and some chocolate history. Just a note: the prices are going up on this limited edition run so grab it while you can.

Price: From $75

Buy the Godiva Chocolatier Limited Edition 2018 Valentine’s Day Luxury Fabric Heart here.

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