50 Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything (2018)

gifts for kids

Finding the perfect kid’s birthday gift can be next to impossible, especially if you’re dealing with a kid who has everything. But luckily, I’m well-versed in the art of finding great gifts for the little ones, thanks to my longtime tenure as a father, a long run managing a retail toy store, and over five years writing about toys under my belt.

So if you’re trying to find the best gifts for kids, I’ve got you covered for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, holiday toys, or just because gifts, chances are you’ll find something your kid will love in the list below.

In this list, you’ll find 50 great gift ideas for any budget, and it’s mostly aimed at younger children from ages 3 to 10 (although, you’ll certainly find some great options for 11-13 year olds as well). Read on and discover cool toys and the best gifts for kids who have everything:

1. Personalized Superhero Embroidered Cap and Mask Set

personalized kids gifts 2018 cape and mask

You can certainly go wrong with personalized childrens toys, as there are many low quality options available — many of which would require your child to have to fake a smile when they open it. But not this gift: the personalized Superhero Embroidered Cap and Mask Set. This set is super awesome. It comes with embroidery on the cape of your choosing, and there are many styles available. There’s a Spider-Man cape (admittedly unrealistic because Spider-Man doesn’t wear a cape, but still cool), a Flash cape, Wolverine, Darth Vader, Hulk, Batman, Robin, Superman, and more!

If you’re thinking about getting something that’s personalized, please skip the mug or pillowcase; the clear winner is a superhero cape.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Personalized Superhero Embroidered Set here.

2. Kids Fishing Pole by Plusinno

kids fishing pole

Going fishing with your kids is one of the many joys of being a parent, and getting a young child his/her own fishing pole makes a great gift for all occasions. Check out this Kids Fishing Pole set by Plusinno. It comes with a telescopic fishing rod, spincast reel, fishing line, various tackle options, and all of the things they’ll need to get started with the relaxing hobby.

Whether you’re going camping or want to take them on their first fishing trip and the local pond, a fishing pole is one of the best gifts for kids under 10 in 2018.

Price: $25.99-35.99

Buy the Kids Fishing Pole here.

3. Babiators Aces Navigator Sunglasses

aces babiator sunglasses

Give him/her the gift of style with Babiators: these ultra stylish sunglasses made just for kids. Now, you might be saying, “I can just go to Walmart and pick up a $5 pair of sunglasses for my kid”, and you’re right. However, Babiators set themselves apart by being of much higher quality than something you’d find at a big box retailer. Our personal choice is the Wicked White w/ Green Lenses style — your kid will look ultra cool wearing them.

Price: $16.98

Buy the Babiators Sunglasses here.

4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

best kids gifts 2018 vtech kidizoom

While the smart watch craze didn’t quite take-off in the adult world like Apple and Samsung might’ve hoped, it’s still a cool concept, especially to kids. VTech now has what’s called the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2, their second iteration of a child’s smartwatch. It’s super cool, too. It has two cameras on it for selfies and videos, tracks activity with active play challenges and a pedometer, and has some cool games on it (one of which is an augmented reality monster detector).

It’s one of the best gifts for kids in 2018, and it’s highly rated, with a 4.6 out of 5.0 star rating from over 200 customers on Amazon.

Price: $45.69 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 here.

5. Laser Maze (Class 1)

laser maze

The Laser Maze game is a brainteaser puzzle game that tasks your child with mirroring a laser line to get it from point A to point B using the game pieces provided. It’s a lot of fun, and there are 60 varying levels of challenging laser-bouncing challenges. Don’t worry — the laser is entirely safe for kids. The game will tickle his/her brain, providing a fun and challenging experience.

Price: $24.39 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Laser Maze here.

6. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

lego boost creative

Anything you’d buy for a kid’s gift that encourages creativity and thinking is a good gift option, and one of our favorites in the category is the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox. This is a building and coding kit for kids that comes with over 840 LEGO pieces, a LEGO Move Hub, an interactive motor, and a color and distance sensor.

It’s a 5-in-1 LEGO kit that works with the LEGO Boost App on a tablet/smartphone to teach the basics of coding through play.

Price: $159.95

Buy the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit here.

7. Kanoodle Extreme

kanoodle extreme

Educational Insights’ Kanoodle Extreme is a fun puzzle game that features 300 challenges in one small package. It features 2D, 3D and sliding 2D puzzles. There are varying degrees of challenges contained within, ranging from basic and simple to incredibly tough. With hundreds of possible combinations, the Kanoodle Extreme provides hours of fun at a relatively low cost.

Price: $17.02

Buy the Kanoodle Extreme here.

8. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit by littleBits

best gifts for kids

Star Wars continues to be on top of the world right now, and with each new movie that releases, it only (scarily) grows in popularity. littleBits created this awesome Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit last year, and it was one of our best toys of 2017. In fact, it won 6 toy awards last year.

It requires the use of a tablet or smartphone, which they’ll use to build their own droid using the included littleBits electronic blocks. Then, with the app, they’ll have over 16 missions that will give their droid new abilities as they complete each mission.

Price: $93.00 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit here.

9. Nalgene Marvel Bottles for Kids

nalgene bottles for kids

Keep your kids hydrated with Nalgene’s Marvel Bottles for Kids. This line of superhero-themed water bottles are designed specifically for children. Each of the Nalgene bottles holds 12 ounces, and each one has a cool superhero design. There’s a green Hulk bottle, a blue Spider-Man bottle, or clear Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America options. They’re BPA free, and they have a one-handed push button mechanism for easy open/close.

If you want to make sure your kids get enough water, get them a water bottle they’ll love.

Price: $9.95-11.53

Buy a Kids Nalgene Marvel Bottle here.

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10. Kings Bobble Bitz Creation Station

gifts for kids games bobble bitz

What are some great gifts for the girl who has everything? Start here with the Kings Bobble Bitz Creation Station. It’s a unique creation stations that unleashes creativity in your child. They’ll make things like jewelry, window clings, and more using these dots and the included stencils and shapes. It was one of the most popular holiday toys of the year last year.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Kings Bobble Bitz Creation Station here.

11. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

amazon kids fire 7

Of course, what kids really want is their very own tablet, and you won’t find a better kids tablet than the Amazon Fire Kids Edition. The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition has a 7″ display and 16GB of memory that you can load up with games and apps (there’s also a microSD card slot for expansion when necessary). It has best-in-class parental controls that are SUPER simple to use, too, so you can not only control your child’s content but also how long they can use the tablet each day (there’s a weekday and weekend setting that is easily changed).

With the Fire 7 Kids Tablet, they can do things like play games, use learning apps that teach them basic reading/math/etc, watch their favorite TV shows with Amazom Prime Video or Netflix, and more.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet here.

12. Jenga GIANT

best gifts for kids

Jenga is a classic game that tasks you with removing blocks from a standing tower and adding those blocks to the top of the tower without knocking it over. The person who knocks it over, loses. That’s the basic game.

Now, there’s Jenga GIANT, and awesome twist on the classic game that comes with MUCH bigger blocks. It starts at just 18 inches high, but it can safely stack up to 3 feet high during play. It’s great for ages 6 years and up.

(Great for BBQs and family get togethers as well).

Price: $79.95 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Jenga GIANT Family Game here.

13. Fluxx (Our choice: Zombie Fluxx)

fluxx game

Finding games that your kids will love that you can actually enjoy playing, yourself, is tough. However, Fluxx is a game that EVERYONE will have fun playing. There are many different versions available, including Batman Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Adventure Time Fluxx, and more.

It’s a card game where the rules change the more you play, thanks to New Rule cards that change how many you draw, how many you play, and how you win. Things get chaotic quickly, and there are certain rules that allow you to steal other players’ cards, and certain cards in your hand that allow you to take a different card from your opponent every round. It’s really a fun and multi-layered game that’s easy to follow and super fun to play. It’s definitely a go-to at our house for family game nights.

Price: $13.28 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy Fluxx here.

14. Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

light-up minecraft ore

Minecraft still remains popular among kids, and ThinkGeek has some cool Minecraft merch. Take this Light-up Diamond Ore light, for instance. It looks like the rare diamond ore you’d fine deep in the soil of your Minecraft world, and illuminates when you tap it, to add a warm glow to any room it’s in. It’s officially-licensed, and it’s under $20, making it a great gift for Minecraft fans.

Price: $11.60

Buy the Minecraft Ore here.

15. Pokemon 7-Inch Light-up Pikachu Lamp

light up pikachu lamp

Along the same lines is this awesome Pokemon Pikachu lamp which is great for trainers 6 years and up. It glows brightly, and it shuts-off on its own after 10-minutes. It stands at 7-inches tall, and it makes a great night light for when your child goes to sleep.

Price: $17.99 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pikachu Lamp here.

16. Crayola Inspiration Art Case: 140 Pieces

art gifts for kids 2018

If you’re looking for the best gifts for kids who love creating art, look no further than the Crayola Inspiration Art Case. It’s 140 pieces of awesome art supplies, including 64 Crayola crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 markers, and 15 large sheets of paper. It comes in a well-designed art supply case that will keep things organized, and it’s great for travel and long card rides.

Price: $17.79 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Crayola Inspiration Art Case here.

17. Dear Girl (Book) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

dear girl book

If you’re looking for some great books to read to your child, start with Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It’s a truly beautiful book that will remind your little girl that she’s powerful and strong, and that she has value in this world. It’s beautifully written and well-illustrated, making it a great bedtime story.

Price: $13.49

Buy the Dear Girl Book here.

18. Mae Among the Stars (Book) by Roda Ahmed

mae among the stars book

Another great kids book for story tme is Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed, which just released in January 2018. It’s a beautifully drawn picture book with a tale inspired by the life of the first African American woman to travel to space (Mae Jemison), with an underlying message of being able to achieve your dreams.

Price: $15.97

Buy Mae Among the Stars here.

19. Jetson Jupiter Scooter w/ LED Lights

LED scooter Target

You could get all of your shopping done in one go with all of the great kids gifts at Target, but one that we want to highlight is the Jetson Jupitor Scooter w/ LED Lights. This super fun kids scooter works like a Razor scooter, but it also has over 100 LED lights that blink as they ride. It’s everything you’d get with a Razor scooter, but with the added gift of cool illumination.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Jetson Jupiter Scooter at Target.

20. Kids Cook!: 100+ Super Easy Delicious Recipes

cookbook for kids

Get your kids cookin’ with this awesome kids cookbook from Good Housekeeping. It has 100+ incredibly easy and delicious recipes that your kids will love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, too, because they’ll use it for years to come.

Price: $13.49

Buy Kids Cook! here.

21. Green Toys Tea Set

green toys tea set

Every child should have a great toy tea set for those living room floor tea parties, and our favorite kid’s tea set is the Green Toys Tea Set. It comes with a tea pot and lid, sugar bowl and lid, creamer cup, four tea cups, four saucers, and four teaspoons. It’s great for indoor and outdoor play, and it meets the FDA food contact standards. Also, it’s dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze.

Price: $19.31 (31 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Green Toys Tea Set on Amazon.

22. LEGO Ideas Women of NASA Building Kit

best gifts for kid girls

One of the highest rated LEGO sets ever is the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA Building Kit, which holds an impressive 4.8 out of 5.0 review rating on Amazon.com from over 185 reviewers. It features three LEGO builds illustrating four different featured women of NASA, including figures for Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison (yes, the same Mae from the story above).

It’s a great toy that will also create interest in these women of NASA in your child.

Price: $20.44 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Women of NASA Building Kit here.

23. Big Joe 98-inch Bean Bag

big joe bean bag chair for kids

Every child needs a place where they can just kick back and relax, and to do that, they’ll need a good chair. Check out the Big Joe Bean Bag, a 98-inch, comfortable bean bag that makes one of the best gifts for kids in 2018. It’s available in five different colors: flaming red, limo black, radiant orchid, sapphire, and spicy lime. Perfect for playrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Price: $35.94 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Big Joe Bean Bag Chair for Kids here.

24. Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box

kinetic sand kit

Kinetic sand is all the rage among kids. It’s squeezable, moldable sand that never dries out. This kit comes with two pounds of kinetic sand, 5 molds, 2 tools, and the folding sand box (which unfolds to be used as a contained play space).

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Kinetic Sand Folding Sand box here.

25. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s greatest console yet. It’s a handheld (like a 3DS) that can also be used as a home console (more like the Wii U). It’s one of the most popular consoles in 2018, and that’s because Nintendo had such a huge year in 2017, with many Game of the Year Awards for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and more great games.

Now, there are more games on the Switch than ever before, and there are so many more games on the way. Want to make them really happy for their birthday? The Nintendo Switch is one of the best gifts for kids right now.

Price: $299

Buy a Nintendo Switch on Amazon.

26. Pokemon Trainer Duffle Bag

pokemon trainer bag thinkgeek

Thinkgeek is known for having some super cool geeky stuff that’s well made. For kids, one thing they’ll love is the Pokemon Trainer Duffle Bag. It’s perfect for sleepovers or traveling, or keeping their sports equipment in. It has a pokeball embroidered on the outside of it with the words “Pokemon Trainer” around it, letting everyone know that they’re a gym leader.

Price: $63.99

Buy the Pokemon Trainer Gym Bag here.

27. Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Animated Plush

gifts for kids

Regardless of how you feel about The Last Jedi, it’s undeniable that porgs are super cute (which is why they’re so popular). Get your kid a cute porg animated plush from ThinkGeek. It flaps its wings and moves its mouth, and it makes three different sounds heard in The Last Jedi.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Last Jedi Porg Animated Plush here.

28. Super Pusheenicorn Plush


Thinkgeek also has this cool little light-up plush unicorn pillow that kids will love. Check out the Super Pusheenicorn Plush, the super cuddly plush unicorn with a light up horn and glowing mane and tail.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Super Pusheenicorn Plush at ThinkGeek.

29. Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

pikachu coin bank

Pikachu wants all of your money. If you press the button and put a coin in the slot, he’ll pop up, make sounds and grab your coin into the bank. There are over 200 sounds and phrases that Pokemon fans will get a kick out of.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank here.

30. Black Panther The Young Prince

black panther the young prince book

There’s so much great Black Panther merchandise available now that the new Marvel movie has finally released, but one of the best is this Black Panther novel by Ronald L. Smith titled Black Panther the Young Prince. It’s based on a 12 year old T’Challa (that’s the hero behind Black Panther’s mask, for those unaware) and his ascent to becoming the hero.

Price: $11.72

Buy Black Panther The Young Prince here.

31. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

Sick of your kids asking you 30 questions a night? Buy Amazon’s Echo Dot, which comes with their Alexa AI assistant. Let them ask Alexa all of the things they want to know in the universe. It also has games, stories, and music on there as well, and the fact that it comes in at under $50 makes it a great gift option.

Price: $39.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot here.

32. Lifx Mini Bulb (Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb)

cool gifts for kids

Kids just love to play with cool things, and you won’t find anything cooler than the Lifx Bulb, a Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb. What’s so cool about a light bulb, you ask?

Well, the Lifx Mini Bulb can be controlled with any smart device, allowing them to change the lighting in their room to whatever color they choose (out of 16 million colors). But it does more than that.

Because it’s Wi-Fi enabled, it can be setup for other uses. For example, I have a few of these bulbs around my own home set up to alert me when different things happen: if it starts snowing, the bulb will turn a whitish blue, if I get a new @mention on Twitter, the bulb will automatically turn a shade of Twitter blue, and if someone tags me on Facebook, it’ll blink Facebook blue twice.

It’s all in good fun, and when it’s hooked up to IFTTT (If this, then that), it’ll teach them the basics of coding.

Price: $39.99 (11 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LIFX Mini Bulb on Amazon.

33. Crate Creatures

Crate Creatures are a lot of fun. They come in a “crate” that has to be opened with the included crowbar to get the creature out. When you pull its tongue, the creature vibrates, makes funny noises and will show its glowing eyes. Inside the creature is a motion sensor that will allow it to react to certain actions like being turned upside down or knocked over.

Each creature comes with over 45 creature sounds and its favorite food that it’ll chomp on when placed in its mouth.

Price: $33.66 (16 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Crate Creatures Surprise! here.

34. Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Premium Kids Headphones

best headphones for kids

$80 for a pair of kids headphones is ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? Well, yeah — you could easily go to Walmart or Target and get a $10 pair of headphones.

But those headphones aren’t specially built for kids like the Puro Sounds Labs BT2200 Headphones.

These kids headphones limit volume to 85db as to not damage a child’s hearing. They’re entirely wireless, so you don’t have to worry about your kids snagging the wire on something. They’re also durable, so you don’t have to worry about your child dropping them and breaking them.

They have 18 hours of battery life when in use and 200 hours of standby time.

There are four colorways available, and each has a premium look to them.

Price: $79.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 here.

35. Fitbit Flex 2

fitbit for kids 2018

Fitbits are a great way to get your kids active, as it sort of gamifies exercise (how high can their score get?). While there is a kid-friendly option from Fitbit, the best option for kids is actually the Fitbit Flex 2, which comes with an adjustable band that will allow them to grow with it.

It has an ultra-thin, removable tracker that’s hidden inside of the band. It’s swim-proof, so it works in the ocean, shower, pool, etc. All activity is recorded to the Fitbit app (available on smart devices). It will also track sleep patterns.

Price: $59.95

Buy the Fitbit Flex 2 here.

36. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker for kids

Your kids need a durable speaker that they can knock around without having to worry about it breaking, and Ultimate Ears has the Wonderboom that’s perfect for that. The Wonderboom is a super portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker with five designs available. It has impressive sound that disperses at a full 360 degrees. It’s IPX7-rated waterproof, so it’s great for around the pool/at the beach. It has a 10-hour battery life on a single charge. It also has a loop at the top that will allow it to be hooked onto things, and with a carabiner, to backpacks and the like.

Price: $54.99-$59.00

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster

best gifts for kids

Nerf Modulus allows kids to take a base and expand on it, piece by piece. So, they can take this basic piece (the Mediator), and then add cool things like a targeting light beam, a folding bi-pod, a storage stock, a blast shield, and more (these extra parts start at $5.99 each). It basically plays like allowing them to build their own crazy Nerf gun.

Price: $17.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster here.

38. Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition

watch ya mouth game for kids

Watch Ya Mouth is a brilliant family card game that won a bunch of toy awards in 2017. It’s great with a small group, and you can play it with up to 10 players. Basically, players are tasked with saying phrases like “Professional Purple Hula-Hoopers” while wearing cheek retractors that make it tougher (and funnier) to say.

Mouthpieces are both dishwasher and boil safe, and they’re colored so you can easily keep track of which mouthpiece belongs to which person (note: please wash them after each game session).

Price: $19.59 (22 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Watch Ya Mouth Game here.

39. LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

lego classic large

Getting your kids in the creative mood can be challenging, but the LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box will undoubtedly do the trick. This baby comes packed with 790 different pieces, giving boys and girls the bricks they need to build whatever their little hearts can imagine.

Price: $47.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box here.

40. My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset

my fairy garden magical cottage

One of the best gifts for girls especially is the My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset. This playset tasks your child with growing their own beautiful garden in the cottage provided, and it works amazingly. They’ll have to soften the included soil, plant the seeds, and water it daily so that it grows into a beautiful mini garden with flowers and foliage.

Price: $16.89 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset on Amazon.

41. KidiRace RC Police Car

kidirace rc police car

Compared to other non-hobbyist RC cars, the KidiRace RC Police Car is quite fast. In fact, it hits speeds up to 9.7mph with ease. It also comes complete with kid-friendly controls, a tight turning radius, and realistic lights and sounds. Best of all, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee; if your child hates it, they can return it no questions asked.

Price: $37.99

Buy the KidiRace RC Police Car here.

42. Anki Cozmo

anki cozmo

The Anki Cozmo is surprisingly cute, and even the many commercials don’t do it justice. It’s a little robot for kids that comes with what’s called Code Lab, which is essentially the best platform for new young coders to create functions with. The Cozmo is controlled via smart device (iOS or Android), and it plays and reacts to your child. It’ll keep them busy for hours and hours.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for kids who have everything, the Cozmo is a great option.

Price: $125

Buy the Anki Cozmo here.

43. Zing Stikbot Studio Pro Toy Kit

The Zing Stikbot Studio is a LOT of fun. Your kids will use Z-screen technology to create their own quick stop-motion animated shorts, allowing them to digitally recreate the background of their scene as they choose. Your kids can use stop-motion to create hilarious videos, and he/she will have so much fun re-positioning the figures little by little and then putting the footage all together.

Price: $14.99 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Zing Stikbot Studio Pro here.

44. Raskullz Color Cat Helmet

kids bike helmet

Typical safety helmets look dumb, and that’s why your kids don’t ever want to wear their helmets. But obviously, safety is important. Get your daughter to WANT to wear her helmet with these Raskullz Color Cat Helmets. They’re 3D molded designs that give each helmet a cool, cat-like look (with pinks and purples aplenty). But, most importantly to you, it’ll also keep them safe, as it is CPSC and ASTM certified, thanks to its shock-absorbing EPS inner shell that protects their head.

So, they’ll both look cool and be safe.

Price: $22.94

Buy the Raskullz Color Cat Helmet here.

45. Children’s Dinosaur-themed Safety Bike Helmets

dinosaur bike helmets

For the younger crowd, check out the Bingggooo Children’s Dinosaur Safety Bike Helmets. Each helmet is shaped like a dinosaur’s head, complete with cool-looking teeth. There are 5 colors available, including black, blue, green, red, and yellow. Obviously, it’s well padded and uses PC Injection Moulding for the shell.

Price: $27.66

Buy the Children’s Dinosaur-Themed Safety Bike Helmets here.

46. Toyrifik Water Gun Backpack Water Blaster

ladybug water gun gifts for kids

One of the best gifts for kids who love the outdoor life during the summer is this Toyrifik Water Gun Backpack Water Blaster. The backpack has a lady bug theme, and it holds all of the water. It’s attached to a small water blaster that’s easy for kids to carry and shoot. They’ll have a LOT of fun with this thing, whether they’re partaking in a water war with their siblings or they’re watering the garden.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Toyrifik Water Gun Backpack Water Blaster here.

47. Drocon Drone For Beginners

kids gifts

Flying things are cool, right? Most drones are admittedly super tough to fly for newcomers to the hobby, and getting a new pilot the wrong first drone can be devastating, causing them to never even pick up the hobby. But getting your kid the RIGHT drone (for the right price) could start them on the path of picking up a super fun hobby with a lot of potential for future fun.

The DROCON Drone for beginners is THE best drone for beginners in 2018.  It has two speed modes, and it’s equipped with a one-key return for new pilots to recover their drone that’s starting to drift away. It also has real-time Wi-Fi transmission and HD camera to any smart device. The controller is well-built and feels good to hold, and it’s easy to learn how to use (with just a few buttons they’ll need to know).

It would make a great birthday gift for a kid boy or girl, and it’s something that will get them playing outside.

Price: $69.99 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Drocon Drone here.

48. UDI001 Venom RC Boat

udi venom

Another GREAT RC option for newcomers to the hobby is an RC Boat, and the UDI001 Venom RC Boat is one of the best RC boats made. It hits up to 15mph, and it has a self-righting feature that keeps your boat moving even after it capsizes (which is what makes it great for beginners).

It also gives a low battery warning to the handset when the RC Boat is running out of battery so that your child will know to bring it ashore.

Price: $49.99

Buy the UDI001 Venom RC Boat here.

49. Power Wheels Wild Thing

best kids gifts 2018

Power Wheels’ Wild Thing has become one of the most popular ride-on toys of the past year, and with good reason: it’s ridiculously fun for kids. It hits up to 5mph, and it has 4 parent-controlled speed settings (located under the seat) that makes it easy for kids to learn the controls (and you can change it as they get older). It has full 360 degrees spinning capabilities with dual joysticks that control the direction. Super fun, and super easy to use. It might be a bit on the expensive side if we’re not talking about a main Christmas or big birthday present here, but keep it in mind for those holidays for sure.

Price: $253.99

Buy the Power Wheels Wild Thing here.

50. Kids NFL Replica Helmet and Jersey Set

NFL kids replica jersey and helmet set

Unless they’re a Cleveland Browns fan, let your child rep their favorite team with pride on gameday with this Kids NFL Replica Helmet and Jersey Set. Every team is available, it it fits most kids ages 5 to 9.

Price: $37.99 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Kids NFL Replica Helmet and Jersey Set here.

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