Top 10 Best Easter Basket Stuffers 2018

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Aside from Christmas, there’s just something downright fun about putting together the perfect Easter basket. If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re on the hunt for Easter basket stuffers. You may already have the basket itself. But if not, peep these cute Easter baskets, too.

Consider what you’d like your child to receive on Easter Sunday. Do you prefer to give more educational toys, like books or puzzles? Creative ones like sidewalk chalk? Or perhaps you’re looking for outdoor activities, like Nerf balls. Give thought to the type of gifts you enjoy giving to your kids, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Candy is always a great option for Easter basket stuffers, but may not be ideal for children with Diabetes, food allergies, or those who just plain don’t need that much sugar.

So, as you’re looking for Easter basket stuffers, use this list to launch you towards the most epic Easter basket ever.

1. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Giggles

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Books are an amazing Easter basket stuffer. They can be activity filled, like a coloring book, or take you on an amazing adventure. But there’s one book that’ll leave kids in a fit of giggles: A joke book.

The Easter Joke Book for Kids isn’t just any ol’ joke book. Instead, it’s a challenge of sorts–a don’t laugh challenge. The rules are simple. Two players sit across from each other, looking eye-to-eye. Taking turns reading jokes from the book, a point is added each time a player makes the other player laugh. Simple, perfect for all-ages, and full of Easter-related humor.

Price: $8.15

Buy the Easter Joke Book for Kids here.

2. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Pre-Filled Plastic Eggs

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Joyin Toy

If there’s one thing you’d expect to find as an Easter basket stuffer, it’s definitely plastic eggs. Oftentimes, they’re filled with jellybeans, or some other kind of candy. But, if you’d rather cut down on the number sweets your child receives, consider the 12 Die-Cast Car Filled Big Easter Eggs.

Each egg measures 3.2-inches, and contains a die cast car. Don’t worry though, each egg contains a different car. The eggs themselves are made with thick, high-quality material. Boy or girl, if your child loves cars, these babies are the perfect Easter basket stuffer.

Price: $19.99

Buy the 12 Die-Cast Car Filled Big Easter Eggs here.

3. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Hatchimals

hatchimals, easter toys, easter basket stuffers


Since the dawn of modern civilization, there have been toys that little girls and boys lust after. The 80s brought about the Cabbage Patch Kids phase, while the 90s brought Tomagotchis and Furbys. Fastforward to present day, and we have Hatchimals.

Hatchimals are little figurines that may be “hatched” from eggs. Not only are these babies a beautiful pastel color, they’re also exclusive to this collection. Each Hatchimals CollEGGtibles contains six separate Hatchimals, an instruction book, a collector sheet, and a basket. Your little one will be grinning ear-to-ear with this awesome Easter basket stuffer.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles here.

4. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Candy

bag of farts, cotton candy, easter candy


So it’s pretty well-established that candy is a typical Easter basket stuffer. Giant, amazing chocolate bunnies, to a massive variety bag of jelly beans–there are just some classics kids expect. But, would they expect a bag of farts? No, I’m not talking about farting into a jar, and handing it over as an evil prank.

Instead, I’m referring to a Bag of Farts cotton candy. Brought to you by the same team that makes Reindeer Farts, it’s sure to send everyone into a fit of giggles. Each bag contains three-ounces of cotton candy–the perfect size for snacking. Sugar, sweet laughter, and sure-to-be-a-hit. What more could you want from an Easter Basket stuffer?

Price: $9.95

Buy the Bag of Farts Cotton Candy here.

5. Most Environmentally-Friendly Easter Basket Stuffer: Reusable Straws

color changing straws, non-plastic straws, reusable straws, easter basket stuffer


Easter may push environmental issues to the side. After all, it’s a holiday about celebrating life, family, and if you’re religious, the rising of Christ. But, if you like to keep things safe for Mother Earth, then I’ve got the perfect Easter basket stuffer for you: Color Changing Reusable Straws.

Straws are often made with plastic, only to be tossed in the trash when you’re done. But, that’s pretty horrible for the planet. So, reusable straws are the way to go. These babies aren’t just any reusable straws though–they’re color-changing. Each pack contains a dozen straws that change when they’re exposed to cold: Milk in cereal, ice water, or even slushies. And, the straw changes according to the temperature it’s exposed to–ice water is different than juice. Save Mother Earth, while giving an awesome basket stuffer.

Price: $6.99

Buy the Color Changing Reusable Straws here.

6. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Kite

easter kit, octopus kite, easter basket stuffers


Candy and plastic eggs are an almost-given, as Easter basket stuffers. But, they’re not the only “classic” basket stuffers–kites have remained popular for years. Because Easter’s arrival generally marks the beginning of Spring, it tends to be beautiful on Easter Sunday.

So, snagging a kite for an Easter basket stuffer is the perfect way to get the kiddos outside, and bring down the sugar high. This Giant Octopus Kite is an absolute delight to play with–although it is recommended for children a bit older, thanks to its size. Measuring 157-inches-long, it may need a second person to help it into the air. Although, its 50-inch by 50-inch surface area provides extra lifting power. Kites may be a classic, but they’re always a hit.

Price: $15.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Giant Octopus Kite here.

7. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Baby-Safe

baby toys, easter baby toys, pull-along-ducks


Perhaps this is your first year making your kid’s Easter basket. Congrats, if you’re a new parent! Many of these Easter basket stuffers are geared towards older children. That is to say, they’re not baby-appropriate. But, I haven’t forgotten about our littlest Easter celebrators.

The Tomy Quack Along Ducks are an excellent choice for babies. Designed for those 10-months-and-up, it’s a toy with a simple concept: A momma duck, pulling along her baby ducks. This type of toy encourages hand-eye-coordination, while providing tons of entertainment. The ducks quack as they’re pulled, and are powered by three button-cell-batteries (grab some backups here). Your tot will be delighted with this Easter basket stuffer.

Price: $12.99 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Tomy Quack Along Ducks here.

8. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Stuffed Animal

easter stuffed animals, easter bunny stuffie, stuffies for easer, bunny stuffie


No list of Easter basket stuffers would be complete without mention of stuffed animals. Heck, they’re the perfect gift for just about any occasion. That being said, though, they light up a child’s face on Easter morning. While there are tons of stuffies to choose from, there’s one kind that always stands out: A bunny.

Bunnies, of course, epitomize Easter. After all, a bunny literally hides Easter eggs according to lore. The Aurora World Taddle Toes Plush brings those bunny visions to life. Aurora is a well-known stuffed animal company, producing only the highest-quality and safest products–including lock-washer eyes. This bunny sits 10-inches tall, and is perfect for cuddling after a day of too much sugar.

Peep these other Easter stuffed animals, too.

Price: $16.50

Buy the Aurora World Taddle Toes Plush here.

9. Best Easter Basket Stuffers: Bath Toys

bath bombs, bath color bombs, bath water dye


Whether your child is itty-bitty or a bit older, bath time spells one of two things: Disaster or playtime. Don’t let those two separate sides of the coin fool you. There’s a product out there to appease most kids during a bath, and it works as a phenomenal Easter basket stuffer.

Just drop a Crayola Bath Dropz or two into the bath water (or a ton to create a rainbow-effect), and watch your kid’s eyes widen with wonder. These fragrance-free tabs won’t leave any weird stains or residue in your bathroom. But, they make bath time infinitely more fun–even for kids who aren’t so keen on the activity. Receive 90-tabs in-total, for many bath times to come.

Price: $13.99 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Crayola Bath Dropz here.

10. Best Easter Basket Stuffer: Fidget Toy

fidget spinner, snake fidget spinner, easter basket stuffer


If there’s one toy that blew up in 2017, it’s definitely fidget toys. Fidget toys, of course, are not limited to fidget spinners. Instead, they’re available in many varieties including the Snake Speed Cube Puzzle.

Touted as a “snake fidget toy”, this baby is similar to a Rubik’s cube, but has its own twist. Each pack comes with three fidget toys, and is made with ABS plastic, PVC stickers, and eco-friendly material. Plus they may be recycled if they break over time. Occupied mind, occupied hands, successful Easter basket stuffer.

Price: $12.99 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Snake Speed Cube Puzzle here.

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