Top 10 Best Easter Chocolates & Candy

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When we think Easter, we think chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Easter marks the end of Lent which is a time of fasting. In modern times, most people give up some kind of vice for the period of Lent like red meat or video games or chocolate. Back when Easter traditions were forming, Lent meant that everyone gave up all meat, dairy, and eggs. Easter then became a day both of religious celebration and of indulging after a long fast. In the 1600’s, around when the story of the Easter Bunny was developing, the eggs that were laid during Lent were preserved and decorated to be eaten during Easter celebrations. Sound familiar?

As eating chocolate was invented, it became the vice of choice. Whitman’s began making chocolate bunnies in the 1800’s and in 1890 when Strohecker displayed a five-foot-tall chocolate Easter Bunny in his pharmacy window–the tradition was set. Easter and decadent chocolates were officially tied to each other.

Americans alone buy more than 60 million chocolate bunnies during the Easter season. That doesn’t include the estimated 16 billion jelly beans sold to fill Easter baskets.

Let’s take a look at the best sweets Easter has to offer this year.

1. Godiva Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny With Foil Eggs

Godiva Easter bunny with foil eggs


One of the best liked from my Valentine’s season chocolate guides, Godiva chocolate is rich and intense in flavor but still manages to be a comforting, familiar taste that we associate with true indulgence. This is quality stuff–not your common drugstore-variety waxy chocolate. The cute bunny is over seven ounces of solid Godiva milk chocolate for a traditional Easter treat in a springy box with bright pink flowers. The five pastel foil-covered Easter eggs come in an assortment of flavors including milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate raspberry.

If you’re looking for a more adult gift from Godiva, after I published this review Godiva sent me a sample of this set and I have to say that I would highly, highly recommend this bunny. I love the hefty, solid chocolate bunny for classic Easter comfort and the little truffle eggs for a bit of sophistication.

For a more adult gift go with the Godiva Chocolatier Flower Gift Box filled with 32 individually wrapped truffles. There are three flavors mixed in here: Chocolate Lava Cake which really tastes like amazing bakery mousse cake, Creme Brulee which is buttery with tiny crisps of caramelized sugar, and Milk Strawberry Cheesecake which is just about perfect. Real story, my husband and I have been playfully fighting over these.

Price: $28.17

Buy the Godiva Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny With Foil Eggs here.

2. Boozy Bunny Whiskey-Infused Dark Chocolate Bunny by Sugar Plum Chocolates

Chocolate bunny with bottle and glass of whiskey, Sugar Plum Chocolates, boozy bunny

Sugar Plum Chocolates

Adults need Easter treats too. Sugar Plum Chocolate’s Boozy Bunny is an eight ounce solid dark chocolate bunny infused with natural whiskey flavor for a grown-up twist on the classic chocolate bunny. This bunny is also studded with buttery, chewy toffee bits for great texture contrast and a perfect companion to that whiskey taste. These chocolate bunnies, made in small batches, make for truly unique Easter gifts.

Price: $39

Buy the Boozy Bunny Whiskey-Infused Dark Chocolate Bunny by Sugar Plum Chocolates here.

3. Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies

sour punch candies


I got a sample of Sour Punch candies back around Valentine’s Day and I am now addicted to their amazing gummy-goodness. If your kids (or friends and coworkers) like sour candies, they’ll go wild over Sour Punch Chicks and Bunnies. They start off with that perfect level of sour and then slowly fade into a sweet fruity gummy in watermelon and lemonade flavors.

Plus they’re adorable Easter shapes. This bag comes with 15 individual pouches for hiding in your Easter egg hunt or handing out.

Price: $10.98

Buy the Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies here.

4. Welch’s Easter Mixed Fruit Snacks

Box of Easter fruit snacks, Welch's, fruit gummies


Not everyone is into chocolate. For a snack that is dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free these Easter Fruit Snacks from Welch’s make for a perfect treat to hide for your Easter egg hunts because they’re sealed against weather, dirt, and bugs. This box comes with 28 individual snack packs. The fruit snacks are fat-free and are in cute pastel Easter shapes like Easter eggs, yellow baby chicks, flowers, and bunnies. Welch’s sent me a sample of their snacks to taste, and these have all the bright, fruity flavor that you expect from a brand like Welch’s.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Welch’s Easter Mixed Fruit Snacks here.

5. Zombie Easter Bunny With Victim by Sugar Plum Chocolates

Green zombie chocolate bunny with decapitated chocolate bunny, Sugar Plum Chocolates, zombie Easter bunny

Sugar Plum Chocolates

If you’re looking for a truly unique Easter gift, Sugar Plum Chocolates makes a zombie Easter bunny just for you. Whether this special person in your life loves horror movies, zombies, or just loves being surprised and having a good laugh, this bunny won’t disappoint. They’ll love the detailed exposed ribs and undead yellow eye. It even comes with a second milk chocolate bunny “victim” with decapitated head and white chocolate “blood.” The zombie a 7.5 ounce, one-sided bunny made of Sugar Plum Chocolates’s smooth white chocolate. This bunny comes wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a bow. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it sure won’t be boring. You can also by the zombie bunny by itself if the headless chocolate bunny is a bridge too far.

Price: $45

Buy the Zombie Easter Bunny With Victim by Sugar Plum Chocolates here.

6. Philadelphia Candies Maple Nut Easter Egg

Close up of cut chocolate Easter egg with nuts, Philadelphia Candies, Chocolate Easter egg

Philadelphia Candies

One traditional gift that I loved getting as a child were these big chocolate eggs that you’d slice and eat. Philidelphia Candies has a huge range of Chocolate Easter Eggs, each coming boxed individually and weighing in at half a pound. They’re covered in silky, homemade milk or dark chocolate, topped with cute pastel icing flowers, and filled with a variety of flavors. I’m featuring their Maple Nut Easter Egg because maple is such a spring flavor that pairs great with the Easter theme. There are over 30 flavors available including dark chocolate cappuccino , milk chocolate coconut, milk chocolate potato chip, and milk chocolate peanut butter which even comes in a whopping one pound version.

Price: $13.95

Buy the Philadelphia Candies Maple Nut Easter Egg here.

7. Lake Champlain Classic White Chocolate Easter Bunny

White chocolate Easter bunny, Lake Champlain Chocolate, white chocolate bunny

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain Chocolates of Vermont has been making some of the best gourmet, artisan chocolates since 1983. Their chocolate is made with local ingredients when possible like Vermont cream and honey. This five inch, 3.5 ounce bunny is certified organic made with rich, velvety white chocolate. It’s a sweet, vanilla treat perfect for the white chocolate lovers in your life. There’s great detail on the bunny, complete with fur, whiskers, and cute little bunny nose, and it comes wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a green bow.

Price: $12

Buy the Lake Champlain Classic White Chocolate Easter Bunny here.

8. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies

Blue bag of caramel chocolate bunnies, Ghiradelli, Easter chocolate bunnies


If you love Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, you’ve got to see these Caramel Bunnies. New this Easter, these bags come with a dozen individually wrapped milk chocolate bunnies filled with silky caramel. Because they’re individually wrapped they’re great for sharing around the office, hiding in your Easter egg hunt or setting out in a festive candy bowl. Being Ghirardelli, they have the same intense chocolate taste and that gooey caramel you think of (or maybe dream of) from their other indulgent chocolates.

Price: $9.92

Buy the Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies here.

9. Brach’s Easter Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs

Pink box of Brach's jelly beans, Brach's, Tiny jelly bird eggs, Easter candy


As much as Easter makes us think of chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs, Easter is also all about jelly beans. Brach’s classic jelly beans have been turned into these Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs for Easter and packaged into small pastel-colored Easter boxes. They’re little, almost pocket-sized boxes so they’re a good choice for hiding around the house, fitting into Easter baskets, and handing out at the office. The tiny eggs are a little smaller than normal jelly beans and more egg-shaped so you can fit more flavors in each box. This is a pack of 60 boxes, perfect for large groups and events.

Price: $13.14

Buy the Brach’s Easter Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs here.

10. Creek House Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny & Egg Set

Gift wrapped chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs, Creek House Chocolate, Easter chocolate egg gift

Creek House

This adorable set of chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs are vegan, certified organic, and free trade. The set comes with two gifts, the eggs and bunny packaged separately. You get two half eggs with Easter stripe texture that are filled with rich vegan dark chocolate ganache. These are packaged in a clear plastic box with Easter trim and gold ribbon. The chocolate bunny is solid 66 percent dark chocolate and comes in a cute white pail with purple petals making it look like a little flowerpot, along with a lavender bow. When combined, this is over 12 ounces of organic dark chocolate and ganache. These are ideal gifts for vegans, vegetarians, and people with dairy or egg allergies.

Price: $31.75

Buy the Creek House Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny & Egg Set here.

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