Top 10 Best Easter Puzzles & Games 2018


Putting together your child’s Easter basket is just plain fun. Perhaps you already have certain traditions like kites, books, stuffies, or sidewalk chalk. If you’re looking for extra ideas, though, peep this list of Easter basket stuffers.

Easter puzzles have been a traditional basket filler for years. They stretch your brain, keep you occupied, and help build spacial- and problem-solving skills.

This post will be broken up into two sections: Easter Jigsaw Puzzles and Easter puzzle toys. Easter jigsaw puzzles range from “traditional” to a little more off-beat. Easter puzzle toys help stretch your little one’s brain, and do not necessarily have traditional bunnies or chicks on them. Within each section, they’re listed least-expensive to most-expensive.

Since savings are so important, and today is Amazon’s biggest holiday, I thought I’d share some amazing products.

Find the perfect Easter puzzle below, pop it into the perfect Easter basket, add some grass, and you’re set.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzles

When you think about Easter puzzles, a traditional jigsaw puzzle comes to mind. They can feature classic Easter things like the Easter bunny, or these puzzles may simply display your kid’s favorite cartoon character. This portion of the list provides you with five separate Easter puzzles, intended for both babies and children.

1. Best Easter Puzzle for a Big Kid

candy easter puzzle, sweets easter puzzle, big kid easter puzzle


Not all Easter puzzles are intended for small children. There are plenty of older kids who enjoy puzzles, as well. This 100 Piece Jigsaw puzzle by Eurographics, displays a bunch of traditional Easer candy. It’s crafted with recycled cardboard, and measures 15-inches by 19-inches when completed. Whether this puzzle’s intended for a big kid, or teen, you’ll put a smile on his or her face.

Price: $10.61 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sweet Easter Puzzle here.


  • Intended for older kids
  • Fantastic price
  • Made of recycled cardboard


  • Not ideal for small kids

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2. Best Easter Puzzle for a Teen

candy puzzle, candy wrapper puzzle, 500 piece puzzle


Perhaps you have a little puzzle fiend in your family. Or, you know he or she loves a challenge. Well say hello to the Springbok Sweet Tooth Jigsaw Puzzle. This bad boy has a whopping 500-pieces, measuring 23.5-inches by 18-inches when completed. Made of 100% recycled cardboard, each piece is also about 18% thicker than industry standard. And if you hate the puzzle for some reason, send it back for a refund. You can’t go wrong with this giant Easter puzzle.

Price: $12.95

Buy the Springbok Sweet Tooth Jigsaw Puzzle here.


  • Contains 500-pieces
  • Crafted with recycled, high-quality cardboard
  • Finished puzzle measures 23.5″ x 18″


  • Not for young children

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3. Best Easter Puzzle for Babies

car puzzle, wooden puzzle, puzzle for toddlers,


Don’t worry–we haven’t forgotten about the little babesters. Most of these Easter puzzles aren’t ideal for the tiniest of tots. But, this Chunky Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is. A Trains, Planes, and Automobiles theme will delight your little one. With 17 unique pieces, they can be transferred to a tiny town scene, or kept in the box and used as a puzzle. Not satisfied? Return, for your money back.

Price: $12.95

Buy the Chunky Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle here.


  • Intended for children two-and-over
  • 100% satisfaction policy – return if you’re unhappy
  • Can be used as a puzzle, or as pieces on a play mat
  • For both boys and girls


  • Puzzle may be smaller than expected

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4. Best Easter Puzzle for Disney Fans

mini puzzles, mini puzzle packs, trolls puzzles, mickey mouse club puzzle, easter puzzles


As far as Easter puzzles go, there’s really only one way to make them better: Multiple jigsaw puzzles. These babies are 24- or 50-piece puzzles. Each puzzle has a different theme–Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PJ Masks, and Trolls. Finished puzzles measure five-inches by seven-inches. Plus, they arrive in decorative tin cases. Give the gift of multiple Easter puzzles.

Price: $15.45

Buy the Mini Jigsaw Puzzles here.


  • Arrives with three separate puzzles
  • Each puzzle is 24- or 50-pieces
  • Comes in a decorative, themed tin
  • Great price


  • Not everyone enjoys those shows

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5. Best Traditional Easter Puzzle

easter puzzle, beatrix potter puzzle, New York Puzzle Company jigsaw

New York Puzzle Company

Beatrix Potter created the wonderful world of Peter Rabbit. His story has captured the imaginations of children for generations. So, it should come as no surprise that phenomenal story was crafted into a beautiful Easter puzzle, illustrating Tom Kitten’s garden. The finished puzzle measures 36-inches by 24-inches, and features 24-pieces. Plus, it’s made on US soil. Peter Rabbit is the perfect Easter puzzle.

Price: $24.95

Buy the 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle here.


  • Made in the USA
  • Features Peter Rabbit scene
  • Finished puzzle measures 36″ x 24″


  • Not for children under-three

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Easter Puzzle Toys

While these toys don’t specifically scream “Easter!”, they are phenomenal pieces to add to an Easter basket. After all, puzzles aren’t just limited to jigsaws. So, help stretch your child’s brain with these off-the-wall Easter puzzles.

6. Best Easter Puzzle Book

sudoku book, easter activity book, easter puzzle b


Not all Easter puzzles need to be 3D. In fact, there are tons of in-book puzzles that’ll delight your little one. Sudoku is a numbers game that makes the user think in a variety of ways. This book is large-print, and features a whopping 90 puzzles. Throw in some cool Easter-themed pencils, to bring it up a notch.

Check out this awesome Word Search, too.

Price: $5.95

Buy the Large Print Easter Sudoku Puzzle Book here.


  • Perfect for traveling or doing at-home
  • Large print makes it easy to work with
  • Contains 90 separate puzzles


  • Not ideal for young children

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7. Best Easter Puzzle for Fine Motor Skills

educational puzzle, egg puzzle, shapes puzzle, easter puzzle


As far as off-the-beaten-path Easter puzzles go, this baby is actually pretty on-point. Each of these 24 “eggs” has a specific color and shape. When all pieces are cracked open, it teaches a child both fine motor skills, and shape/color recognition, when putting them back together. A perfect addition to any three-and-older kid’s basket.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Egg Puzzle here.


  • Teaches shape/color recognition and fine motor skills
  • Fantastic price
  • Comes with 24 eggs


  • Not intended for kids under-two

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8. Best Multi-Puzzle Easter Puzzle

fidget puzzle, brain teaser puzzle,  3D puzzle


One puzzle is great. Two is even better. But….twelve puzzles? You must be crazy….crazy for puzzles! This brain-busting pack contains three half-ball puzzles, three full-ball puzzles, three star puzzles, and three gear ball puzzles. And don’t worry about frustrations down the road. This pack comes with a solution to every single ball. Made with high-quality plastic, so they can be slipped in a bag or pocket for on-the-go fun.

Price: $8.97

Buy the Fidget Brain Teaser Puzzles here.


  • Comes with 12 different puzzles – and how to solve them
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Phenomenal price


  • Not intended for small children

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9. Best Easter Puzzle With a Twist

3d puzzle, rubik's cube, 5x5 rubik's cube


Pretty much everyone knows what a Rubik’s Cube is. And even with a three-by-three pattern, it’s still a doozy. But if you’ve got a little smartie pants on your hands, you may want to consider the Shengshou 5x5x5 Speed Magic Cube. As the name indicates, there are five rows and columns on each side. Each rotation is smooth and slick. Not only does it improve mental skills, it also increases hand flexibility and patience. Bend his or her brain hardcore with this Easter puzzle.

Price: $12.89

Buy the Shengshou 5x5x5 Speed Magic Cube here.


  • Like a Rubik’s cube on a whole different level
  • Very smooth rotations
  • Great price


  • May cause frustration

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10. Best 3D Easter Puzzle

bunny puzzle, paper bunny puzzle, 3D puzzle

Paper Maker

While we’ve seen quite a few variations of Easter puzzles, we haven’t seen a truly 3D puzzle. Well, let’s remedy that with the Easter Bunny Decoration 3D Puzzle. Once finished, this baby measures 11-centimeters by nine-centimeters by 24-centimeters, and is made with non-toxic, eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard. Thanks to laser cut precision, each piece fits like a glove. Switch it up with this Easter puzzle.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Easter Bunny Decoration 3D Puzzle here.


  • 3D Easter puzzle in the shape of a bunny
  • Made of non-toxic, eco-friendly material
  • Pieces are laser cut, to ensure perfect fit


  • Not ideal for small children

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