10 Best Funny Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List (2019)

funny shirts for men

Nothing beats a mildly funny t-shirt, especially during the hot summer months that are coming soon. A funny t-shirt can give strangers a reason for a laugh during their busy day, and can also serve as great icebreakers at parties. Why? Everyone loves humor. There are tons of great hilarious t-shirts online, and we’ve compiled some of the funniest we could find.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 best funny shirts for men:

1. Hey Vegetarians, My Food Poops on Your Food

funny shirts

It can be annoying to hear vegetarians talk about how great their life style is and how much better they feel living off of vegetables and fruits. And, while they’re right, nothing is better than reminding them that the food you eat takes a big ole dump on the food that they eat. So, you know, neener, neener, vegetarians.

Price: $12.99-$29.99 (Size Dependent)

Buy the ‘Hey Vegetarians’ Funny T-Shirt here.

2. Stop Following Me

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There are so many of these evolution-based t-shirts available that they’re almost as popular as those annoying “Keep Calm, Blahblahblah” shirts. But, this one plays off of the fact that it appears as though the others are following the leader. Clever.

Price: $9.99 – $14.95 (Size Dependent)

Buy the ‘Stop Following Me’ T-shirt here.

3. In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One

funny t-shirts

“How long is that in dog years” is a phrase frequently asked. This shirt plays off of that question, except it is more focused on how many beers you’ve had and the fact that you are likely drunk. It’s a great party/summer bbq shirt.

Price: $10.12-$24.99 (Size Dependent)

Buy the ‘In Dog Beers’ Funny T-Shirt here.

4. I Pooped Today Tee

men's t shirts

I know, I know…everybody poops! Let’s just get the elephant in the room out there by wearing a funny t-shirt that let’s everyone know that you pooped at some point today.

Price: 19.99

Buy the ‘I Pooped Today’ T-Shirt here.

5. Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt

funny t shirts

There are plenty of similar versions of this shirt, one with a ninja, another with a stormtrooper, and another with a chipmunk. But the funniest is the T-Rex one, simply because T-Rex’s look so ridiculous with their little arms that everytime anyone says “T-Rex” I can’t help but chuckle.

Price: $18.99-$22.99

Buy the ‘Ask Me About My T-Rex’ T-Shirt here.

6. Casual Friday Stormtrooper

funny t shirts

I always wondered if the Imperial Army had a casual Friday. And now we know, as this shirt shows a stormtrooper just chilling at his desk.

Price: $21.48-22.00

Buy the ‘Stormtrooper Casual Friday’ T-Shirt here.

7. Game Over

funny t shirts

They say once you get married your life is over. It’s so true (don’t tell my wife). But, you’ll definitely see a decrease in the amount of gaming you’ll do, that’s for sure. Warning: this shirt will likely make your wife roll her eyes.

Price: $14.95-$16.95

Buy the ‘Game Over’ Funny T-Shirt here.

8. ‘Merica

shirts for men

Nothing is more ‘Merica than a bald eagle in sunglasses, George Washington, Ben Franklin drinking a beer and fighter jets, right? Now, show your pride in your country, especially with July 4th being just a couple of months away.

Price: $19.95

Buy the ”Merica’ Funny T-Shirt here.

9. WWF Panda Bear Wrestling

funny t shirts

What are you gonna’ do, when the panda comes for you, brother? This funny t-shirt plays off the fact that the WWE used to be called the WWF, before the World Wildlife Foundation made them change their name. Now, all we want to see is two pandas going at it in a no-holds barred cage match.

Price: $8.95-$12.95

Buy the ‘WWF’ T-Shirt here.

10. Ronald Reagan, American Icon

funny t-shirts

This shirt is delightfully ridiculous, showing good ‘ole Ronald Reagan as a muscle-toting American hero. The imagery is sure to get a few laughs while you’re wearing it.

Price: $9.95-$11.95

Buy the ‘Ronald Reagan, American Icon’ T-shirt here.

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