13 Best Christmas Wrapping Paper Sets

Finding the best Christmas wrapping paper sets is key because beautifully wrapped presents actually enhance the enjoyment of gifts, but you’re also not made of money so you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on your gift wrap. And don’t forget to make sure you’re getting a good deal on your small gift boxes.

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Get the most out of your Christmas wrapping paper rolls.

Not everyone enjoys wrapping and many folks put it off until it's a last-minute, coffee-fueled chaos of tape and ripped scraps. I used to be very wrapping-challenged and would use about half a roll of tape per present and they still looked like a mess. I've since learned some neat hacks to save you time and make the wrapping process a breeze.

  • Block out time.

Wrapping gifts isn't something you can really do in between other tasks. Trying to wrap a few gifts for the hour while dinner is in the oven is going to lead to rushing, frustration, and probably burnt food. Give yourself a few hours to do nothing but wrapping. Throw on some festive music and have fun with it.

Wrap quickly and efficiently. Check out this YouTube video of a Japanese technique to wrap boxes in 15 seconds with only two pieces of tape.

  • Use the right tools.

Make sure you've got sharp scissors. Dull ones will rip your paper and you'll have ragged edges or end up wasting paper.

  • Use a labeling system before you start wrapping.

Once you've organized all your gifts, use post-it notes or taped scraps of paper to attach the name of the person the gift is going to on everything. Our memories aren't perfect and piles can get shifted. Doing this little step ahead of time saves you the time it takes to figure out what is going to whom.

  • If you don't love labels, skip them.

If you don't like filling in gift labels, use a different color wrapping paper for each person. Just make sure you have it written down somewhere which color is whose, especially if you're wrapping early in the season.

  • Store wrapping paper rolls in a garment bag.

Garment bags are a perfect height for these long, awkward tubes and you can fit over a dozen rolls of paper in a bag. Then you can easily hang it up to store. This also keeps the paper from unrolling and becoming wrinkled.

  • Buy in sets.

By skipping individual rolls you can save more money and when we're predicted to spend almost $800 this holiday season on gifts, we need all the help we can get.

Don't wait for Christmas wrapping paper clearance sales.

For years I would put off buying the beautiful, new Christmas wrapping paper rolls thinking I would wait and buy them on clearance to save some money.

But every year, those gift wrap sets would either be sold out, removed from stores, or simply not have that great of sale. And in the meantime I'd used older, not-great paper I had leftover over and now I still didn't have the paper I wanted. In the world of internet buying, those traditional sales are becoming more and more of a myth so if you're looking to buy, get what you like now.

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