15 Best Nutcracker Ornaments: The Ultimate List (2019)

Nothing says “Christmas” like a nutcracker. Read on to see 10 great nutcracker ornaments you should add to the family Christmas tree this year. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, something offbeat, or something that’s part of a larger ornament set, something on our list below will definitely appeal to your sensibilities (and your budget).

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Nutcrackers are more than just decorative, of course. They are also traditionally used to crack nuts, though of course smaller nutcracker ornaments aren't useful for this purpose. If you want to use some nutcrackers to decorate your Christmas tree, we're here to help. Skip the mall, skip the endless hours of hunting for just the right option online -- our curated list includes the best of the best, and we'll be updating it throughout the holiday season to ensure our list stays up to date.

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