15 Best Old World Christmas Ornaments Available Now

I can promise you, from my own experience, as your old world Christmas ornaments are unwrapped and hung on your tree each year, you’ll be flooded with warm feelings and fond memories that will remind you of the reasons why we celebrate this joyous season. Here are the 15 best old world Christmas ornaments available now:

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What Makes a Christmas Ornament "Old World"?

Of course, you're familiar with the brand Old World Christmas, and their huge selection of hand-decorated, vintage-looking ornaments. But they don't have a corner on the market, even if they do own a huge share of it.

These glorious old world Christmas ornaments are collectible, and they can be passed down through your family for generations, although they do require some seriously delicate packaging to keep them safely stowed after Christmas has passed.

I actually have an old world Santa house and beer barrel from 1936, and they lovingly go on my tree each year. (Thank you, mama.)

One thing's for certain, these old world ornaments are among the most colorful, diverse, and imaginative. Start collecting them now, and pass them down to your children someday.

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