25 Best Perfumes for Women: Signature Scents

Are you in search of a new signature fragrance? With thousands of perfumes and colognes on the market, finding just the right scent can take time and patience. And, because everyone’s body chemistry is different, what smells delicious on one of your friends, might not smell nearly so good on you. We’ve sniffed out the Best Perfumes for Women with 25 classics you’ll love.

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A great way to start your research is to discover the scent profiles and styles you like. Are you awesome with vanilla and wildflowers? Or do you prefer cool cucumber and melon aromas? Do you look for what's fresh, light and lively or would you rather have something sensual, sultry and musky? Or do you stick to a particular brand?

Once you figure out the answers to those questions, it's a fun game to seek out and find the perfect new perfume. We've looked, smelled and searched for the best classic fragrances and come up with a list of popular perfumes, along with detailed descriptions that answer those very questions.

Here are some helpful hints on how to pick the perfect fragrance:


Because scents are closely tied to all of our senses, you might think about what kinds of food, music and cultural experiences you or your gift recipient prefer. Even your favorite movies might offer valuable clues about your perfume personality profile.

Is your head (or your nose) spinning now? Indeed, finding the best fragrance fit can be challenging, so we've done a lot of the homework for you and come up with an awesome selection of the very best scents for you and nearly every woman on your perfume gift list.

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