11 Best Wooden Christmas Ornaments (2018)

Despite my secular nature and upbringing, I unabashedly love Christmas. I always get a tree and decorate it with my small collection of ornaments I have amassed over the years. I favor primitive ornaments made of natural materials, usually in the form of a woodland creature or evergreen tree. For me, the tree itself is the center of focus for decorations, in the style of the pagans and early Christians. For me, nothing can beat a rustic wooden ornament. I like their simplicity and texture. They are often (though not always) handmade, which makes them seem a bit special in comparison to a lot of ornaments you can buy these days. Wooden ornaments recall the warm nostalgia of a cabin Christmas, of celebrations tucked in the woods.

If you’re looking for a touch of rustic charm for your tree this year, consider our list of the best wooden Christmas ornaments.

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