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25 Best Yankee Swap Gifts: Your Ultimate List

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re participating in a Yankee Swap gift exchange (also known as a White Elephant gift exchange) this season. We’ve rounded up 20 great Yankee swap gifts ranging from $10 to $25, depending on your budget.

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Yankee Gift Swap Ideas 

This type of gift exchange is great for office settings and large groups of friends, keeping things a bit more interesting than a traditional Secret Santa type of arrangement. Unlike a normal secret Santa where you purchase a gift for someone specific, with a white elephant exchange you’ll need to shop knowing that your gift could wind up in anyone’s hands. This can make it a bit more complicated to find that perfect gift.

There's typically a mix of silly gag gifts as well as useful gifts that anyone would love, making the stealing and swapping of gifts that much more fun.

Yankee Swap Gag Gifts

Every Yankee swap needs a few of these in the mix to be passed around and for a good laugh. By gag gifts, we mean things that no one really needs but are absolutely hilarious. A toilet coffee mug or a mitten made for wiping winter snot are both great options. 

Yankee Swap Useful Gifts 

Useful gifts can still be fun, but rather than existing just for a laugh, chances are the recipient will actually make use of it. These include thinks like a festive flask, a cheese board and knife set, or a family-friendly game. 

Christmas Yankee Swap Gifts 

Is the Yankee swap happening with colleagues? This Christmas puzzle is a great gift. Is the Yankee swap happening with friends? You'll want to check out some truly ugly Christmas sweaters as a gift. 

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