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25 Best Gag Gifts for Men: Your Ultimate List

There are lots of reasons to buy a funny gift. A gag gift or funny gift can be a great choice for someone’s birthday or bachelor party. Funny gifts are also great for occasions when you need to lighten the mood, celebrate a promotion, or just make somebody laugh. Whatever your reason for shopping, we’ve rounded up the best gag gifts for men of all ages. These weird, offbeat, and quirky gifts will definitely make any guy chuckle.

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In addition to the everyday, light-hearted prank, gag gifts are of course natural fits for White Elephant gift exchanges or Yankee Swaps. Trying to stick someone with the most absurd gift is the name of the game, so it's even better if it's an outrageous gag gift.

But you don't always have to go fully into gag gift territory, either. Novelty gifts make funny gift ideas, as do retro toys that recall childhood.

Or, for example, you could go another route entirely with some outside the box thinking. A gift for bird lovers, but for someone afraid of birds? I actually know someone who was beat up by a peacock as a child, so I might treat a peacock gift as a gag gift opportunity.

The point is: there's so many options for gag gifts for men even if nothing on this list will work for you.

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