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11 Best Gifts for Environmentalists

You’ll feel good knowing that you’re giving a gift that’s good for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint, and inspiring eco-friendly behaviors in someone else. Whether you’re an environmentalist or you’re shopping for one, we’ve found some great gifts that eco-conscious people will love.

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The way we see it, there are a few ways to be an environmentalist. Some people are pretty extreme when it comes to being green. Reusable bags are a must, glass water bottles are the only suitable option over plastic, and they prefer home decor items made from recycled materials like this rug made from recycled plastic

If you're looking to inspired eco-conscious behavior, gifting a really awesome gift that just so happens to be eco-friendly can really help encourage change. You can inspire a home garden, make packing a lunch for work a bit easier with an eco-friendly lunch bag and greener, or even gift someone jewelry or home decor that's made from recycled materials. 

Animal lovers might like the idea of adopting a monkey while this gift helps feed birds in the wild. 

Give back by purchasing a pair of TOMS shoes or a bag that gives back to the Wildlife trust. 

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