35 Best Camping Gifts: The Ultimate Christmas List

Shopping for a lover of the outdoors who’s known to enjoy a good camping trip? Our list of the best camping gifts has tracked down some awesome deals on camping equipment that will turn you into an instant holiday hero!

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  • ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

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    Not every campsite includes a picnic table for game playing and meal time - especially if it's a bit off the beaten path. If you're shopping for someone who enjoys camping on public land and non-traditional campgrounds then this 27 by 27 inch table will be a major game changer for them!

    ALPS’s approach to the campsite table is unique and effective. Rather than having a hard top, this table is built with foldable fabric that is pulled taught by strapping when erected. The table folds and breaks down into roughly the size of a folding chair, allowing for a very portable dining and gaming space.

    ALPS also includes an 8×36 inch shoulder carry bag for even easier transport.  The tabletop is taught, but not suitable for drinks so there are cup holders located on a lower level underneath the main table surface. It also keeps the table clutter-free which is a nice design.

    For road-tripping and other space-saving camping endeavors, this is the perfect table for folding up and strategically packing. We all know that challenging game of truck-bed or back seat Tetris when it comes time to pack up and move to the next campground - saving space where you can is always a good call.

    Weighing in at seven pounds, this table isn’t quite as light as it is portable, but it's still not heavy in our book considering what it's function is! A unique and practical camping gift that will likely change the way whoever you're shopping for does dinner and game night! 

  • BioLite Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit/Grill

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    Here's a radical new device from Biolite that will make for an awesome camping gift! The Smokeless Firepit/Grill is a fascinating and effective innovation in both campfires and grill sytems - and we're giving you exclusive access to a 20% off code only available through Heavy! Just use the code BIOHEAVY at Amazon's checkout for $40 off! 

    The idea of this device is to create a portable campfire that is essentially smokeless. By using a built-in fan/airflow system this firepit feeds the flames oxygen in key points to get a roaring fire going in moments. You can control flame intensity by hand or by connecting to the device with your smartphone via bluetooth - pretty neat. It's a super efficient system that really allows you to fine tune how hot and how fast you burn your fuel (without having to move your seat every few minutes due to billowing smoke)

    The firepit also has two levels - one for cordwood and one for charcoal if you want to use it as a grill. You can see through the entire device because it's built with a unique X-ray mesh allowing for 360-degree heat output and flame visibility. It's furthermore an ideal size that can be easily broken down (folding legs) and carried anywhere you would lug along a standard sized cooler! The backyard, campground, beach or fishing hole are all appropriate settings for this versatile firepit!

    The 10,400 mAh power pack that drives the fan system can also be utilized as a USB compatible power bank for your other devices making this unit that much more effective as a wilderness companion!      

    Make sure to check out this product video for a closer look at the new BioLite Firepit!




  • ProHealth Titanium Lightweight 3-Piece Pot and Pan Camping Cookware Set

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    This pot and pan set from ProHealth will make a great addition to any camp kitchen. If you're shopping for someone that enjoys cooking elaborate meals at the campground, they'll love the liberty to cook this set gives them. The titanium construction of these pots and pans makes the set ultralight (just under ten ounces) while remaining exceptionally durable, and all the pieces are effectively tasteless and odorless. 

    Due to the materials used, this set will not corrode or rust longterm. All the pieces are furthermore non-allergenic for those campers who keep an eye out for that. This cookware set is also dishwater safe, so you may even consider using it at home.

    The lid-pan and pots can be nestled together to create a double boiler or of course can be used apart from each other. The whole set nests together for compact storage and also includes a mesh carrying pouch. This set is excessive for a solo backpacker, but would make an for an excellent addition to more stationary camp kitchens. 

  • Wealers Camp Kitchen Utensils + Organizer

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    Here's a nifty little utensils set complete with a compact organizer for your favorite camp chef! This is a great camping gift for anyone who preps and cooks meals at the campground that is a far better alternative to a  milk crate full of spatulas and plastic cutlery.

    This entire set packs neatly into the tough woven cotton organizer, each utensil having its own slot or pouch. Everything you need for making a good camp meal is here - a cutting board, ladel, tongs, corkscrew, rice paddle, kitchen knife and more! The organizer pouch even comes in a variety of colors! 

    The only thing left out here is cutlery for sitting down to eat. If you think the camper you're shopping for could use some eating utensils too, check out this highly reviewed travel set!  

  • Thermos 34 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Press

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    Coffee while camping is imperative. There's nothing better than waking up to the birds, boiling some water and making a fresh brew for the campsite. A new French press is an AWESOME gift for anyone who's as enthusiastic about coffee as they are camping. This 34 ounce unit from Thermos is the ideal camping press due to its larger size, indestructibility and ease of use and cleanup. 

    This is a vacuum insulated stainless steel press so it keeps coffee hot for hours and will not shatter if it gets knocked around. We're talking about a piece of camp gear here, not a kitchen accessory so this bad boy has been built tough. It's larger size can serve several campers with one brew and prepping and cleaning up is a total breeze. 

    For some other camp coffee gift ideas make sure to check out our list of the best coffee makers for camping and backpacking.   

  • Hap Tim – Waterproof Picnic Backpack for 4

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    This unique picnic backpack is one of our favorite gift ideas in this list. If who you're shopping for loves to outdoor picnic with a partner or friends, or if they enjoy dining in the wilderness on their own this bag is a must have.

    Made of high quality nylon fabric, this backpack is built tough on top of being pretty darn waterproof. The main storage compartment is oversized and built with a premium insulation lining for keeping food and drink either hot or cold.

    A detachable wine bottle holder is also compatible with the side of this pack, so this is a good one for wine drinkers too! I really love how Hap Tim has set up the included cutlery set, it’s truly an effective bag for hiking into your favorite lunch spot to dine in style.

    Hap Tim even includes all the cutlery, wine glasses and other dining necessities pictured - it’s seriously great value for the cost! Customer reviews even rave about the quality of the included picnic blanket - HapTim has not cut any corners with this one. 

    A rad gift for a rad camper that will definitely be the work-horse behind many a memorable picnic! 

  • Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed: 35 Degree Synthetic

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    Shopping for an outdoorsman or woman who often camps with a partner? Is that partner you? Either way, this is a righteous two-person sleeping bag that provides exceptional warmth, comfort and SPACE! It's perfect for camping couples and for solo sleepers who love extra room to sprawl out!

    This poly-fiber synthetic sleeping bag is rated down to 35 degrees F, so it's nearly an all-season sleep system. If who you're shopping for is going to be sleeping with a partner in this cozy double-bag then they can likely endure even colder temps due to the increased body heat. 

    On top of being a sleep system for two, this is no ordinary sleeping bag. The Frontcountry bed is a zipperless sleeping bag that employs a comforter flap to trap (or release) heat. It's a snug cocoon that spares you the hassle of zippers and feels more like your bed at home than a sleeping bag. There's also a foot vent for releasing some heat on warmer nights as well as an integrated sleeping pad sleeve to ensure your pad doesn't run away on you in the night! Sierra Designs has gone the whole nine yards with this one - and it's still priced super reasonably!

    There are a few different size options available, going all the way up to Queen sizing so whoever you're shopping for will never be short on sleeping space while camping ever again! In fact, they're going to need a bigger tent! 

  • The Down Puffy Blanket by Rumpl

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    Here is an awesome gift idea that the camper you have in mind will never see coming. The Down Puffy Blanket by Rumpl is a killer outdoor blanket/comforter that will make the ultimate cozy camping companion.

    These things are seriously rad. Rumpl recently sent me a Down Puffy Blanket to try out (along with their insanely soft Sherpa Fleece/Down Blanket), and it's instantly become one of my favorite pieces of outdoor gear! It's essentially just a down blanket...that's it! It's just like a down sleeping bag in the sense that it has remarkable insulating ability and can be compressed to ridiculously tiny dimensions. It's built durable from ripstop nylon and has a DWR finish to keep from getting soaked, so this blanket is campsite ready!  

    The perfect addition to a cold night of tent camping, or a super toasty throw to use around the campfire. The applications of this blanket are endless!     

  • Schrade SCAXE2 Stainless Steel Survival Hatchet

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    Every campsite needs a good hatchet. The ability to cut kindling from larger pieces of wood when you don’t feel like searching in the dark for smaller sticks is a beautiful thing. This survival hatchet by Schrade is a top choice for splitting wood at the campsite, and also has some practical survival features that might come in handy even if you're not in survival mode! If you're shopping for a regular camper they will love the portability and dependability of this little powerhouse hatchet. 

    Thi stool has a titanium coated stainless steel head and a fiber glass filled handle. It's a tough little hatchet that's built to last. The ergonomic black TPR rubber grip, in particular, has a nice balanced weight and feels great in your hand. At less than a pound and a half, this smaller sized camp-hatchet is potentially even lightweight enough to come along backpacking.

    The total length of this tool is just under 12 inches, so it’s quite a compact and packable. A hammer pommel on the back side of the head is great for pounding stakes and an extra large ferro rod for starting primitive fires is also hidden within the handle.  All in all, this hatchet by Schrade is a highly reviewed camp and survival item that will make an awesome addition to any outdoor gear locker.

  • Stanley Classic Flask

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    Here's a hilarious camping gift that will without a doubt be a hit! If who you're shopping for is known to enjoy a stiff drink at the campsite, they'll get a kick out of this rugged outdoor flask from Stanley. 

    It's an 8 ounce, stainless steel, BPA free flask crafted in the classic Stanley style. It's tough, leakproof and built with a wide mouth for easy filling. There are many colors to choose from, but we love the aesthetic of the Hammertone Green color. Nothing says "camping" like Stanley and booze! 

  • Stanley Vacuum Stein

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    Here's one more camping drinking accessory we wanted to tip you off on in case you're shopping for a big-time beer drinker. The Stanley 24 ounce Vacuum Stein is the ultimate stainless steel vessel for campground beer drinking. 

    This unit effectively keeps your brew cold as ice, has a latching lid for spill control and enough capacity for tall pours - because we're talking about camping here, right? The inside of the lid is also stainless steel so there is no plastic contact with your beer, nice!

    A silly but rugged camping gift that also makes for a great overall camp mug - no doubt another winner from Stanley.  

  • Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove

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    What’s camping without a portable, but powerful grill? When it comes to morning pancakes or cooking up some burgers and dogs, the Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove is the perfect companion. This simple and reliable unit is a great camp stove and grill all in one. The design allows for use of the stove and grill at the same time, so you can very efficiently prep and cook your meals. A camp stove is great, a grill is even better - both in the same unit is ideal!

    Coleman’s Wind Block panels help shield the burners from any wind and can also be folded down and utilized as side tables. I can’t speak highly enough about this feature - when struggling to cook in high winds out in the field it’s beyond helpful to have protection from frustrating gusts. This grill/stove is also exceptionally fuel efficient which makes it great for road-trippers and every-weekend campers. 

    This unit puts out 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power over the stove and 130 square inches of grill space. so there’s practically nothing this grill can’t do in terms of camp cooking. It fits up to a 10 inch pan on the stove and has just enough room to cook for the whole family on the grill. Despite its compact, highly packable size you can cook a solid amount of food at once with this one! 

    Perfect for all sorts of outdoor scenarios, this is one hell of a camping gift that will see some heavy use in its lifetime! 

  • Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

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    It's no surprise that nylon hammocks are a big up and coming outdoor item these days. A good camping hammock packs small, can be set up in a variety of places and is a super cozy option for both campsite lounging and sleeping. This double hammock by Winner Outfitters is perhaps the ultimate camping gift considering how many A+ naps it will likely see.

    At just one and a half pounds and exceptionally compressible, this unit packs super compact. This hammock has a whopping 500 pound weight limit, which is quite impressive considering just how tight it packs. The 210T nylon parachute fabric used to build the hammock body is what allows it to be both strong and ultralight.

    Winner Outfitters includes two tree friendly straps and carabiners with their hammock so it comes ready to hang. At this price point this is a killer value hammock! Customer reviews praise this one for its spaciousness, easy set-up, and durability. Winner Outfitters also makes a single hammock in the same style if you think whoever you're shopping for would value less packed weight over sprawl space.

  • Coleman Tent Kit

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    No explanation really needed here. This is an awesome little kit of tenting essentials that will make the perfect gift for an avid camper. This is the sort of gear all of us campers misplace, don't own even though it's super applicable or need to replace. Sometimes it's the little things that get left undone (or un-purchased), this is a great opportunity to stock up the camper(s) you love with some basic, but staple gear.

    This tent kit from Coleman includes some extra robust stakes, a mallet for pounding into tough ground and a stake puller for removing stakes out of that same tough ground. There's also a little brush and dustpan included which is worth the cost of this set alone. It's always a smart move to keep your tent floor clear of twig, pebbles and debris to ensure long lifespan, especially when breaking it down for storage. A great stocking stuffer or add-on gift, this kit from Coleman is an unsung hero! 

  • LuminoLite Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light

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    Here's an awesome little reading light that can be used in a tent with others without disturbing anyone. Yes, you could use your regular camping headlamp, but why waste the battery life of perhaps your most important camping tool when the LuminoLite provides 7-40 hours of light on just one charge! The way this rechargeable LED light rests over your shoulders is also more conducive to reading than using a headlamp. 

    This is a great camping gift for the right type of outdoorsman or woman that will likely end up being used for meal prep, card games and rummaging through dark backpacks as well. A cheap yet thoughtful gift from LuminoLite that's bound to be a hit! 

  • Reebow Tactical Gear 115 Piece First Aid Kit

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    This is a thoughtful gift for your favorite camper that they hopefully won't need, but really oughta own! This 115 piece, inclusive first aid kit from Reebow Tactical Gear is a great portable option for camping that has not cut any corners. 

    It's irresponsible to be unprepared in the event of a medical emergency - this first aid kit will ensure that whoever you're shopping for is prepared with some basic medical treatment. The whole kit is only about eight by five inches and weighs just a pound so it's barely a burden to bring along. 

    It includes everything you would expect to find in a standard first aid kit plus a few items that make it the go to option for camping and the outdoors. A rescue whistle, compass, light stick and raincoat make this particular kit a solid camping option. Give the gift of safety this year to your favorite camper(s) and sleep a little easier while they're out in the field! 

  • Mr. Heater 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Propane Radiant Heater

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    Rr. Heater's tent friendly space heaters are a crowd favorite among campers. Outdoorsmen all over praise this unit for its safe and reliable heat output. When it’s just too brutally cold outside to enjoy yourself, there is no shame in using a device like this to come back to life. If the camper you're shopping for often braves savage winter temperatures, the gift of a tent-friendly space heater might blow their mind and change the way they winter camp forever!

    This unit puts out 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs for spaces up to 225 square feet. That's more than enough heat for most style campsites. If it detects low oxygen the Mr. Heater has an auto shut-off feature which is of course a crucial feature. This type of technology should be taken seriously in terms of safety, fortunately, this device has been mindfully designed to remain safe at all times. Not only does it detect oxygen levels, it auto-shuts off if it tips over or if the pilot light goes out.

    All you have to do is connect the Mr. Heater to a propane tank and you can turn the heat on! No doubt a great gift for camping later into the season, ice fishing or more intense winter expeditions to name a few applications. 

  • WakaWaka 10000mAh Power Bank, 10W Solar Panel, & Accessories

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    This solar panel power kit from WakaWaka is beyond cool. If the camper you're shopping for goes off grid for days at a time, they will flip out over this set! This purchase includes a portable solar panel charger, a high quality power bank, two rechargeable flashlights and a waterproof bag to hold it all. It's the ultimate system for keeping all your devices charged, and the flashlights and dry bag are pretty killer as well!

    The solar panel will charge the power bank in six to twelve hours depending on the light intensity or it can be fully charged in three hours on the wall charger. There are three separate USB ports on the power bank as well as one micro USB so you can charge a lot of devices at once. The average smartphone will fully charge about four times on just one power bank charge - impressive. WakaWaka sent me out their power bank last year and I never leave home for a camping trip without it. 

    This is seriously practical gear to own if you camp away from outlets for extended periods. No doubt a killer gift for any type of outdoor enthusiast!     


  • Skygenius 8×21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars

    Our Review

    The gift of a new pair of binoculars is a great outdoors gift for an avid camper that will see a lot of use wildlife viewing and looking out over the landscape. This pair from SkyGenius is both highly affordable and very well reviewed for clarity.

    This is not a particularly advanced or top notch pair of binoculars, but it’s a good quality product at a great price, definitely an excellent value buy.

    These are magnified at 8×21 meaning objects appear 8 times closer than they are. The second number (21) references to the diameter in millimeters of the objective lenses (the front end of the binoculars). The wider the front lenses are, the more light gathering ability they have, so it correlates to a clearer and brighter clearer image.

    Also remember the higher the magnification, the less stability the binoculars will have when viewing. You really need a steady hand (or a mount of some sort) to effectively use a super high powered pair. We included this 8×21 pair because they provide some good magnification and pack small.

    This compact pair is only 4.14 by 3.62 by 2.35 inches and 6.17 ounces - perfect for tossing in a hiking backpack. If you like the idea of gifting a higher quality pair of binoculars to the camper you're thinking of, check out this 10×42 pair by Holisouse or this 10×42 pair by Bushnell!

  • ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot

    Our Review

    Is the camper you're shopping for in the market for a new cot? The Ready Lite Cot is a compact, lightweight (4 pounds 13 ounces) camping cot sporting a 300-pound weight capacity. This is a great value sleep system that hangs with the best of the best at a much lower cost. 

    This is designed as an ultralight, minimalist camping cot. The sleeping surface on Ready Lite is 78 by 28 inches - as far as backpacking cots go that’s an above average amount of space. When assembled, the height is 7.5 inches furthermore making this ultralight cot feel more like a regular camp cot. When broken down and packed into the carry bag, this unit is only 7 by 17 inches. 

    The five-legged aluminum frame and ripstop fabric body are simple/minimalist in design yet still tough as nails. There’s no special joints or segments to this camping cot which equals less potential issues down the line.

    Assembly is a breeze - just slide in the side poles and snap the leg supports into place. Fitting everything back into the carry bag is also quite simple which is a BIG bonus in our book.  

    If you like the idea of giving the gift of a new cot but this option is either too minimalist or too expensive, check out our top list of camping cots for both some more luxurious and inexpensive options!

  • Big Agnes Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

    Our Review

    A sleeping pad is no doubt a very personal item. This is a difficult type of camping gift to attempt to buy for someone, but the Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad from Big Agnes is a fail-safe option that any camper will be thrilled to own!

    This is a fairly minimalist sleeping pad meaning it packs compact ( 4 by 7 inches) and lightweight (20 ounces). Although it's designed with backpacking in mind, this pad is still quite thick and comfortable considering it's packed dimensions and weight. Reviews insist this is a great pad for sleeping on your side due to its thickness and that it makes a cozy seat as well (your backside will NOT touch the ground).

    The comfort and packability is due to the I-beam construction. It's an air-channel design that holds air flawlessly and keeps the sleeper effectively centered on the pad.

    The nylon fabric used is super durable, and there's furthermore a patch kit included just in case. Big Agnes has even applied an antimicrobial treatment to the Air Core Ultra to prevent the growth of microorganisms. For the cost, this is a pretty dam good value sleeping pad - and you gotta love the peace of mind of buying from a trusted outfitter. 

    Make sure to check out our list of the best camping pads for some alternative options if you like this camping gift idea!

  • Helinox – Swivel Chair

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    True camping requires a proper throne. A luxurious outdoor seat is the perfect camping gift for any style wilderness enthusiast. Who says you have to pull up a log and roast marshmallows with a sore bottom? We're not judging if that's what your camping friends and family are into, but this swivel seat from Helinox is in our opinion a MAJOR step up from using what nature has to offer. 

    This bad boy sets up and breaks down in just moments, and it carries quite compact too! The shock-corded aluminum pole structure simply snaps into place and wha-lah, you've got a swivel seat! It's very well reviewed for comfort and strength so this is a good option for larger sized campers as well. The Swivel Chair is also built with a breathable mesh on all sides which ensures you get a breeze and also reduces weight. 

    The beauty of being able to turn and face your fellow campers is underrated, Helinox is really onto something here. This chair also leans back fairly far if you're shopping for someone who's known to love a good recliner. 

    If you like the idea of gifting a nice new camp chair, make sure to check out our list of the most comfortable chairs for camp outs!

  • Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

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    Who doesn't love a hot shower after a few days of camping? Why wait!? Solar Showers are a brilliant, eco-friendly solution to showering in the great outdoors, and they're cheap and easy to operate!  This will make an awesome and affordable camping gift that will absolutely see a TON of use in the field!

    The premise here is simple - fill up the bladder, allow it to heat up in the sun, and wha-lah! You've got a hot shower when you're ready! Alright, maybe it's warm and not hot, but it's still quite the luxury considering you're camping! 

    This is a killer, all inclusive unit that comes at an excellent value! Not only does this purchase include the insulated solar bag for heating your shower water - it also features a built-in shower nozzle, side pocket for soaps and toilet-trees and a temperature gauge that displays water temp! For the cost, this is an impressive outdoor shower system.

    There are bundle-options available through this same link if you're interested in purchasing a solar shower for all your camping pals, and Advanced Elements also offers a slightly smaller and more portable, 3-gallon sized option here.   


  • Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

    Our Review

    Shopping for someone who's known to camp in campgrounds, public land or backcountry sites without facilities? Here’s a super simple camping gift idea that's perfect for outdoorsmen and women who often find themselves far from restrooms in the great outdoors.

    The Luggable Loo by Reliance Products is essentially just a five gallon bucket that's been modified into a toilet.  A snap-on toilet seat and lid and a metal carry handle make it a fine option for relieving one's self in the field. This is an effective solution for campers who need a self-contained toilet system but don’t care too much about comfort.

    Using the Lauggable Loo is as simple as securing a bag within the bucket and then emptying it once it's near full. Reliance Products recommends pairing this toilet with their specially made Double Doodie Toilet Bags, but just about any durable trash bag will work. The snap-on lid keeps odor from escaping fairly well, but tell whoever you're shopping for to try putting some peat moss in the bag each time they use the toilet to guarantee there’s no offensive smell. If you there's no space to bring along a bag of peat moss, dirt, leaves and pine needles are the next best thing.

    A simple camp toilet solution at a low cost - no doubt a great camping gift choice for the right person you can all have a chuckle over. You can also purchase just the snap on toilet lid if you think the camper you're shopping for likely already owns a five gallon bucket.

  • Image Portable Camping Fan with LED Lighting

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    Here's an underrated camping item that just might save the life of whoever you're shopping for. A camping fan that can be hung in your tent is a major unsung hero in my opinion. When it's really hot and muggy out and time to turn in for the night a little bit of breeze can mean the world!

    This unit has two fan speeds and a hook to hang from your tent ceiling. It's a pivotal piece of gear for hot, summer-time camping that can improve sleep quality immensely on those impossibly steamy nights! There's even some built in LED lighting that is powered off the same D batteries for rummaging around your tent or use as a reading light! 

    When everyone is groaning and struggling to keep themselves peeled to their sticky sleeping bags in the high heat of summer, the camper you're shopping for will be dreaming away with a cool breeze from this bad boy! 

  • Big Agnes – MtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit

    Our Review

    Some area lighting for camping is an awesome gift that a lot of outdoorsmen and women overlook. If you're shopping for a camper who "has it all" this could be a great gift idea they don't already own. 

    Big Agnes has come up with a sweet lighting system with their MtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit. It's essentially just 100 inches of LED lighting encased in nylon tubing that's powered by a low profile AAA battery pack (just three batteries total). It's perfect for hanging up in a tent to creative effective night-time lighting, around your camp table for games or mealtime or maybe even used for assistance navigating the campsite once it's dark!

    The lighting will stay bright for up to or over an impressive 30 hours on just three AAA batteries, so whoever you're shopping for should be more than all set for weekend camping trips! Six clips along the lighting make the applications endless - no doubt a great camping gift that will see some use! 

  • Leatherman Wingman Multitool

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    Every camper needs a trusty multitool. Whether you're sharpening sticks to roast marshmallows, need a pair of pliers for unhooking a fish or a screwdriver for setting up that new camp chair, a Leatherman is a great go to option!

    These stainless steel multitools are a great gift idea that will last a lifetime if treated nicely. In fact, Leatherman even includes a 25 year limited warranty - a sure sign of a reliable product. This particular model has 14 tools, it's not a super inclusive multitool but all the essentials are here! Absolutely a thoughtful camping gift that won't be limited to use just in the great outdoors!

  • Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Our Review

    Here's a crowd favorite when it comes to outdoor footwear. This might be more of a hiking gift than a camping gift, but a good camping trip should involve some trekking so we wanted to turn you onto this killer pair of ultralight hiking shoes from Merrell anyways! This link is for the men's sizing - here's a link to the women's version of the Moab 2s

    These are a kind of hybrid between hiking boots and sneakers. the Moabs provide excellent traction and durability like a trekking boot, yet maintain the light weight and easy on and off comfort of a sneaker. They are effectively waterproof and feature a Vibram sole - arguably the best in the business. 

    Hiker reviews insist these sneaker/boots are exceptionally comfortable on even long treks and keep your feet both dry and ventilated. The Moabs also receive custom insoles quite nicely if you want to use your own orthopedic inserts. If the camper you're shopping for has never owned a pair of Merrells, this is a great model to start them on that will likely get them hooked on the brand! 

  • Chaco Z2 Classic Sport Sandal

    Our Review

    Every avid camper has a beat-around pair of shoes or slippers for the campground - the Z2 Sport Sandals by Chaco are the ultimate option in camping footwear. These are an excellent option for kicking on and off easily when moving to and from your tent, but they're also more than adequate for use hiking, fishing, rafting and general romping around the outdoors.

    Chacos have been my choice of camp shoe for over a year now. They are just as easy as traditional sandals to pop on and off, yet they provide some pretty killer support and traction. They are definitely a bit heavy for sandals, but the soles feel good and can be trekked in all day - something definitely not characteristic of regular sandals or flip-flops. You could even wear socks in these sandals if temps get a bit chilly (don't worry we won't tell). If the person you're shopping for doesn't own a pair of Chacos, chances are they're going to live in these things. 

    They're great for both men and women (all sizing available through this link) and are offered in a wide array of color/pattern options. Don't sleep on these versatile sandals, they just might be the gift of the year! 

  • United By Blue 22 Ounce Field Guide Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Our Review

    A water bottle is a bit of a boring gift, but not if the person you're shopping for needs one! Honestly, whether or not they already own one, this super rad stainless steel bottle from United By Blue will be their new instant favorite.

    I was sent one of the Field Guide 22 ounce bottles to test out, and I love both the aesthetic and function! It's a very attractive water bottle that's fun to look over, especially if you're a wilderness-loving nature nerd! Trees, fish, birds and other critters line this water bottle illustrated in a field guide type of style.

    The braided paracord loop attached to the handle is also a great touch that allows for easy attachment to a pack! No doubt a solid camping gift that will be cherished by any lover of the outdoors!   

  • LifeSaver Liberty Water Filter Purification Bottle

    Our Review

    The new Liberty Botle from LifeSaver is an incredible innovation in safe water filtration that could be perfect for certain camping trips! It's a super easy to use portable water filter that both travelers and outdoorsmen are raving about. LifeSaver sent me out a Liberty Bottle to test out and I've been impressed with its performance.

    Using this filter is effortless. It's as simple as filling the bottle, pumping the pump a few times and wha-lah, clean water! LifeSaver has also included their five-foot "Scavenger Hose" with this filter that helps in accessing harder to reach water sources. You can filter contaminated water at a rate of 1.2 liters per minute with the hose attachment - perfect for larger groups and for filling containers for the campsite.

    The best part about the Liberty Bottle is that it's built to last due to its inherently rugged design and replaceable filter components. LifeSaver even offers a two year warranty on the product! 

    For a closer look at how the filter works, check out this video!

  • Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can

    Our Review

    Alright, this isn't the most exciting gift, but it could be just what the camper you're shopping for needs for their next wilderness outing! This pop-up trash can is a great alternative to hanging a standard trash bag somewhere at the campsite, and it could be used for all sorts of other functions as well! Collect kindling, store dirty laundry or use it as a mobile pantry - the applications are endless! 

    Once popped open, this portable trash can stakes down into the ground so it stays put and even has some clips along the inner rim for securing your trash bag. There's also a zippered lid that keeps stench in and critters out. A simple and cheap alternative to using a nasty camp trash bag for all your waste! 

  • Sawyer Products Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin

    Our Review

    You can't camp without insect repellent! Sawyer Products has come up with a super effective, great value bug defense option with their Picaridin Insect Repellent Lotion. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for bug-enduring campers!

    It's effective for up to 14 hours against mosquitos and ticks, and up to 8 hours against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. The formula is safe for the whole family and won't harm clothing, fishing line, firearm finishes or any synthetic fabrics! Score! 

  • United By Blue – Trail Weekender Duffel

    Our Review

    The Trail Weekender Duffel from United By Blue is a great value, smaller sized duffel that will make a great camping gift! This unit is perfect for packing up and hitting the woods for the weekend, and it looks dam sharp too!

    The spacious interior pocket is equipped with a padded laptop sleeve while the exterior of the pack features a convenient zippered pocket. The bag is treated to be water repellent and stain resistant so it's handsome aesthetic won't become trashed by the outdoors. United By Blue has also included a removable crossbody strap for convenient carrying in certain situations.

    There are six different unique patterns and colors to choose from, so find the duffel that best suits the camper you have in mind!