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25 Best Corporate Gifts for Clients or Employees

Corporate gifts are something you should consider giving to top performers, valued employees, important clients, or administrative staff. Discover inspired ideas for business gifts.

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Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

When the holidays roll around, it's traditional for business owners and executives to purchase business-appropriate gifts. But gift-giving doesn't have to be limited to the holiday shopping season. Giving gifts year-round is a great way to improve staff morale, thank an important client, or reward a key player in your company for outstanding work.

That said, the holidays represent only one opportunity to give gifts. As Christina Conrad writes on Medium, only giving corporate gifts for Christmas may make them seem expected, or they may wind up lost in the shuffle. Developing a strategy for giving gifts goes a long way.

No matter what your reason for shopping for a business gift might be, we're here to help you find something thoughtful that's still on-budget. This list focuses on a range of items for showing gratitude, making work easier, and celebrating wins.

Employee Gift Ideas Under $10

Depending either on the rules at your workplace or the number of employees you're planning to buy for, it might be necessary to keep the budget low. This could be to reduce the concern of favortism or just because your workplace doesn't allow for gifts.

Our list features a good spectrum of pricing, but only one gift under $10 at the time of this writing: MaxGear Professional Metal Business Card Holder.

For more ideas, consider the following employee gifts ideas under $10:

Client Gifts Under $10

When it comes to giving client gifts, the rules are even stricter. For one thing, you're only allowed to deduct up to $25 per year for client gifts, so it's not a business expense per se. Things can also get murky when it comes to what could be construed as a bribe, depending on your industry.

That said, you shouldn't shy away from giving gifts to clients. They're a great way to show appreciation for their business. When giving gifts to clients, you're usually trying to accomplish one of two things: expressing your gratitude that they chose to work with you or wishing them well on their business journey.

In a sense, even though you're sort of the client's employee, you can consider gifts you'd give to an employee because clients are also hustling to make it happen.

When closing a deal, launching a site or product, or just celebrating a good quarter, sending a simple gift helps to keep you at the front of their mind and adds a personal touch to any business relationship. Demonstrating that you care about them as people can certainly help to improve repeat business and make the relationship more substantial for everyone involved.

Consider these client gifts under $10:

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