27 Best Gifts for Your New Boyfriend (2019)

Whether you are at the stage where you call him “boyfriend” or you’re still trying to decide if you even like this guy, we’re here to help you out. Our gift guide is packed with gift ideas for your new boyfriend, FWB, or on-again-off-again guy.

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Remember that episode of The Office where Kelly and Ryan hook up the day before Valentine's Day, and it's weird and awkward afterwards? That kind of thing happens more often than you think. People start new relationships in late January or early February, and then feel a little awkward when they come up to Valentine's Day. Or they start dating just before Xmas, or only a few weeks before their new partner's birthday. And it's tough to be in that situation. Your relationship is still new, but you're surrounded by all these decorations and trappings of the most romantic day of the year, and that puts a ton of stress on any new relationship.

When a birthday or holiday rolls around, finding a gift is a fraught proposition. A big lavish gift may not be the right play, because you guys are still getting to know each other. Perhaps you don't want to appear clingy or more invested in the relationship than he is. You may not be at the "I love you" stage yet, or even at the stage where you're using a term like "boyfriend" to describe your relationship. A card may seem too impersonal. What you want is a small gift, thoughtfully chosen, and not overly romantic.

We've tried to stay away from cliched, overly-romantic gift ideas. If you want to get him a gift, but are worried about coming on too strong, these offbeat gift ideas are a way to show you care without losing your chill. Every relationship is different, and every person has different needs. Use your best judgement when selecting a gift from our guide above. 


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