12 Best Rick and Morty Gifts: The Ultimate List

rick and morty christmas gifts

If there’s one thing we were sure of, it’s that Rick and Morty fans are a polarizing bunch. On one hand, you have those that just simply love the show, its jokes, and want more from Rick Sanchez and his sidekick, his grandson Morty. But then you also have the freaks who freak out because McDonald’s ran out of Szechuan sauce during their promotion, giving the fanbase a bad name.

But whether they’re the laid back or the rabid kind of fan, they both have one thing in common: they love the show. So, if you’re looking to shop for a fan of the show this holiday season, the list below contains 12 of the best Rick and Morty gift ideas.

Despite the show only just finishing its third season, we can be thankful that there is already a plethora of Rick and Morty gifts out there, ranging from official merchandise to prop replicas to board game reskins and so much more.

So if you’re looking for the coolest gifts for Rick and Morty fans this year, check out the list below:

1. Funko Rick & Morty Portal Gun Toy

rick and morty christmas gift ideas

Without Rick’s trusty portal gun, Rick & Morty would be just a regular animated family comedy like Family Guy or The Cleveland Show — and no one wants that. The Funko company has a great Rick and Morty Portal Gun Toy Replica. It’s 8-inches long, and it’s much better than the poorly made replica by Adult Swim. You won’t actually be able to travel between different dimensions/realities, but you’ll sure as hell have a lot of fun pretending.

Price: $23.97

Buy the Funko Rick & Morty Portal Gun here.

2. Rick and Morty Crew Socks

rick and morty gifts for christmas

Getting socks as gifts is inevitable, so why not get them some cool socks they’ll actually like? Check out these Rick and Morty Crew Socks by HYP. They’re a 97% polyester and 3% spandex blend, and they’re officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise. It’s a two-pair set, with one pair featuring “Look at Me I’m Mr. Meeseeks” with an image of Mr. Meeseeks, and the other featuring an image of Rick and “Let’s Get Schwifty”.

These comfortable socks fit shoe sizes 4-10, and they’re available now for $13.95 for the pair.

Price: $13.95

Buy the Rick and Morty Crew Socks here.

3. Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season Blu-Ray

gifts for rick and morty fans

Until the complete third season Blu-Ray comes out, the best Rick and Morty Blu-Ray is this, the Complete Second Season. I think Season 2 is when Rick & Morty really came into its own, with now-classic episodes like “Total Rickall”, “Get Schwifty”, and “A Rickle in Time”. It also had some great cameos, including Key and Peele, Christina Hendricks, Patton Oswalt, and even Stephen Colbert.

The Blu-Ray comes with a few special features, including Behind the Scenes, Animatics for every episode, commentaries for every episode, and deleted animatic sketches. It’s these special features that make having the Rick and Morty Season 2 Blu-Ray so essential for fans, and that’s why it’s on our list of the Best Rick and Morty Christmas gift ideas.

Price: $22.49

Buy the Rick & Morty: Complete Second Season Blu-Ray here.

4. Official Rick and Morty Coloring Book

rick and morty coloring book

Color your own alternate universe with the Rick and Morty Official Coloring Book by Titan Books (who makes many other adult coloring books, by the way). It’s a completionist’s dream, as each page is loaded with intricate details ready to be colored. It’s also highly rated on Amazon, with 95% rating it 4 stars or above. Some page examples include Krombopulos Michael the Hired Killer, a page dedicated to when Rick and Morty sing Get Schwifty, and more.

Price: $11.19

Buy the Official Rick and Morty Coloring Book here.

5. Rick and Morty Monopoly

rick and morty monopoly

One of the all-time best go-to gifts for anyone who loves literally anything is an anything-branded Monopoly, and USAopoly has a great Rick and Morty Monopoly Edition available now. It features a custom game board including locations from the show like Planet Squanch, Dwarf Terrace 9, Purge Planet, and more. The game board also features great Rick and Morty graphics and 6 collectible metal tokens (Council of Ricks’ Badge, Meeseeks Box, Portal Gun, Plumbus, Rick’s Car, and Snuffles’ Helmet).

Price: $32.30 (19 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rick and Morty Monopoly here.

6. Ripple Junction Szechuan Dipping Sauce T-Shirt

rick and morty t shrt

Who would’ve thought that some dumb Adult Swim cartoon would actually get McDonald’s to bring back their famed szechuan dipping sauce, but that’s exactly what happened in 2017. Get them a shirt that celebrates the return of szechuan dipping sauce from Ripple Junction. It’s a 50/50 cotton polyester blend shirt that comes in charcoal heather, athletic heather, or heater red. It comes in sizes small to 3XL. As of the time writing this, it sits at a full 5.0 stars on Amazon from over 40 customer reviews.

Price: $19.95

Buy the Rick & Morty Szechuan Dipping Sauce T-Shirt here.

7. Funko Pop Pickle Rick w/ Laser Figure

funko pickle rick

Of course, the Pickle Rick episode blew up quickly, spreading around the internet like wild fire. It was hilariously well-done, filled with nods to some of the best (and worst) of the action movie genre. While the Funko Pop Pickle Rick won’t actually be out in time for Christmas (it won’t release until January 19th), you can still tell them you ordered it for them, as every Rick and Morty fan is going to want the Funko Pickle Rick with the laser canon.

Funko Pops are one of the most popular toys, and it seems as though everyone is starting their own collection. Whether they already have some Funkos or not, the Pickle Rick is a great option.

We also included Pickle Rick in our list of the best new toys of the year.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Funko Pop Pickle Rick figure here.

8. Munchkin Rick and Morty

rick and morty munchkin

Like Monopoly, there are so many different versions of Munchkin that it can be tough to pick the right one to gift around Christmas time. But for the Rick and Morty fan, the Rick and Morty Munchkin game is a great Christmas gift idea for those who love the animated series. It comes with 168 cards, each featuring characters, items, or locations from the Rick and Morty universe (and alternate universes). It has 6 role cards, level trackers, and custom die as well. It’s recommended for ages 17+.

Munchkin is an award-winning card game that captures the essence of dungeon crawling, without any roleplaying. You and your friends will compete to kill monsters, grab magic items, and kill more monsters.

Price: $23.79 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Munchkin Rick and Morty here.

9. The Art of Rick and Morty

rick and morty christmas gift ideas

If you don’t fancy them interested in coloring their own Rick and Morty pages, how about a brilliant hardcover art book for the Rick and Morty fan in your life? It’s called The Art of Rick and Morty by James Siciliano, and it features some never before seen concept art from the Rick and Morty universes.  It also has a great glow-in-the-dark cover, so there’s that.

The book celebrates the grotesquely and endearing character designs found in the series, and it’s a celebration that any Rick and Morty fan can appreciate.

Price: $35.99 (Hardcover)

Buy the Art of Rick and Morty Book here.

10. Rick and Morty Snowball Pet Blanket

rick and morty pet blanket

While it might not be as nuanced as some of the other Rick and Morty gifts on this list, the Rick and Morty Snowball Pet Blanket from Loot Crate is fantastic. It features Snowball in his robot suit, ready to own the universe. It makes the perfect pet blanket for your dog. Just be sure to note that this IS NOT a throw blanket for the couch — it’s for their pet.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Rick and Morty Plush Pet Blanket here.

11. Rick & Morty Laser Gun

rick and morty laser gun

Of course, nothing would get done in the universe of Rick and Morty without Rick’s trusty laser gun, and you can buy a GREAT replica right on Amazon (via Hot Topic). It’s 10.4 inches long, and it’s made out of foam, making it perfect for cosplaying at conventions.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Rick & Morty Laser Gun here.

12. Mr. Meeseeks Box O’Fun Rick and Morty Dice Dares Game

rick and morty mr meeseeks

Recreate the fun of the classic fan-favorite Rick and Morty Episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” with this hilarious adult party game. It’s a box with a fancy button on the top that plays famous Meeseeks dialogue, and it doubles as a collectible item for their shelf.

Things get a little crazy here, as the dare cards create some truly uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. Please, don’t buy this for kids — the cards simply aren’t appropriate and you’ll regret it.

But for the right Rick and Morty fans, the Mr. Meeseeks Box O’Fun is a great Christmas gift idea, and you know it’s great because it comes from Cryptozoic Entertainment (who also made the Anatomy Park and Total Rickall games).

Price: $32.97 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Game here.

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