Where to Buy Truffles: The Ultimate Foodie Gift (2021)

The taste of a truffle can’t be described. It can only be experienced. Ready to experience the truffle mushroom yourself? (Or give the ultimate gift to anyone who likes to cook?)

Whether you’re looking for black truffles or white truffles (or even fresh truffles, available with rush shipping), you’ll find them in this comprehensive guide. Read on to discover where to buy truffles online.

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Where To Buy Truffles

If you live near high-end specialty stores, you can probably find fresh truffles there. Gourmet purveyors seek out European truffles, which are considered superior to truffles grown in other regions.

But if you don't frequent gourmet ingredient shops, don't worry: Today, you can buy real truffles online. Some companies specialize in shipping them quickly in special insulated packaging. Some of the suppliers listed above promise to deliver the fresh truffles within days of harvest.

But fresh truffles are expensive. (White truffles, considered the diamonds of the culinary world, are particularly pricey.) That's why we included black truffle oil, frozen truffles, dried truffles, and truffles preserved in products like truffle oil and other sauces. You don't have to spend a fortune to get truffles' flavor or to give them as a thoughtful gift to your favorite foodie home cook!

(Pro Tip: If you're ever in Amsterdam, and you ask someone where to buy truffles, you're going to end up with a very different kind of mushroom. Don't worry: This list includes gourmet truffles only.)

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Why are truffles so expensive?

Truffles are the ultimate luxury. During their short growing season, truffle hunters employ trained pigs or dogs to snuff out their scent underground. Then truffle dealers sell them to exclusive restaurants.

Because they're so rare, truffle purveyors can charge top dollar.

The white truffle is particularly expensive. Black truffles are known as the more affordable truffle (but they're still expensive).

If you're on a budget, don't worry -- you can still add truffle flavor to your dishes. Check out the truffle oil included above!

What are black truffles?

Black truffles were originally discovered in France. They grow under oak and hazelnut trees, and they're harvested in late autumn and winter.

What does a truffle taste like?

Truffles are known for their "umami" flavor. This savory flavor is sometimes referred to as "earthy," or "brothy." Other foods described as "umami" tasting can include seaweed and miso.

But most truffle lovers will tell you that nothing compares to the taste of fresh truffles. You'll have to try them for yourself! Which won't be too hard, now that you know where to buy truffles online. 

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