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9 Best Champagne Sabers: Your Easy Buying Guide

Popping open a bottle of champagne is a fun and memorable way to kick off a festive occasion. If you really want to impress a crowd, though, show off your bottle-opening skills with one of the best champagne sabers.

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What is sabrage?

The history of sabrage can be traced back to Cavalry Officers from Napoleon's army in the late 1700s, according to Sonoma Champagne Sabres. The same source suggests that the technique continued to be enhanced and perfected following each of Napoleon's victories.

Sabrage is also likely associated with a young widow named Madame Clicquot, says The Takeout. Clicquot was a French businesswoman who inherited her husband's wine business after he passed away. The widow would hand a bottle of champagne to each member of Napoleon's army as a parting gift. In turn, the men would expertly slice open the neck of the bottle to enjoy a ceremonial champagne shower.

While sabrage may now be more popular around the holidays, including New Year's Eve, you can use this handy skill to impress a crowd virtually any time of the year.

How do I choose the best champagne saber?

It may seem counterintuitive, but you don't need a sharp saber to successfully slice through a bottle of champagne (or sparkling beverage of your choice). You'll notice that many of the best champagne sabers on the market today actually have a relatively flat and dull blade to make an impact.

Many champagne sabers arrive ready to give as a gift, or at least proudly display around your home. In some cases, the accompanying gift boxes contain a notch or stand for displaying the saber. Decorative copper or gold accents add a festive touch to the handles of many of the best champagne sabers.

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