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21 Best Musical Snow Globes: The Ultimate List

Some gifts are cherished and held onto for years, decades even. They aren’t re-gifted, donated or thrown away because they hold a special place in our hearts. The snow globe is one of those gifts that we keep forever. Here are the best musical snow globes for your gift lists.

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Snow globes are gifts that typically stay with the receiver for the rest of their lives. People collect these and amass massive collections ranging in the hundreds and thousands of pieces. Some people look at these and only see snow globes. Most folks see these as works of art. They tell a story and they embody the winter spirit. There are a ton of different styles of snow globes from water-based globes that light up and play music to globes that change colors and vibrate there is something for everyone. Getting a snow globe as a gift is getting something that will hold a special place in your heart for as long as you have it. Giving a snow globe shows the person you give it to that you care enough to get something that is personalized to their liking. Whatever the reason there is a snow globe for everyone and typically when someone gets one as a gift they have a smile on their face that comes back every single time they play the song that comes with the globe. Add a little something to your holiday decorations or to the decor of your house. These globes have the ability to transform entire rooms in your living space or can add a bit of color to your desk at work.

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