Unique Wrapping Paper: 25 Best Designs for Xmas 2019

Choosing interesting Christmas gift wrap is the last step in the process of giving a thoughtful gift. Make the most of your gift giving this year with the best unique wrapping paper designs for Christmas.

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Gift Wrapping Paper

The practice of wrapping gifts originated in China around 200 BCE, which is quite a fine tradition to uphold. Whether you opt for simply wrapping the item in the packaging in which it was sold or going hilariously over the top by placing a very small item inside a Matryoshka doll-style series of boxes, you have a wide variety of choices to make about the wrapping paper itself.

It's true that you can pick up any old red and green paper from the local pharmacy on December 23rd, but for those of you who want to put a little more thought into it can be rewarded with whimsical, interesting designs on high quality paper. It adds another thoughtful element to your gift giving and can set your gifts apart under the tree.

Once you decide on a pattern, don't forget the Scotch tape. If you don't already have one, you might consider our list of the best cool tape dispensers. Otherwise the pop-up style dispenser is pretty great for use while wrapping gifts.

If you're planning to buy multiple rolls, we also recommend investing in a wrapping paper organizer, which can prevent damage and keep everything tidy during and after the season.

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