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21 Best Baseball Gifts for Kids

Most kids that play baseball start playing at a young age and stop when they hang up the cleats. Learning the right techniques early on can lead to a very successful baseball career. Ballplayers ALWAYS enjoy receiving gifts related to the sport that they love. America’s pastime, and one of the most popular sports on the planet, baseball.

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What are the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Ballplayers?

Depending on what type of ballplayer you are buying for there is a list of really great gift ideas to look into. If your ballplayer is serious and is looking to play in high school and college then there is a bigger focus on training and practice. If your player is more of a fan than a serious player there are some cool gifts and apparel to add to their holiday and birthday wish list. 

Every coach will tell you that practice and repetition are how a ballplayer develops skills that will make them a better player. From hitting hundreds of balls in the batting cage to catching hundreds of fly balls in the outfield, getting those reps is a great way to get rid of bad habits and create good ones. From pitchers and catchers to infielders and outfielders there are items that will enhance skills and that are a lot of fun to use.

Batting practice takes a few things to be beneficial to any baseball player. Judging the ball out of a pitcher's hand makes a huge difference between game situations to everyday batting practice. Having a pitching machine at a batter's disposal is a huge advantage to any ballplayer in developing the skills he/she needs to take their game to the next level and prepare them for more competitive baseball.

If you are raising or coaching a pitcher then you are going to need a way for that pitcher to simulate pitching off the mound at a batter. There are receiving nets like this one that will take throwing to the next level. Being able to hit the strike zone consistently with a batter standing in the box is the best practice for any aspiring pitcher. He/she needs to be aware of the batter's position from both the left and right sides as well as where the strike zone is in order to make the best pitches. This item can also be used indoors and outdoors for more practice time and less of an offseason.

Swing trackers are some of the coolest and newest technology for baseball players. By adding a tool to the knob of the bat you can track a player's swing speed, angle, and exit velocity. This will help diagnose any issues in a player's swing and help to correct them before he/she gets into a game situation. Taking advantage of this awesome technology will help get the most out of a player's practice routine and make them a better all-around player without having to film a swing like when I was in school.