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15 Best Boxed Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Okay, I will take one for the team this year and sample and research chocolates to determine the best boxed chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2023. What can I say? I’m selfless.

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The best boxes of chocolate for a gift are unique.

As much as chocolate boxes are a no-fail gift on Valentine's Day, that also means your lover will likely have received one before. If you're looking to impress, show them that you didn't just pick up a box of chocolates as an afterthought at the grocery store and go big with the best of the best.

Why chocolate?

Since the time it was only available to the upper class of the Aztec Empire, chocolate has been a taste associated with love. Frothy hot chocolate drinks were spiced with chilis and considered an aphrodisiac. Once colonial Europeans got a taste of it, it spread through Europe like wildfire.

It was a natural fit for a holiday of romance and courting. Saint Valentine's Day was first associated with romance in a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer where he remarks that all the birds choose their mates on "seynt Volantynys day." (English was still in the works in 1381.)

There's no evidence that any of the Saint Valentines, of which there are a few and there's an argument over which one is the holiday Valentine, had anything to do with love or courting before this poem. But like it or not, Saint Valentine will always be associated with love.

As Saint Valentine's Day rose in popularity, people began sending gifts of flowers, love letters, and other trinkets. Liquid chocolate drinks were understandably not convenient to mail to a sweetheart. In 1847, Joseph Fry invented chocolate you could eat by adding extracted cocoa butter back into the drinking cocoa powder, changing forever how we think of chocolate.

But it was Richard Cadbury (think Cadbury Creme Eggs) who began selling his chocolates in fancy boxes in 1861, advertising them as gifts with boxes that could then be used to hold love letters or other romantic mementos. It was a short jump from there to producing heart-shaped boxes during the now popular Valentine's Day--and the rest is history.