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25 Best Coffee Gift Baskets: The Ultimate List

One thing you might know about a great many people is that they drink coffee. Coffee gifts are both thoughtful and practical — even coffee the recipient doesn’t prefer makes excellent backup or emergency coffee in a pinch. To that end, coffee gift baskets may just be one of my favorite Christmas gifts to give.

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Ultimately, a fundamental truth about coffee is what makes it a good gift: it eventually runs out. Coffee lovers are likely to drink it everyday, which can, and usually does, lead to moments where they've forgotten to restock. Keeping them in good supply goes a long way to preventing this.

Additionally, creating moments of actually enjoying coffee and doing little else is relatively rare. Most die-hard coffee drinkers - myself included - consume most of their coffee while working or doing something else. Giving them a coffee gift basket with treats that complement the act of enjoying coffee can slow things down and really heighten the experience.

Make Your Own Coffee Gift Basket

Many of the options on this list focus more on coffee gift sets than baskets per se. By highlighting the coffee itself, you ensure a good drinking experience first. Sometimes it's the right call to go for the overflowing gift basket even if the coffee isn't the main attraction, particularly because this is what we picture when we think of gift baskets during the holidays.

By combining some of the coffee-only gift sets on this list, you can put your own personal touch by adding a specially-chosen item or two to it and then combining them into your own gift basket. For a coffee gift basket, you might include a Hario Mini Coffee Mill, a way to brew, like an Aerobie Aeropress or a Chemex, or, of course a high-quality travel mug like a YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler.

If you're buying coffee gifts for officemates, you may also want to reconsider the office coffee machine if you're also in position to buy appliances for the workplace.

Best Coffee Grinders to Pair with a Coffee Gift Basket

While some of the options on our list are available ground, coffee is best enjoyed when it remains in bean form until the moment someone goes to brew it. If you're gifting coffee to someone who doesn't have a coffee grinder yet, or has been making due with a cheap blade grinder that creates uneven grounds, consider upgrading their coffee experience with any of these grinder options:

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