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61 Top CrossFit Gifts: Gear Up for Success!

Every CrossFitter needs certain gear, equipment and more to smash through WODs. We’ve simplified your shopping with this huge list of our favorite CrossFit gift ideas for everyone, from beginners to elites.

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What Do You Get Someone Who Loves CrossFit?

If someone you know loves CrossFit, there are plenty of amazing gifts to support their active lifestyle. 

CrossFit workouts can be downright brutal. As such, the CrossFitter in your life is probably tough, hardworking and eager to take their training to the next level. Even a small gift like a callus remover can keep their bodies in top shape.

Another one of our favorites is the Yes4All Wood Plyo Box. It's great for jumps and building explosive lower body strength. It's also height-adjustable by simply flipping the box, so the entire family can get fitter together.

What Are Some Funny CrossFit Gifts?

Make them laugh with the 'I crossfit so I don't kill people' mug. It's a funny gift that will bring a smile to their face, even during intense workouts.

It seems like CrossFit mugs have the funniest messages. We always smile when we see the 'Coffee, Weights & Protein Shakes' mug. Constructed with durable ceramic, it's also tough enough to travel with them to the gym.

What Should I Get a CrossFitter for Christmas?

If you're stumped about a good CrossFit gift, this mega list has tons of suggestions. An inspirational book is a valuable resource, especially for newbies. Elite athletes might appreciate something like a percussion massage gun to recover faster for their next WOD.

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, which is where our carefully curated gift guide can come in handy. If they love running, browse our best running gift ideas for even more options.

We've carefully selected options for all budgets and abilities, so you'll feel confident choosing one of our highly recommended gifts.

What Does Every CrossFitter Need?

Whether they're just starting out or are a household name, there are basics every CrossFitter needs. For example, a recovery tool such as The Original Worm. It's a cost-effective way to relieve the aches and pains that every athlete gets.

If you're looking to give the gift of recovery after hard workouts, we suggest the Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage Gun, which comes with a separate heat attachment. Another one of our favorites is the LIFEAID FITAID Rx Zero Post-Workout Recovery Drink, which delivers creatine to muscles without any added sugar.