61 Best CrossFit Gifts (Updated!)

From beginners to elites, all CrossFit athletes need certain pieces of gear, equipment and more to smash through WODs. We’ve rounded up the best CrossFit gifts for every athlete, so scroll down to check out our favorite CrossFit gift ideas for everyone.

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What Do You Get Someone Who Loves CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts can be downright brutal. Make sure the athlete in your life is prepared to conquer WODs, or even just get through a training session, by having the essentials for the task. 

If you're looking for meaningful presents, we've rounded up the best CrossFit gifts for any athlete. Take a humorous approach with the 'I crossfit so I don't kill people' mug, which is also easy on the wallet. Another one of our favorites is the Yes4All Wood Plyo Box, which is height adjustable by simply turning the box as needed.

What Should I Get a CrossFitter for Christmas?

This list is a compilation of many different gift ideas for athletes of all levels. For example, you might find an inspiration book for someone who is just getting into the sport. Those who are a bit more advanced may need a new pair of lifting gloves or shin guards for extra protection. 

It's never to early to start your holiday shopping, which is where our carefully curated gift guide can come in handy. If you're looking for great gifts for CrossFitters, you'll find everything from books to snacks to workout equipment, essential clothing and more.

What Does Every CrossFitter Need?

Regardless of skill level, all athletes need to focus on recovery after a tough workout. You'll find tools for that essential period, from vibrating rollers to protein-packed recovery drinks and more. We're also big fans of percussion guns, which target specific areas to help speed up recovery. 

If you're looking to give the gift of recovery after hard workouts, we suggest the Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage Gun, which comes with a separate heat attachment. Another one of our favorites is the LIFEAID FITAID Rx Zero Post-Workout Recovery Drink, which delivers creatine to muscles without any added sugar.

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