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13 Best Gourmet Coffee Gifts: The Ultimate List

On the one hand, finding a gift for a coffee lover is easy: there’s a ton of coffee out there. On the other hand, real coffee lovers — coffee connoisseurs — usually demand the best. Enjoy this list of the very best gourmet coffee gifts.

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Whole Beans or Ground Coffee?

Most of the gifts on the list are whole beans. We make it clear, for each item, whether it's whole beans or already ground coffee. A couple of the gifts include other treats that are, of course, perfect go-withs for the coffee lover.

Another great reason to give the gift of coffee is that, in many ways, you're contributing to the good health of your coffee-lovin' friends. More on this topic at the bottom of the list.

There is an art to 1) roasting beans, an art to 2) making a great cup of coffee, and an art to 3) finding the perfect gift.

Recommended Alternatives to Just Cream and Sugar

One of the biggest issues many face with drinking coffee is that it can be LOADED with calories - but that's solely dependant on what you actually put into it. It's been years since I've put cream and sugar in my coffee; there are much better (and healthier) ways to enjoy your morning cup of joe.

One of my absolute favorite ways to drink coffee is inspired by the Italian way to drink espresso. For those unaware, a common practice in Italy is to put a lemon peel in their espresso to cut through the bitterness. However, that's not exactly what I, personally, do. If I'm brewing a regular cup of hot coffee - which, for the record, is always some form of dark roast (typically Sumatran single origin) - I like to throw a slice of orange in the bottom of my cup and let it sit for a few minutes before enjoying. It's one of my favorite ways to drink coffee because it adds a slight bit of complexity to your roast without adding a ton of calories.

Another great way to enjoy coffee without cream and sugar is to spice it up! I use cinnamon - especially the higher quality cinnamons. I've gone both routes here - both cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder - but that's mostly up to your personal preference. A few dashes of cinnamon in your cup makes black coffee much more enjoyable.

Gourmet Coffee = Good For You

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, it isn't the caffeine in coffee, but just the coffee itself that is associated with lower mortality rates. The study, which followed nearly half a million British people, found that "the risk of death from any cause, and particularly from cancer and cardiovascular disease, declined steadily as coffee consumption increased. Those who drank a cup a day had a 6 percent lower risk than those who drank less than that, and people who drank eight or more cups a day had a 14 percent lower risk." -- NYTimes.

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