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21 Best Gourmet Gift Baskets They’ll Love

The gourmet gift basket is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Just getting it delivered is great. Then, when you check out all the goodies, that’s great. Then, each time some of the goodies are devoured (sorry — “elegantly presented” etc.), it’s great.

There are a wide variety of “gift baskets” out there. Hot sauce gift baskets. Truffle oil gift baskets. Gift baskets filled with fancy nuts and cheeses. Pretty much any and every comestible available can be rounded up and presented as a basket. We’re not knocking that.

What we are doing, though, is going for the gift baskets that present an assortment of treats. Some of the baskets are all savory, some are all sweet, and some have a bit of both. Don’t just look at the photo, make sure you check out the contents of each basket that we list. Enjoy giving, enjoy getting, and enjoy eating!

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Don't forget about the old standby, a Hickory Farms gift pack

The Best Time to Snack

We're not here to advocate all-out snacking all the time. But we're not here to say "don't snack," either. What we can do is point you in the direction of a recent study that talks about when to eat (including snacking).

Dr. Satchin Panda is a professor at the Salk Institute and the author of "The Circadian Code." In a nutshell, the doctor says research suggests that eating within an eight to 10 hour window is the best practice for health. It means eating early in the morning and eating a lighter meal for dinner, not more than 10 hours after you take your first bite of the day. The test subjects also snacked! You can read more about the study on the National Institutes for Health website.

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