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11 Best Man Candles: Our Favorite Masculine Scents

Men can be stubborn. Sometimes the only way we will appreciate a practical unisex product is if it is marketed to validate our masculinity. Take man candles for example. Some guys think normal candles have cooties, and having created many gift guides for men in the past, I can tell you this phenomenon goes well beyond the candle industry. But it is what it is. That’s why I collaborated with some of the manliest men at Heavy to pick the best man candles for covering up that rotten smell in the man cave.

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Candles for Men Makes Scents

The assumption that many men make is that candles have primarily floral and sweet scents, and therefore, enjoying these scents is on the same level as allowing someone to see you cry. Unacceptable by man code.

Thankfully, many men already understand that both of these things are perfectly acceptable. As for those who don't, their perspective is sure to change once they are given the gift of a woody, spicy, or musky scent that speaks to their personal preferences.

One sniff and they'll realize that scented candles are, in fact, a sophisticated and relaxing addition to any room, be it a dining room or a man cave.

What Are the Benefits of Burning Candles?

Modern candles are clean burning and leave the air warm and refreshing. Not only do scented candles cover up funky-smelling rooms, but they also confer aromatherapeutic qualities to those who bask in their fragrance.

Brent A. Bauer, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic contends that aromatherapy treatment may help relieve anxiety, help manage chronic health conditions, and improve sleep quality.

They also set the mood for an intimate evening or a sophisticated get-together.

How to Burn a Candle Correctly

Most of the candles we reviewed burn for longer than 30 hours, making them an enduring addition to your décor.

Just remember that you want your wax to burn evenly. That means you should not light candles for longer than three hours at a time.

Dousing them when the top layer of wax is fully melted will ensure that you get the most out of the scent.