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51 Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts: The Ultimate List (2023)

For many generations, first anniversary gifts have traditionally been made of paper. That’s because paper is fragile and durable, much like a new marriage. The tradition started centuries ago when anniversary celebrations were large and extravagant. Times have changed, but themed gift-giving is still strong. Whether you’re more of a traditional or modern type, our mega list has paper gifts and more modern gift ideas for your wife or husband.

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What Is the Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gift?

Did you know that first year anniversary gifts are traditionally made with paper? The long history dates back to the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Many modern couples still follow this tradition today, but there are tons of other great options if you want more unique first anniversary gift ideas.

It's not clear why paper is so significant, but it could be because it represents a blank page and is a good reminder of the fragility of early marriage.

Generally speaking, gifts become more luxurious (think diamonds, etc.) as time goes on. But you don't have to wait that long to spoil your wife or husband with an over-the-top gift. 

Alternatively, you don't have to splurge to get a great gift. How about a unique and fun inexpensive gift for your wife? Cheap doesn't have to mean boring or tacky, and we have tons of thoughtful options.

What Are Some Thoughtful 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her?

You can't go wrong with a personalized gift. She'll love how personal and intimate it is. Even better? You don't necessarily have to splurge to get a great present. 

Some of our favorite personalized 1 year anniversary gift ideas include a message in a bottle, with space to write your own heartfelt note, and custom wall art with your wedding vows.

Which Is the Best 1 Year Anniversary Gift for My Husband?

Hubs has been your rock over the years, and you want to surprise him with a great gift for your first wedding anniversary. But like many guys, maybe he's hard to buy for and is picky about his presents. 

If this sounds like your man, don't worry! We have tons of great suggestions. Some follow the traditional paper theme, while others are more modern. 

Does he love beer? Then he's sure to smile when you hand him the six-pack greeting card box. It's packed with six brews from around the world and can be customized with a sweet message. 

Or maybe he spends all his free time whipping up delicious meals. If so, he'd love this Mr. and Mrs. apron set. It even comes with a book of 50+ romantic recipes so you can create delicious meals together for a fun date night in.

How About 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples?

A really fun gift idea for bonding with your sweetie is this "Under the Stars" box. If you love stargazing, camping or just spending quality time together at night, it's packed with everything you need for a fun, romantic evening.

You can also bond over a shared love of gooey chocolate and cheese with this electric fondue set. If you love to host, consider the larger version to feed all your friends!