101 Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends

Your significant other’s birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get him. Should you go with something sweet and romantic, or something totally unexpected? We’re here to help you find a gift for your boyfriend.

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Birthday Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything

To hear my wife tell it, men are difficult to shop for. There's something about the broad categorization of the male designation that makes giving us gifts difficult.

Here's the thing, though: I don't think that's true. Being a man myself, I will admit to the fact that when it comes to the things we really like that might otherwise make good gifts, chances are that we got fixated on it pretty much right away and found a method by which we could acquire the item. And I can also admit that if someone asks us what we want, we might say we want nothing, even if we don't mean it. Those are the two challenges, as far as I can tell.

Buying gifts for your boyfriend just takes a little bit of legwork to figure out what they like. Sports is an easy one, of course. Figure out his game of choice and favorite team and a wealth of gift ideas open up for you.

You could also go the romantic gifts for him route, which could spark some interesting ideas that neither of you would normally think of.

For car guys, there are a number of things you can consider, but products that keep his ride looking its best, like a car cleaning kit or a car vacuum cleaner might find that right mix of being practical and encouraging their hobby.

Being a musician myself, I can tell you that gifts for musicians are always appreciated. Even more than that, buying a gift for guitar players can be as easy as feeding their guitar pedal obsession.

Then of course, you can always go vocational with something like gifts for firefighters.

While you're shopping for men, I would offer you the advice not to get too caught up on what he might already have. Most of us are good at being gracious and acknowledging the thought you put into buying us a gift. There are so many things that it's handy to have multiples of, like clothes or tools or even some electronics, you shouldn't let that deter you. Bottom line: Buy him something you would enjoy giving. If you don't know the man you're buying for altogether that well, err on the side of practical.

What about gifts for long distance boyfriends?

If you're living apart from your boyfriend either because of simple logistics, deployment, or a job situation, I feel for you. My wife and I lived across the U.S. from each other for 14 months and it was a struggle.

The key is to stay in touch as many different ways as possible so you can keep the spark going. Here are some options for the best long distance gifts for your boyfriend:

August Steiner Men's Unique Shaped Dual Time Zone Men's Watch - Great for couples living in different time zones so he always remembers what time it is where you are.

The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide: Secrets and Strategies from Successful Couples Who Have Gone the Distance by Chris Bell and Kate Brauer-Bell - Sometimes it feels like you really can't do it and the distance is too much. Defeat that thinking with this book of strategies to help you pull through your time apart.

Cupology Custom Quote & Location Mugs - If your separation is indefinite, you can help your boyfriend get through it by getting him a mug that shows your connection. You can personalize this with 175 characters of your own quote on the back and any two states, countries, or provinces on the front. Even after you living together again, it will be a reminder of how you survived it.

For this list, we've found boyfriend gifts at every price point. If you're in a serious, long-term relationship, you might feel like splashing out. If you've only been dating a short time, cheap gifts are probably more called for. There's a little bit of everything here, from the completely novel and silly to the seriously productive.

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