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73 Budget-Friendly Small Gifts for Women: Thoughtful & Affordable!

Cheap gifts don’t have to be tacky or boring. Surprise and intrigue her with one or more of this year’s best cheap gifts for women. Whether she’s into fashion, music, fitness or something else, browse our carefully curated gift guide to start shopping for a gift she’s sure to love. These are the best cheap gifts for women:

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Which Are the Best Cheap Gifts for Her?

Whether you're on a tight budget or are shopping within a certain price range for an event such as a White Elephant or Secret Santa, there are loads of great cheap gifts for women to consider. 

Cheap doesn't have to mean tacky, dull, or lame. A small gift such as a necklace, fun scarf or fitness tracker can bring a smile to her face.

Treat her to a lotion or candle with her favorite fragrance, or give her the gift of a stylish evening bag.

We've found the best cheap gifts for her to make your holiday, birthday, and special occasion shopping that much easier.

What Are Some Good Small Gifts for Her?

This list includes gift ideas for everyone, from the woman who's really into fitness, to traveling or beauty products. 

If she's short on space but enjoys listening to music, consider giving her the gift of an Echo Dot. The Dot only improves with each generation and offers rich and immersive sound at an affordable price.

Books don't require much storage space. From cookbooks to self-help to the latest bestsellers, there's a book out there for everyone. We've included some of our favorites for women in this list, but you can browse more options to find the right one for her.

What Are the Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Her?

Her big day is just around the corner, and you're eager to get her an inexpensive gift that she'll love. Yet you're feeling pressured to spend outside of your comfort level to get something you think she'll love.

If this sounds familiar, welcome to our carefully curated guide with tons of great birthday gifts she'll love. Some are cheaper than others, but all are thoughtfully selected to show how much you care.

Our top 10 birthday gifts may change over time, but there are certain classics that always seem to age well. For example, a non-slip yoga mat or luxurious handmade bars of soap never go out of style.

Accessories such as scarves, mittens, sunglasses and hats can be affordable and fun gifts to give. These gifts are often easy on the wallet yet come in an assortment of styles and colors to match every personality.

What Are Some Good Small Gifts for Women?

Presents don't need to be big to be noticed or appreciated. Whether she just started college and is living in a crowded dorm room or she's sharing an apartment with roommates, we've uncovered many good small gifts for women. 

This cat ring holder keeps her jewelry organized and takes up a minimal amount of space. It's also super cute and is sure to get tons of compliments.

If you're struggling to come up with a gift for a woman who has everything, why not a new lunch tote? The ARTOVIDA Artists Collective Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag makes lunch more interesting with so many colorful and unique designs. Artists from around the world design and craft these adorable bags, which reflect various cultures and regions.

How About Gifts Under $50 for Her?

One of our favorite gifts for her under $50 is Letters to My Future Self. It encourages her to write letters as she goes through life's ups and downs, then seal them shut to read later in life. The longer she waits to tear open the envelopes, the more incredible the passage of time will seem.

Instead of being boxed in by an arbitrary price, focus on her personal interests and desires.

If she loves to travel, think of something small and useful, like a waterproof makeup kit. Is she an avid reader? A handmade metal bookmark makes it even harder to put down a good book.