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50 Awesome Christmas Gifts For 13-Year-Olds

When it comes to Christmas, you want everything to be right. But when it comes to teenagers, finding the right gift isn’t the simplest thing in the world. Don’t worry, though, that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you 50 awesome Christmas gifts for 13-year-olds they are sure to love. From the latest tech to obscure gifts most wouldn’t dream of thinking about, we’ve found something for every type of child. Whether it’s Marvel, Lego, or something in between, we’ve got all the gifts you need to check out.

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How Early Should You Buy Christmas Gifts? 

Last year, Amazon delivered more than 1.5 billion toys on its way to a record-breaking year. With more and more people turning to the online marketplace to get their gifts, ordering early has never been more important. 

Our advice is simple: Buy early to avoid the rush. If more people are buying online, it goes without saying that toys and gifts are going to sell out much quicker than they usually would. Plus with Amazon offering expedited shipping, people are always going to with what gets them their gifts the quickest. 

Ideally, ordering before December is the best shot at securing the most sought-after gifts. Just hide them in a cupboard and forget about them. 

If you do have to leave it until later, the first couple of weeks of December are the absolute latest you should be ordering. But, as we say, the earlier the better. 

When Does Amazon Stop Shipping Christmas Gifts

While at the time of writing Amazon has yet to announce its Christmas shipping plans, we do have a rough idea of what's what from last year. 

Last year saw December 14 as the last day to get free delivery on orders above $25. December 18, meanwhile, was the final day to order items eligible for free standard shipping.

After that, December 23 and 24 were the last day for two-day and one-day shipping respectively. 

In short, it's possible to get gifts if you leave them until the last minute. Just don't be surprised if you'll need to fork out for Prime or extra shipping costs. 

Also, as a side note, if something sells out close to Christmas, you run the risk of falling victim to third-party sellers who may jack up the price considerably. 

Will You Be Able to Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series S|X?

That is the million-dollar question. In the 10 years I've been writing about video games and consoles, I've never seen a launch like this. 

For the PS5, the problem right now is a shortage of semiconductors. While Sony is attempting to get on top of this, Bloomberg reports this issue could continue on into 2022. 

In the meantime, those in search of the PS5 or Xbox Series S or Series X would do well set up stock alerts on the PS5 console page or the Xbox console page depending on which system they're after. 

While that isn't an ideal solution, it's currently the best way to stay in the loop about when the consoles will be back in stock. 

How Do I Pick Gifts for 13-Year-Olds?

For teenagers, it's all about tech. Think about how much time they spend playing video games or typing away on their phone and you'll understand how important tech is to them. 

If they've already got top-of-the-line tech products, think about accessories or ways to make that experience better. For example, if they've got a PS4 and are happy playing games, why not consider a new TV monitor or gaming chair? If they're always glued to their phone, is an upgrade possible? Maybe a new case? 

If you're ever stuck for ideas, think about what their most treasured possession is then look at ways to super-charge that experience. It's also worth taking a look at what they're into. Do they use Spotify a lot? Go with some high-quality headphones so they can make the most out of their music. Even smaller ideas like getting them a new sim card so they can use mobile Internet outside can go a long way to impressing them. 

Or, if all else fails. Ask them what they want. Every child is different, and I cannot overstate that enough. Sometimes it's best to forego the surprise in favor of getting them something they'll actually want. 

If you're after more ideas, it's worth remembering you can also check out Amazon's Toys We Love section, which features gifts broken down by individual age groups. 

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