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101 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

Feeling the stress of figuring out what to give the person who gave you life? We’ve got you. These are the top Christmas gifts for Mom you can find on the internet this season.

For Moms who say they don’t need anything, check out gifts for women who have everything.

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Shopping for gifts for mom get be stressful, but don’t sweat. We’ve got you covered. 

Whether your mom is your best friend or you aren’t close, chances are finding the perfect gift for your mom has got you stressing this season. 

Moms can be extremely hard to buy for because they so often say that they don’t want anything. At the same time, according to Gift Giving: A Community Paradigm, gifts between adult children and parents evolve from tokens of thought to gifts that represent and reinforce your connection--and that’s a lot of pressure to put on a gift. 

Tips for mom gifts this Christmas.

  • Do your research and tap your sources. Secretly hit up their partner or best friends to find out what products been talking about.
  • Go in on a gift with your siblings. If you want to wow your mom with an extravagant gift that’s not in your budget, see if your siblings want to split the bill and go in on a joint gift.
  • Track down her Amazon wishlist. You used to be able to search people's emails but they appear to have locked that down. Again, hit up her friends or partner to see if they can send you screenshots.
  • Spend more money if you can’t be there in person than you would if you were traveling to spend Christmas with your mom. According to The Psychology of Gift Giving, gifts can be a replacement for being there in person and help assuage any guilt. Now's the year to really lean on that.
  • Unless you know her favorite author and have had someone scope out her bookshelf or Kindle library to see what she has, don’t get her a book. And never get her a self-help book. Ever.
  • Only go for practical gifts if you have a solid, best-friend-type relationship with your mom. Chances are if you look forward to spending time with your mom, she’ll know you bought her that vacuum because you know her current one is too heavy and hurts her back. But if your relationship is strained, you'll avoid more headaches if you just go with jewelry or something flashy.

Christmas gifts for mothers in law or bonus moms.

All the same tips apply here. Your mom is your mom, no matter the biology. 

Is it important to differentiate Christmas gifts for mom from daughter or from son?

Nope, what’s important is that you’re focusing in on her likes and needs. Your gifts don’t need to be gendered. 

What about Christmas gifts for moms that will make her cry.

I can appreciate the goal to "win" Christmas by making Mom weep. Every year we siblings talk about who is going to make Mom cry and with what, even though we know the answer is “all of us” because she’s just that adorably sappy type of mom. 

If you’re shooting for tears, go sentimental. And go hard.

I’m talking frames with baby pictures of you. 

Soundwave art of lullabies she sang to you when you were small or of a recording of your voice saying, "I love you."

Stuffed animals that you can record a sappy voice greeting.

Go custom like a portrait drawn of your family.

What about moms who don’t want anything for Christmas?

Well, either they really don’t want anything so any gift you get them from the heart they’ll love or they really do want something and want you to guess.

The tricky part is knowing the difference.

If it’s the latter, I highly recommend banding together with siblings because you’re all probably in the same confused boat and an expensive gift will make her feel spoiled.