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75 Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors They’ll LOVE

If you’re looking for a great way to be neighborly, nurture friendships with newcomers, or support your longtime besties on the block, we’ve created a great list of Christmas gifts for neighbors. These aren’t just for the holidays, but also for birthdays and lots of other special occasions. What’s better yet? Most of the unisex gifts ideas on our list are under $25.

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How Can You Find the Best Gifts for Neighbors?

In the rush to find gifts for your friends, family, romantic partner, and coworkers, you may have overlooked your own neighbors. That would be a shame because neighbors can be really important allies in life. No worries, because we're here with all sorts of useful and affordable ideas.

If your neighbor is someone who helps you with dog walking or babysitting, or keeping an eye on your place when you're on vacation, find a way to return the favor with gratitude.

Get them a headlamp for night walks for the dog or perhaps some lighted armbands so they're easily seen.

Maybe your neighbor lets you borrow their lawnmower whenever you need it, or never says no to letting you pinch a cup of sugar.

In those instances, gifts that say thank you are often the most appreciated of all. A jar of Kind Notes is a great way to send them happy thoughts whenever they're feeling low.

And even if you don't always get along with your neighbors, every day can bring an opportunity to change that, and Christmas is the perfect time to begin anew.

What Are the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Neighbors?

A small can help mend fences in case you've had some trivial tiff and want to apologize.  And if you have had no contact at all with your neighbors, a small and thoughtful gift can help cement what might become a lifelong friendship.

Whether you're super close with your neighbors, or just want to keep peace in the hood, a token of your affection or appreciation is always welcome.

What Are the Best Gifts for Neighbors During COVID?

Know a neighbor who's been struggling with being quarantined? That's affected lots of those around us, and self-pampering gifts are ideal this year. Considering the fact that everyone is worn out by wearing face masks, why not give your neighbors a foot mask instead? These can soften and exfoliate those winter feet making them smooth and soft. 

According to this blog from PearlPoint, self-expression is key to good mental health, so adult coloring books and pencils are a great quarantine gift, and a simple journal to express thoughts is another affordable gift idea for Christmas. 

What Are the Best Funny Gifts for Neighbors?

The stress of the holidays can get everyone in a blue mood now and then. That's when laughter is indeed the very best medicine. Never underestimate the power of Weird Gifts.

There are a few gifts that always hit the top of our list because they never fail to crack us up. The Yodeling Pickle is one of our favorites for hours of mindless entertainment and is shockingly on theme for the holidays. (Ever heard of a Christmas pickle?)  The screaming goat is another silly present that will keep everyone in stitches.

And you'll always elicit a hearty chuckle with a set of Handerpants, or if your neighbor is a carpenter, get him the Master Crapsman gift set from Poo-Pourri.