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61 Awesome Christmas Gifts For New Moms 2023

Looking for Christmas gifts for new moms? We’re here to help! I became a new mom in 2021, and so did several of my best friends. We’ve all been swapping product recommendations ever since. Read on to discover our absolute favorite gifts for new moms.

(New moms also need self-care. If you think she’d prefer a self-care gift, you’ll find some great ideas — for moms of any age — in our guide to gifts for women in their 20s.)

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How Did You Choose the Best New Mom Gifts?

I included products I either received as gifts early in my motherhood journey (and LOVED), as well as a few items I purchased myself as my needs changed. I also included products we received as hand-me-downs that we loved so much we would buy them new. 

I also asked some of my fellow new moms for help. A lot of us had babies during 2020 and 2021. (Apparently, a global pandemic seemed like the perfect time to bring a baby into the world.) Moms love swapping product recommendations, so I got some great suggestions about what items my friends loved and used the most. If you click on any of the product reviews above, you'll find more detailed information about who used what — and why they would all make amazing Christmas gifts for new moms!

Which of These Products Are the Best Gifts for New Parents?

Looking for a gift for a new mom and a new dad? Check the whole family off your list with some of the top gifts in this guide. For example, you could help both parents sleep better with the Hatch Sound Machine and the SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles.

You could help those sleep-deprived parents get the baby to sleep faster by giving them the exercise ball. (Read the review for details!) Or if you really want to splurge — and help the baby fall asleep without forcing the parents to endure endless involuntary core workouts on the exercise ball — give them the Snoo Smart Bassinet, to lull their baby to sleep for them. (We didn't personally get one, but we know several fellow new parents who swear by it. Now that we've barely slept in eight months, we understand why they spent all that money.)

In fact, most things on this list would work well as gifts for both parents. Dads love wearing ErgoBaby carriers, too!

Who Came up with the Best New Mom Gift Ideas?

All new moms have the best new mom gift ideas. That's because we've all had to go through endless hours of exhaustive research to sift through zillions of products to figure out what we ACTUALLY need. Most of us still probably wound up with a few dozen baby blankets. (And I actually love baby blankets — they're so soft and sentimental, I'm sure I'll end up storing about a dozen of them in the attic for decades to come.) But in this guide, I tried to include gifts she'll actually use over and over — and not the things she probably already has in excess.

That said, some of my mom friends are very organized and ambitious, and they do things like make spreadsheets about this stuff. Those moms probably had some of the best suggestions for this post. It was fun to get their opinions on the best Christmas gifts for new moms. Hopefully, our combined research will help make your holiday shopping a little easier.

Should I Send Her a New Mom Care Package?

Sure! If she just had her baby (or is about to have her baby), this is a great idea. When the baby is born, the products that will help her most are postpartum supplies and food. Let's explore which one you should send the new mom in your life.

Should I Send Her a Postpartum Care Package?

Maybe! She'll certainly appreciate postpartum essentials after the baby is born. But it would be weird, for example, to receive this FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit from her boss. Or her uncle.

That's part of why I didn't include postpartum supplies in the product roundup above. They don't exactly scream "Christmas gifts."

But still, this care package is a great idea. You could also throw in some nipple balm and some sitz bath herbs.

Or keep it simple, and stick to a food gift basket. Send her some chocolate. And coffee. And maybe some oatmeal cookies.

What About a New Parents Gift Basket?

If you want to put together a gift basket for both parents, they'd both probably appreciate food. When you have a new baby, you don't have time to cook, and you need to eat a lot to sustain your energy. Many new parents end up eating a lot of energy bars, because they're easy, nutritious, and won't require any clean-up. (Plus, you can eat them without getting out of bed.)

So help the new parents elevate their energy bar habit by sending them a mix-pack of Larabars, which are made with whole ingredients and without added sugar.

They're also going to need a lot of diapers. (Even if they're super committed to using cloth diapers, most new parents will still use disposable diapers for the first few weeks at least.) Many parents like the Dyper brand, because they're hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

You could also get both parents thermal coffee mugs. It can be hard for parents to drink hot beverages. First of all, the beverage usually gets cold before the parent can take a sip. (So you'll want to get an insulated mug.) But as the baby gets more interested in her surroundings, she may also try to reach for the parent's beverage and bat at it. Help the new parents manage to drink their coffee (they really need it!) by giving them each a Yeti coffee mug. The lid will help prevent baby-caused spills, and the insulated interior will keep the coffee hot until the parent can sneak a sip.

But don't stress about these Christmas presents too much. The new parents in your life are going to have an incredible holiday season, no matter what gifts they receive. They've already been given the gift of a lifetime.