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101 Best Christmas Presents for Him

There are going to be a few guys on your holiday shopping list that challenge your gift-giving skills. These guys aren’t really that picky but are difficult to buy for nonetheless because they seemingly have everything or say they don’t want anything. Use this list of the best Christmas presents for him as a guide to get the guy in your life a gift he will love forever.

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Gifts For Men:

There are a lot of great gift ideas for the men on your list, but the best gifts are the ones that shock and surprise the receiver. Watching them unwrap the present in anticipation provides a feeling of accomplishment like nothing else. 

If you put a lot of time and effort into getting them that special gift you might be as excited as the guy that is tearing through the wrapping paper. One of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you can give him is a great jacket. Getting him a jacket will provide you with a ton of opportunities to see your gift in action.

If he already has a new jacket or one that he really loves and doesn't want to part with it then get him something he can get just as much use out of. Maybe he is the kind of guy that likes to fix things around the house or maybe he likes to work with his hands in the garage for hours on end. Either way, there are some great toolsets out there that are sure to be his favorite present of 2019. 

If music is his thing then you should seriously consider giving him the gift of sound. A killer pair of earbuds will surely put a big smile on his face not only when he opens the gift, but every time he uses them. He will love putting them in and listening to his tunes while running, working out, or doing some yard work. 

Unique Gifts for Men:

While there are a ton of gift ideas for men that are pretty standard there are also a lot of "outside the box" ideas that will surprise him in the best way. These gifts are unique and he won't see them coming when you hand them to him. 

The best feeling as a child was the anticipation the night before Christmas morning. Thinking about that toy you have wanted for the past year most likely kept you up all night. The awesome news is that you don't need to be a kid to enjoy a great toy. Any guy that still likes to play would love to unwrap this RC truck and will most likely play with it immediately. 

If you can get him something that makes him feel super nostalgic then you have hit a home run as a gift-giver. The mini Sega console will definitely bring him back to his childhood, chasing rings and trying to stay alive as Dr. Robotnik attacks will give him an ear-to-ear grin. 

If your guy likes to cook and takes a lot of pride in those backyard BBQs that he throws for friends, family, and neighbors then this meat smoker is the perfect gift for him. While it isn't a gift you would commonly find under the tree it is a stellar gift nonetheless.