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31 Best Commercial Christmas Decorations

Every year, local businesses share the responsibility of getting people into the Christmas spirit. This is partially to keep the tradition alive and partially to ensure that Christmas continues to make up 19.2% of all industry sales. Investing in your own top-quality commercial Christmas decorations will ensure that your business becomes a Christmastime staple for years to come.

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Why Not Rent Decorations?

If you are the owner of a new or small business, it may be tempting to pay a Christmas light installation company to handle all of the decorating so you can focus on other details.

However, it ends up costing way more year over year to keep renting the same props, nevermind the fact that you have to pay extra for labor when you and your team are easily capable of doing this yourself.

If you have even one creatively-oriented person on your team, then they should have no trouble putting together a professional decoration job with the right tools.

It is almost always more economical for a family-owned business to buy they own commercial Christmas decorations.

How Should You Decorate?

If this is your first time decorating your business for Christmas, it does not quite work the same way it does at home.

This helpful guide on decorating from the Retail Doctor is a great place to start learning the differences. The biggest one is that your store display should tell a story above all else. If you just throw together Christmas-themed items, it will look poorly thought out.

Lights are also important, as even a simple choice like a cool white or a warm white can totally change the tone of a display.

Color is as important in the same way. Will you have a monotone motif, or go with a red and green theme?

Something that the guide fails to mention is that Christmas is a traditionally religious holiday but not everyone celebrates it the same way. Only use religious decorations if you know your clientele well enough to ensure no one is left out of the celebration.

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